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Ammunition (or Charge) is a resource mechanic utilized by certain active effects that behaves akin to a supply of ammunition, designed around a deploy in bulk.


Active effects that utilize a stock system enable activation so long as stock of it is available, which is often replenished by a recharge timer. Ability haste usually affects the recharge timer rather than the recast timers.

The following abilites have a stock system:

Champion abilities


Note that items use the same indicator to denote the accumulation of stacks, which must be distinguished from the expenditure of charges.




Some items use the stock system, but aren't officially considered charge-based effects.

Summoner Spells


An ability's activation may enable successive recasts of similar or variable effects within the ability's duration. Unlike traditional stock systems, barrage casts are not periodically generated, or incur no additional resource cost.

Champion abilities

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