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Amara Universe Background.jpg
Amara (Universe)Amara (Universe)

"How can I say no to such an auspicious offer?"
Amara Amara agreeing to Jayce's Jayce's deal, Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy

Amara is an influential merchant in Piltover.


Early Life

Not much is known about Amara's early life. Eventually she would become a wealthy merchant in Piltover.

Piltovan Bicentennial

In exchange for Amara's "generous" donations to the Academy, several Council members helped ensure that her trading business was extended certain leniencies at the borders.[1] Thus, she was one of several people affected when the newly-appointed Councilor Jayce Talis Jayce Talis, in his desire to ensure the safety and protection of the Hexgates and prevent corruption from affecting this, ordered the Piltover Police Crest.png enforcers to more strictly inspect all merchandise that went through the gates.[2]

For this, Amara conferred with Council Bolbok Bolbok about their possible action or other possible arrangements. With a target now on Jayce's back and several powerful enemies, Councilor Medarda Councilor Medarda advised Jayce to stand down and make his own deals with them. Jayce agreed and, when Amara showed reluctance, told her that she would be investing in his Hextech research and thus access to new developments as they became available. Amara would eagerly accept this offer.[2]


Amara is a pale skinned elderly woman with gray hair and dark purple colored eyes. She is often seen wearing expensive Piltovan clothing with red gems and golden accessories. She wears brown eyeshadows, dark brown lipstick, and something resembling a Bindi on her forehead.


Amara is shrewd and cunning, able to easily dance through Piltovan politics. When she is obstructed, she would not hesitate to confront those who have inconvenienced mercantile ventures. She is open to making lucrative business deals, even if that means dealing with shadier business practices.


  • Merchant: Amara is a successful trading merchant, able to secure business deals with some of the wealthiest families and influential inventors in Piltover.


Piltovan Council

Amara would have dealings with several senior councilors of Piltover, most notably Shoola Shoola, Bolbok Bolbok, and Mel Medarda Mel Medarda. She would eventually secure a lucrative hextech deal even with the newest council member, Jayce Talis Jayce Talis.

Arcane Show Appearances

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