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2010 Winter Games Celebration Banner

The 2010 Winter Games Celebration was an event to celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Riot Games Inc. introduced limited edition Winter Games skins and runes, as well as a Winter Games-themed variation of the winter map. The event began on February 12 and was ended on March 2.

Champion Skins

For more in-depth look, see Winter Sports (Universe)

Eight new skins were released on Day 1 of the Winter Games event. These skins were available for purchase throughout the entirety of the Winter Games celebration:

To kick off the Winter Games event, the following four skins were available for 30% off during the opening weekend (February 12–14) After the sale period ended, the skins returned to their regular prices:


Six special Winter Games runes were released that were only available during this event (February 12 - March 2) Three of the runes were Tier 1.5, and the other three were Tier 2.5:

  • MarkCombatant.png Mark of the Combatant (Tier 2.5, critical damage)
  • MarkAlpineAlacrity.png Lesser Mark of Alpine Alacrity (Tier 1.5, attack speed)
  • SealExtreme.png Seal of the Extreme (Tier 2.5, dodge)
  • SealMedalist.png Lesser Seal of the Medalist (Tier 1.5, health)
  • GlyphSoaringSlalom.png Glyph of the Soaring Slalom (Tier 2.5, cooldown reduction)
  • GlyphChallenger.png Lesser Glyph of the Challenger (Tier 1.5, AP per level)


On the second weekend of the event, the winter map was replaced with the Winter Games map, a variant of the winter version of Summoner's Rift that included many Winter Games elements and decorations.