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Always a mighty warrior with a fearsome reputation, Alistar Alistar seeks revenge for the death of his clan at the hands of the Noxus Crest icon Noxian empire. Though he was enslaved and forced into the life of a gladiator, his unbreakable will unbreakable will was what kept him from truly becoming a beast. Now, free of the chains of his former masters, he fights in the name of the downtrodden and the disadvantaged, his rage as much a weapon as his horns, hooves and fists.

AlistarSquare"Nothing can hold me back!"  Alistar
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Early Life[]

Alistar grew up in the Minotaur clans of the Great Barrier mountains. Historically, these Minotaurs protected the overland trade routes to Zaun, gaining a fearsome reputation as strong beasts but preferring to to avoid Valoran's wider political conflicts.

Alistar was known as a noble warrior and respected among all the clans. Despite this, he always urged his kin to forge greater bonds with the other races, wishing to reach out to them. Unfortunately, most civilizations saw Minotaurs as nothing but beasts and monsters, souring their relations with outsiders.


When the Noxus Crest icon Noxian empire came to the Great Barrier, they requested a parley with representatives from the Minotaur clans. The emissary of Noxus, a matriarch of House Tewain, stated that the empire was preparing to take the eastern coastal city of Basilich and could not go through with it without the support of the Minotaur clans. While many of the Minotaurs were eager to accept her offer and join Noxus, seeing this as a way to gain power and recognition, Alistar remained skeptical. Having encountered Noxian scouts previously, Alistar knew them to be duplicitous and cunning people, and so was incredibly distrustful of the potential invaders. Hearing Tewain's call for support from the Minotaurs, Alistar's clan sent him and fifty of their mightiest warriors to personally meet the matriarch and reject her alliance on behalf of the clan.

When Alistar arrived to announce his clan's position on the issue, he discovered that most of the larger Minotaur clans had already pledged themselves to Noxus. Now seeing Alistar and his clan as opposition to the Noxian empire, the clan representatives betrayed Alistar, attacking him and his warriors for their new Noxian masters. In the swift and brutal battle, Alistar managed to kill many of the Noxian soldiers and traitorous Minotaurs, even choking the life out of Lady Tewain. Despite this, Alistar and his surviving warriors were captured and relocated to the the Noxian capital, accused of the crime of inciting rebellion within the empire.

Life as a Reckoner[]

Cast as Reckoners in the arenas of the city, Alistar and his warriors became part of a gruesome, bloodthirsty event called the Fleshing; a twenty-one day festival of non-stop fights within the Reckoners' arenas. Despite telling his warriors to not fight back and sate the bloodlust these Noxian spectators wanted to see, Alistar became the last of his tribe standing by the end of the festival. Afterwards, Alistar was constantly hated and feared by the Noxians, forced to fight and act like the beast they all assumed he was. Driven to madness, Alistar began to accept the bestial nature these Noxians forced on him, losing memories of his own home with every gruesome kill.

One day Ayelia, a servant girl in one of the arenas, visited the infamously savage Reckoner in his cell. He bellowed and charged the bars of his cage, expecting her to fear or goad him like every other visitor he'd had, but Ayelia instead treated him with the first act of kindness Alistar had seen in many years. She returned every day and spoke to him with gentle respect until Alistar managed to reply, revealing the true kindness in him that the Noxian spectators never seen. Through their many talks, Alistar sympathized with Ayelia as he learned that her homeland, much like Alistar's, was also claimed by Noxus. By seeing Alistar's suffering as an enslaved Reckoner, Ayelia had finally been convinced to leave the city and planned to take Alistar with her. While formulating a plan to escape, Alistar's memories of his home began to return to him, remembering the home he wished to return to instead of the awful betrayal by the other tribes.


Ayelia brought Alistar the key to his cell, beginning their escape plan. They hurried to a river where a cargo barge awaited them, ready to sail them away from the city. Unfortunately, Noxian agents burst from the shadows just as they boarded and began to attack. Eager to protect his only living friend Ayelia, Alistar hurled himself directly into battle but became, once again, lost in his own rage and bloodlust. Ayelia constantly called out to Alistar to calm him down and escape with her, but he was too blinded by his rage to hear or notice her calls.

By the time Alistar had slain the attackers, the cargo boat had already left and Ayelia was missing. Now without the boat, Alistar fled south on foot instead in search of Ayelia, fearing she had been captured or killed.

Modern History[]

Weeks after Alistar's escape, a political coup lead by the disgraced general Jericho Swain Jericho Swain shook the empire to its core, leading to massive reforms in the political structure of Noxus and the culture of the Reckoning arenas. Because of this, the event of Alistar's violent escape from the arenas was mostly forgotten.

Recent Events[]

Alistar continues to travel alone through Noxian territories as quietly and subtley as he can in fear of being found out for his crimes. In every city, Alistar incites rebellion and fights to protect the people oppressed by the cruel Noxian regime. With every act of kindness he shows the downtrodden of these territories, Alistar hopes to clear the shame he feels from the horrific acts he committed as a Reckoner. In every city Alistar passes through, he asks for Ayelia, continuing his search for the servant girl responsible for freeing him all those years ago.


Alistar is a purple skinned Minotaur with blue tufts of hair, blood red eyes, and large white horns atop his head. He is gargantuan and very muscular even by Minotaur standards, with a notably large torso and giant fists. He wears nothing but a loincloth around his waist and broken chain cuffs around his wrists.


Alistar is a fighter, and his goal is to fight against Noxus in the name of all he has lost and all those that have lost much too. He is angry, wanting Noxus to fall and inciting rebellion in Noxian territories. Despite this, Alistar has a kind heart, and is intent on finding Ayelia at all costs, as she was one of the few people who showed kindness to him.


  • Minotaur Physiology: Minotaur Physiology: Minotaurs are naturally stronger and larger than most races, renowned for their bestial nature and intimidating stature. In addition to immense size and strength, Minotaurs also have massive horns horns that allow them to charge into opponents with immense strength. Alistar in particular is stronger than most Minotaurs, known as a strong and fierce warrior within his tribe.
  • Gladiatorial Combat Mastery: Alistar had already been a known and fierce warrior within his tribe of minotaurs but became more versed in combat due to his time as an enslaved reckoner. Even as a reckoner, Alistar was feared by the Noxian gladiators as he willingly and brutally fought against anyone Noxus would pit against him.



After being captured and turned into a Reckoner for the arenas of the Noxian capital, Ayelia would visit Alistar in his cage every day as the first person to show the tortured and enslaved Minotaur true kindness. The two would slowly kindle a true friendship, sympathizing with the fact that both of them had lost their homes to the brutal expansions of the Noxian empire. Ayelia and Alistar eventually hatched an escape plan, managing to escape to a nearby cargo boat. Before they could escape, Noxians discovered the two and caused Alistar to enter a brutal rage in order to protect Ayelia, blindly fighting them off as she attempted to calm him down and call him to the now sailing boat. By the time Alistar regained his consciousness, Ayelia was gone along with the boat. Not knowing whether or not she had been killed or captured, Alistar fled southward by foot and, while inciting riots in Noxian territories, continually searches for and asks for Ayelia, intent on finding her.

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