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Adaptive Force icon.png Adaptive force is a stat that grants champions either Attack damage icon.png attack damage or Ability power icon.png ability power, depending on the current amount of bonus attack damage and ability power of the champion, as follows:

1 point of Adaptive Force provides 0.6 bonus AD or 1 AP.

If the attack damage and the ability power of the unit are equal, the stat granted depends on the champion.

In most cases, the League of Legends Wiki omits adaptive force in favor of displaying the amount of AD or AP granted.

Attack damage and ability power granted by passive effects do not contribute towards determining whether attack damage or ability power is gained by adaptive force. For instance, if Veigar Veigar has 100 stacks of Phenomenal Evil Power Phenomenal Evil Power and 10 stacks of Dark Seal Dark Seal, his adaptive force will be gained as ability power. However, if he purchases an item that grants attack damage as a stat, such as Pickaxe Pickaxe, then his adaptive force will be gained as attack damage despite having a higher value of ability power.

It is important to note that the stats granted by mythic item passives, Crown of the Shattered Queen's Crown of the Shattered Queen's Safeguard, Rabadon's Deathcap's Rabadon's Deathcap's Magical Opus, and Sterak's Gage's Sterak's Gage's The Claws That Catch are special cased to contribute towards the stat granted by adaptive force.

Sources of adaptive force bonuses

Champions abilities


Adaptive damage

A similar effect can be found on:

Adaptive Damage: Deals either physical or magic damage depending on your bonus statistics, defaulting based on the origin of the effect.

  • Attack damage icon.png Higher Bonus ADPhysical damage
  • Ability power icon.png Higher APMagic damage

If the attack damage and the ability power of the unit are equal, the damage determined depends on the champion.

Sources of adaptive damage


Neutral Buffs