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  • Due to Japanese rhotacism, Akali may sound identical to Japanese 明かりakari "light, brightness, gleam", from Old Japanese stative verbal root *aka(-r-) "to be red, to be bright" (> aka(-i) 赤(い) "red")
  • Her previous title and visual appearance are still considered her canon title and look around the age of 17.[1]
AkaliSquare old2 Akali, the Fist of Shadow
  • Akali's dance referenced Single Ladies by Beyoncé.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Akali was the only energy-based champion to have any associated cost on their Shadow Dance ultimate (one Essence of Shadow).
  • Shadow Dance Shadow Dance was going to be a skillshot but became single-targeted instead.
  • Akali used to gain the Ninja buff 'Law of Inverse Ninja Strength' cosmetic Easter egg debuff ("This unit is a flippin' ninja!" - "Ninjas are more effective when they work alone. For every Ninja on your team beyond yourself, you lose 1 health.") when he, KennenSquare Kennen, ShenSquare Shen, and/or ZedSquare Zed found themselves on the same team. It was removed in V3.14 for unknown reasons.
AkaliSquare Akali, the Rogue Assassin
  • Akali is the second champion, after YasuoSquare Yasuo, to have an emote that will orient itself the same (facing towards the camera, no matter what direction Akali was facing.
    • However, she is the first to always reposition herself to face the camera when using the emotes, and has this function on both her dance and joke emotes.


  • Scrapped spells in development include:
    • Being able to "ride" allied projectiles.[2]
    • An ability that she'd throw out two kunai with a rope in the middle that would trip opponents.[3]
  • A early concept depicted the shroud emerging in the shape of a dragon, but was removed for visual noise reduction.[4]
  • There was an early animation of a spinning slash with a katana that was cut for being too similar to YasuoSquare Yasuo. There's a stump model from this animation that was never removed from her files.


  • She is currently around 19 years old.


AkaliSquare old2 Akali, the Fist of Shadow
    "So many noobs... will matchmaking ever find true balance?" references (albeit in a rather tongue-in-cheek fashion) the criticism towards the matchmaking system, often matching up teams of wildly varying levels, causing lower-leveled players to be stomped on by higher-level ones.
    "Tread lightly." resembles  
    Shen OriginalCircle "Tread carefully."
AkaliSquare Akali, the Rogue Assassin
    Akali 087
    "Steel beats Rock, TaliyahSquare Taliyah." references Pokemon, where Rock-type Pokemon are weak to Steel-type attacks.
    Akali 008
    "Everyone dies, I just speed things up." resembles  
    Lucian Select
    Lucian OriginalCircle "Everybody dies. Some just need a little help".
  • Akali shares quotes with:
      Akali 107
      Akali OriginalCircle  
      Ahri OriginalCircle "Playtime's over."


Akali OriginalCircle Original Akali
Akali StingerCircle Stinger Akali
Akali InfernalCircle Infernal Akali
  • This skin used be Akali CrimsonCircle Crimson Akali before Akali's Visual Gameplay Update.
  • Infernal Akali's fiery appearance references the most dangerous kind of Djinn, the Ifrit made of 'smokeless fire'.
    • Her wispy lower half represents servitude & her longing for freedom from her master(s).
  • She shares the same Arabian theme as Malzahar DjinnCircle Djinn Malzahar.
  • She eats Super Spicy Mega Death ramen in her joke animation.
Akali All-starCircle All-star Akali
Akali NurseCircle Nurse Akali
  • She was proposed by the community.
  • In 2011, she went 50% off during March 21-27, with the profits donated to the American Red Cross to aid the Japanese people after the earthquake of March 11.[6]
  • Her splash art might have been inspired by Valentine from Skullgirls. 
    • This is evident to both using surgical knives as weapons and needles as projectiles.
Akali BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Akali
  • The mask she is wearing references the ones used in Japanese Noh theater.
  • She eats Soba ramen in her joke animation.
Akali SilverfangCircle Silverfang Akali
Akali HeadhunterCircle Headhunter Akali
Akali SashimiCircle Sashimi Akali
Akali KDACircle K/DA Akali
Akali PrestigeKDACircle K/DA Akali Prestige Edition
  • This Prestige skin was released a patch after the initial K/DA release due to Akali KDACircle K/DA Akali's rising popularity.


  • Akali is currently a ninja gone rogue from the Kinkou Order. Although still part of it, she operates outside of its rules and regulations.[7]
    • She and ShenSquare Shen parted on neutral terms. Neither hates the other but both disapprove of the other's methods.[8]
    • While growing up in the Kinkou, KennenSquare Kennen trained her and helped her refine her shuriken techniques.
  • ZedSquare Zed might attempt to recruit her for his Order of Shadows.