Rune shard Adaptive Force Adaptive force is a pseudo-stat used by Riot as a shorthand for effects that grant either attack damage or ability power, depending on which of the two stats the user has already acquired more of.

1 Adaptive Force is worth 0.6 bonus AD or 1 AP.

Adaptive Force has a default output for situations where the user has no or equal bonuses, which Riot claims is based on the champion. However, tests have shown this is actually based on the source of the Adaptive Force (and is most often AD).

Similarly, adaptive damage refers to an effect that's damage type changes depending on whether the user has more bonus AD or AP: dealing physical damage if they have more bonus AD or magic damage if they have more AP.

In most cases, the League of Legends Wiki will omit adaptive force in favour of displaying the amount of AD or AP granted.

Increasing adaptive force




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