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Alune (Universe)Alune (Universe)
Alune (League of Legends)Alune (League of Legends)
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    "I am right. This is what the moon tells me."
Alune to Aphelios

Alune is the twin sister of Aphelios Aphelios, a seer of the moon and a member of the 03MT004-full.png Lunari. She currently lives in the Marus Omegnum, also known as LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png4 The Veiled Temple, a Lunari temple in the Spirit Realm.


Early Life

Alune Alune and Aphelios Aphelios were twins, born to the 03MT004-full.png Lunari during a lunar convergence, when the moon of the spirit realm eclipsed the physical moon, and were hailed as children with an important destiny. Aphelios was physically gifted like the moon of stone, while Alune was magically gifted by the spirit moon. They both grew up as loyal believers in their faith, one of mystery, discovery and reflection, and embraced the night not only due to their belief, but as their only shield against the 03MT082-full.png Solari, who considered Lunari heretics and sought to destroy them. As a result, the Lunari hid away until it was thought they no longer existed.

Alune's twin Aphelios was burdened by the weight of expectations. He trained with his moonstone blades until he bled, ready to protect his fellow Lunari. He bonded only with his sister, preferring her company to others'. Alune herself trained as a seer, revealing hidden paths and truths by moonlight. As she grew in power, however, the tasks she undertook required her to leave their home.

The Temple Opens

With his sister being gone more often, Aphelios grew desperate for purpose. He decided to perform a ceremony which would reveal one's path. In doing so, he discovered a pool where poisonous noctum flowers grew. The blooms could be distilled into a liquid that would open him to the night's power - however, drinking it caused Aphelios to feel so much pain that he became numb to everything else.

One day, the Lunari temple, the Marus Omegnum, began to come into phase to emerge from the Spirit Realm for the first time in centuries. Every time the temple opened, a person gifted in magic was chosen to occupy it. Alune was chosen to be the occupant. Lunari from around the mountain to watch, and Aphelios, who was not known for asking for things, asked to attend.

But as the halls of the temple entered the physical realm, the Solari discovered the ceremony. They attacked the Lunari, defeating Aphelios and causing him to reach for the noctum flowers and eat one. Alune rushed deeper into the temple and eventually reached its heart. There, her magical abilities were amplified. Through the poison in Aphelios' blood Alune could give him power and give him new moonstone weapons.

Alune drew herself and the temple back into the spirit realm to keep it safe from the Solari. Inside, she could send power anywhere, as long as it had a focus, like the poison in Aphelios' blood from eating the noctum flower. With this newfound power, the two of them vowed to protect the Lunari at all costs.

You Are the Weapon

Aphelios Aphelios, along with Alune looking through his senses, was in a cave. Preparing for an attack, Aphelios drank poison from the noctum flowers in order to make sure that Alune could better connect to him through the poison in his body. After preparing, Aphelios scaled Mount Targon with the help of his weapons. He reached his destination, an area on the side of the mountain. This area contained several Solari people, who he quickly killed. On the ground, he found a scimitar scimitar. With this discovery, he and Alune realized that its owner its owner was running. Aphelios picked it up and walked into the night, intent on finding her.


Alune is a slender, pale-skinned woman with long white hair, in contrast with her brother's short dark hair. She wears elegant, flowing robes with a distinct palette of black, purple, and turquoise. The most distinctive ornaments of her attire are the silver diadem of the Targon Crest icon.png Targonians on her head and the silver necklace with the 03MT004-full.png Lunari symbol. Alune wears some marks/makeup on her face with part of the 03MT004-full.png Lunari symbol that completes with the mark/makeup on her brother's face brother's face.


Alune is a very devoted and mysterious individual but she is also extremely protective and caring for her twin brother, Aphelios Aphelios. She is often faithful to her goddess whom she refers to as Mother Moon, she always tries to balance her duty as a 03MT004-full.png seer of the moon and her attention and care for her brother, who counts on her guidance.


  • Spiritual Link: Since birth, she and her brother are spiritually connected. Using her magic, Alune can interact with Aphelios even if they are on different dimensions.
  • Priestess: Being trained since young, Alune is very wise in the ways of the Lunari and retains knowledge on performing spells, rituals and is able to draw power from celestial objects, beings and events.
    • Celestial Magic: Alune Alune, from her place in Marus Omegnum, is able to draw on the powers of various celestial beings to create an arsenal of mystical weapons for her brother brother.
    • Telepathy: Within the Marus Omegnum, Alune Alune can focus telepathic thoughts on Aphelios, as long as the power has a focus, like the noctum poison Aphelios drinks.
    • Seer: Alune can glimpse the future in moonlight.


Aphelios Aphelios

Alune Alune and her twin brother Aphelios Aphelios have had a deep connection to each other since birth, each relying on the other. Alune refers to him as Phel. They have a strong attachment to opposites: light and darkness, physical and spirit, life and death, and so balance each other out.

Diana Diana

Aphelios Aphelios and Alune are currently searching for the Aspect of the Moon, Diana Diana.

Yuumi Yuumi

Alune is friends with Yuumi Yuumi and Book Book, who visit her periodically in the Spirit Realm.

Soraka Soraka

Soraka Soraka knows the pain of the 03MT004-full.png Lunari twins, but tells them not to feel it. what Alune Alune considers would be to deny her and her brother brother their existence.

Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana

Alune Alune views Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana as her and Aphelios' predecessors Aphelios' predecessors, as they are also twins with themes that are polar opposites.

Leona Leona

As the champion of the 03MT082-full.png Solari, Alune Alune sees Leona Leona as the Lunaris' ultimate enemy. However, like most of the 03MT004-full.png Lunari, she is not necessarily hostile towards Leona or the Solari.

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Starring Champion

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The Weapon of the Faithful (Video)

True power comes at a cost. By taking the poison, Aphelios channels the voice of his sister, Alune. In turn, she grants him her abilities: five moonstone weapons for him to master.

Aphelios You Are the Weapon.jpg

Targon Crest icon.png

Short Story

You Are the Weapon

By David Slagle

He started his training with a single breath. In, and out.


Change log

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19 Nov 2019 (During V9.23) Added.

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