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Active ability item icon.png Active ability items are items that have an effect that may be activated by clicking on its icon or by pressing its assigned hotkey. Items can be clicked and dragged to different squares on the HUD in-game, allowing for greater control over hotkey usage.

See also: consumable items.


  • Selling an item with a unique active on cooldown, then repurchasing it, will not reset the cooldown to its full duration, nor will it replenish the active. Its cooldown is constantly tracked in the background, ticking down even while the item isn't in the inventory. For instance, after selling Mikael's Blessing Mikael's Blessing while it has 50 seconds left on its active cooldown, waiting 30 seconds, then purchasing it again, it will still have 20 seconds remaining. However, upgrading from Quicksilver Sash Quicksilver Sash to Mercurial Scimitar Mercurial Scimitar or Silvermere Dawn Silvermere Dawn is an exception to this rule as the cooldown is reset.
  • Item actives cannot be used while in the cast time of an ability, unless noted otherwise.
    • Channeling icon.png Channeling can either disable item actives and/or be interrupted by those that can be activated.
  • All boots are considered active ability items when the user has Predator Predator.
  • Most actives with Stun icon.png crowd control and/or damaging spell effects are blocked by Sivir Spell Shield.png spell shield.

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