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This article or section contains upcoming content, and may contain inaccuracies or speculation.

2XKO icon 2XKO, also referred to internally as Project L, is an upcoming free-to-play tag team fighting game set within the world of Runeterra Crest icon Runeterra developed by Riot Games logo icon Riot Games.



2XKO Control Diagram

Control Diagram

2XKO uses standard directional inputs for movement: up (↑), down (↓), back (←), and forward (→). For offensive inputs, the game uses light (L), medium (M), and heavy (H) attacks. Some of these moves can be modified with directional inputs to perform specialized attacks such as cross-ups or anti-air. Each champion has a range of special moves that can be performed with the S1 or S2 buttons. Inputting down (↓) down (↓) + S1 OR S2 spends 1 bar of meter and activates one of two supers, while inputting down (↓) down (↓) + S1 AND S2 spends 2 bars of meter and activates the ultimate, a stronger and more cinematic super.

For defensive options, inputting back (←) or down-back (↙) buttons performs a block, reducing damage from incoming attacks. Inputting forward (→) + L and M performs a pushblock, a block that pushes enemy champions across the screen. Inputting back (←) + L and M performs retreating guard, which cancels a back dash while blocking. Inputting L + H performs parry at the cost of 1 bar of meter, successfully parrying an attack stuns the enemy champion and refunds the meter cost. Inputting down (↓) while parrying modifies it into a low parry.

Tag System[]

2XKO is an assist-based fighter where players pick two champions: the Point and the Assist. The Point is the player's primary champion and performs most of the on-screen actions, while the Assist is a secondary champion that aids their Point in combat with Tag Systems. Champions can swap between being the Point and the Assist with a handshake tag. When played with a duo, one player controls the Point while the other controls the Assist.

Points and Assists have separate health bars. When a Point's health is depleted, the Assist is automatically swapped in as the Point and continues the round. The round ends when both champions are knocked out. The knocked out ally can still impact the match with a powerful, once per round, off-screen move called the Last Stand.

Assists aid their Points with tag systems, actions unique to Assists when summoned. All Tag Systems revolve around the Team (T) button. There are three types of tag systems: Assist Actions, Handshake Tag, and Dynamic Save. Assist Actions are special abilities unique to each champion, every champion has 2 Assist Actions they can perform from off-screen. Assist Actions are performed by inputting forward (→) + T or back (←) + T. Holding T while performing an Assist Action turns it into a Charge Assist. Inputting the T button by itself performs a Handshake Tag, which allows the Point and Assist champions to swap roles as long as they are both on-screen. Handshake Tags can also be comboed with Assist Actions. Inputting S1 or S2 + T performs Dynamic Save, the combo breaker mechanic of the game. It summons the Assist in an attempt to save the Point and can interrupt any combos being performed on them. Dynamic Save can still be used even if the Assist is knocked out.

Fuse System[]

Fuses are powerful synergy options selected in champion select that change up your duo's playstyle. Known Fuses include: Fury, gain bonus damage and a dash cancel while below 40% health; Freestyle, enables 2 Handshake Tags in 1 sequence; Double Down, combos both champion's supers; and 2x Assist, which allows you to perform 2 back-to-back assist actions.

Juggle limit[]

When a character is being juggled (comboed in the air) in this game, there's a counter of how many consecutive hits occurred in the air, below the combo meter. This looks near identical to Rising Thunder's juggle counter, except without a number stating the maximum juggle. In Rising Thunder, when this counter was filled up, the player being juggled became invincible briefly and fell to the ground. Something similar was seen in the gameplay where this meter was seen, where Katarina fell towards the ground after being shot in the air by Jinx, but this could be a completely different mechanic in play.


2XKO will use server-based rollback netcode.[2]


2XKO features stages from the different regions of Runeterra. Currently several stages have been revealed: Bridge of Progress, Spirit Hills, The Brazen Hydra, and Scuttler's Strand.


Not all champions from League of Legends icon League of Legends will be in 2XKO at launch. Champions have abilities inspired by their kits in League of Legends as well unique abilities made without the restrictions of the MOBA. According to Alex 'Blinkity' Jaffe, 2XKO's Lead Champion Designer, they view the character in League of Legends as an "abstraction" and that in 2XKO they are able to make the "real, dense, rich... multifaceted thing that the League kit has distilled down."[3] The champions revealed so far are:

Confirmed Roster
Speculated Roster

Skill images in 'goodies' folder[4]

Art at Riot Games' SF Office[5]



Ahri's S1 attacks use charges called Foxfire, which can be used to extend combos or pressure opponents. She can have up to 3 charges of Foxfire at a time. Ahri's S2 dash can be canceled into a second dash or into Foxfire attacks, which reset her air dash.

Unique Movement
  • Air Dash: (in air) →→ or ←← or L + M or ← L + M
  • Foxfire Blast: → S1 (In air → + S1 or ↓ + S1)
  • Foxfire Bomb: ↓ S1 (With 1 or more Foxfire)
  • Foxfire Barrage: S1 (With 3 Foxfire, air ok)
  • Foxfire Charge: S1 (With less than 3 Foxfire, air ok)
  • Spirit Flare: S2
  • Spirit Rush Ground: → or ↗ or ↑ or ↖ or ← S2
  • Spirit Rush Air: → or ↘ or ↓ or ↙ or ← S2
  • Overhead Spike: ↓ S2 (in air S2)
  • Orb of Deception: ↓↓ S1
  • Hyper Spirit Rush: ↓↓ S2 (air ok)
  • Unleashed: ↓↓ S1 + S2



Darius inflicts a Wound on his opponents by hitting them with the blade of his axe on certain attacks. While Wounded, opponents take extra block damage, even from normals. Hitting Darius or his teammate removes this debuff.

  • Apprehend: S1 (air ok)
    • Ground Follow-Up: L or M (wounds) or H
  • Apprehend (Anti-Air): ↓ S1
  • Decimate: S2
    • Follow-Up: S2 (wounds) or → S2
  • Grievous Wheel: ↓ S2
  • Retaliate: → S2 (in air S2)
    • Follow-Up: S2 (wounds) or → S2
  • Iniation: ↓↓ S1
  • Compliance: ↓↓ S2 (wounds)
  • Noxian Guillotine: ↓↓ S1 + S2



Jinx is seen with several of her weapons from League of Legends icon League of Legends: her minigun Pow-Pow Pow-Pow, her rocket launcher Fishbones Fishbones, and Flame Chompers Flame Chompers. She is also seen with a new hammer, unique to 2XKO.

Seen Moves
  1. Jinx swings Pow-Pow in an wide 3/4 circle arc from ground to above her, launching the opponent hit high upwards and away. Appears to combo into the next move:
  2. Jinx fires 5 fast projectiles from Pow-Pow in swift succession at a 40° angle, seemingly functioning as an anti-air and juggling tool. Lasts roughly 2 seconds.



Ekko's S1 is a projectile that can slow opponents from mid-range, and can be hit with Ekko's heavies. Ekko's S2 specials leave behind afterimages, allowing him to rewind time and jump back to them. Standard afterimages can be returned to for a strike. By holding S2, Ekko's empowered afterimages allow him to take any action after rewinding, or emit a powerful burst.

Unique Movement
  • Air Hop: (in air) →→ or L + M
  • Timewinder: S1 or ↓ S1 (air ok)
  • Rush: ↘ S1
  • Chronobreak: S2 (hold ok, air ok, ↘ for roll)
    • Strike Rewind: S2 (standard)
    • Kick Rewind: ↓ S2 (standard)
    • Flexible Rewind: S2 (empowered)
    • Burst Rewind: ↓ S2 (empowered)
  • Omega Timewinder: ↓↓ S1
  • Chronobreak Install: ↓↓ S2 (air ok)
  • Run It Back: ↓↓ S1 + S2




Yasuo can utilize his Quickdraw Stance to perform powerful actions. He can cancel into this stance from any special attack. Yasuo's Wind Wall destroys projectiles, and he can hit it with S1 or S2 to convert it into his own projectile.

  • Steel Tempest: S1
  • Sweeping Blade: → S1 (in air S1, hold ok)
    • Follow-Up: S1 or S2
  • Quickdraw Stance: ↓ + S1
    • Exit: ↓ S1
    • Dash: → or ←
    • Stomp: L
    • Anti-Air: M
    • Long Slice: H
    • High Slice: ↑ H
    • Wind Step: S1
    • Wind Flip: S2
  • Cyclone Slash: S2 (hold ok, air ok)
  • Wind Wall: ← + S2
    • Follow-Up: S1 or S2 on wall
  • Blade Storm: ↓↓ S1
  • Rising Thunder: ↓↓ S2
    • Follow-Up: Hold ↑ S1 + S2
  • Last Breath: ↓↓ S1 + S2


  • This game is developed by the developers from Radiant Entertainment. Radiant was a game developer that was acquired by Riot Games Inc. in March 2016.
    • This game was heavily inspired by Radiant's cancelled game, Rising Thunder.
  • A mod for Super Smash Bros. featuring League of Legends icon League of Legends champions was made and played during the pre-2019 Thunderdome events.
  • The game had a cameo in the GIANTS music video.
  • Katarina Katarina was the original proxy champion used to play test mechanics in 2XKO, but when the game was rebooted to become a tag-team fighter, her abilities became outdated and required a significant revamp and thus was no longer part of the launch roster in 2XKO.[6]
  • From April 23rd to 25th, 2021, the game underwent an in-person playtesting at Riot's headquarters.[7]
  • From August 4th to 5th, 2023, the game had a playable demo at EVO 2023.[8]
  • From April 27th to 29th, 2024, the game had an updated playable demo at EVO Japan 2024.[9]


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