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   "Innovation must begin somewhere."

This Lab was temporarily available on patch V1.5 and was the first released. This Lab came back in the middle of patch V1.12 (Oct 21 2020 - Oct 28 2020). 


A.R.A.M. Promo

A.R.A.M. is a non-constructed Lab with the in-game tagline: "Random champions, accelerated games, unpredictable outcomes—you can't get action like this anywhere else in Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra."

  • Mulligan a Keyword Random.png random selection of Champion card.svg Champions at the start of the game, in place of the normal mulligan.
    • The champions left are added to your hand, and instead of being shuffled back into your deck, the cards mulliganned are simply replaced with other random champions that are added to your hand instead.
  • The deck is then created using cards from the Runeterra region.png regions of those champions using an unknown algorithm.
  • Both players start with LoR mana icon alt.png 3 max mana, and Keyword Draw.png draw 3 extra cards at the start of round 1.
  • If a champion Keyword Death.svg dies, it's shuffled back into the deck.[citation needed]


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