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Amumu OriginalSkin.jpg
Original Amumu View in 3D
260 RP 260 / 25-Jun-2009
Amumu EmumuSkin.jpg
520 RP 520 / 01-Aug-2010
Amumu LittleKnightSkin.jpg
Little Knight Amumu View in 3D
750 RP 750 / 18-Jul-2011
Amumu SadRobotSkin.jpg
Sad Robot Amumu View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 28-May-2012
Amumu SurprisePartySkin.jpg
Surprise Party Amumu View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 31-Mar-2015
Amumu InfernalSkin.jpg
Infernal Amumu View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 16-Oct-2018
Amumu PorcelainSkin.jpg
Porcelain Amumu View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 26-Jan-2022
Infernal Amumu Chromas
Porcelain Amumu Chromas
Surprise Party Amumu Chromas

Legacy Vault

Amumu PharaohSkin.jpg
Pharaoh Amumu View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 02-Feb-2010
Amumu VancouverSkin.jpg
Vancouver Amumu View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 12-Feb-2010
Amumu Re-GiftedSkin.jpg
Re-Gifted Amumu View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 14-Dec-2010
Amumu Almost-PromKingSkin.jpg
Almost-Prom King Amumu View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 07-Feb-2011
Amumu PumpkinPrinceSkin.jpg
Pumpkin Prince Amumu View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 22-Oct-2020
Pumpkin Prince Amumu Chromas

Rare & Limited

Amumu HextechSkin.jpg
Hextech Amumu View in 3D
Special pricing / 26-Sep-2019


Amumu SewnChaosSkin.jpg
Sewn Chaos Amumu
750 RP 750 / N/A



Found Friends
Long range (Greater that 75% of maximum range) Bandage Tosses (Q) landed on enemy champions
Group Hugs
Multiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)
Hissy Fit
Total cooldown time reduced on Tantrum (E) from basic attacks from any source


Original Amumu Original Amumu
  • The artwork is used by The Tribunal to indicate an error.
  • The Amumu OriginalSkin Ch.jpg Chinese artwork used to have images of a human couple speculated to be Amumu's parents, but they have since been edited out when the splash art was incorporated for international use.
Pharaoh Amumu Pharaoh Amumu
Vancouver Amumu Vancouver Amumu
Emumu Emumu
Re-Gifted Amumu Re-Gifted Amumu
Almost-Prom King Amumu Almost-Prom King Amumu
Little Knight Amumu Little Knight Amumu
Sad Robot Amumu Sad Robot Amumu
Surprise Party Amumu Surprise Party Amumu
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Citrine, Pearl, Rainbow, Ruby, Sapphire
Sewn Chaos Amumu Sewn Chaos Amumu
  • This skin was never released by Riot past the PBE servers due to its low quality.
  • Annie Annie can be seen in the background.
Infernal Amumu Infernal Amumu
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby
Hextech Amumu Hextech Amumu
Pumpkin Prince Amumu Pumpkin Prince Amumu
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Turquoise