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  • Zyra was designed by Morello, who came up with the idea. Coronach and CertainlyT did most of her design.[1][2][3]
  • Zyra is voiced by Template:W, Who also voices Template:Ci, Template:Ci, Template:Ci, and Template:Ci.
  • Morello stated this champion was inspired by Sadida's Shoe, a character class from the Template:W games.
    • Zyra's Template:Ai is similar to the Sadida's Still Life. Sadida revives as an Ultra-Powerful Doll, while Zyra turns into a large plant.
    • Zyra's Template:Ai is similar to Sadida's Doll Seeds, as both types of seeds have different forms depending on the spells used on them.
    • Zyra's Template:Ai is similar to Sadida's Bramble, as both cover the enemy in thorny roots and deal damage.
  • Zyra is the 4th champion to have an ability that allow the champion to attack after death. Zyra's ability is Template:Ai, while the others are Template:Cai, Template:Cai and Template:Cai.
  • Zyra's co-creator, CertainlyT, hinted in the LoL forums that Zyra has three hidden passives. They're confirmed to be:
    • Template:Ci: When either Sion or Zyra kills the other, they receive a bonus +2 gold (a reference to Plants Vs. Zombies).
    • Template:Ci: Maokai gets +1 movement speed if he's on the same team as Zyra.
    • Template:Ci: Leona's passive causes Zyra to increase in size for a short time.
  • Zyra's dance resembles the basic movements for the dance "Template:W".
  • Zyra's passive was called Template:Ai before being changed to Template:Ai.
  • Zyra is the fourth champion to have a special animation while using Template:Si or Template:Si in which she looks up and extends red vines in her arms touching the ground.
  • Zyra's name resembles the word 'Zera' in Hebrew, which means 'seed'.
  • Zyra is the fourth champion to be able to transform, albeit hers has a different mechanic than Template:Ci, Template:Ci, Template:Ci and Template:Ci.
  • Zyra's passive Template:Ai has a cyan hue in her Champion Spotlight instead of green.
  • Zyra's Template:Ai is possibly a reference to the Magic: The Gathering card of the same name
  • Zyra's earring has some resembles to the Icon of the Zerg Swarm in Starcraft 2. A comparison can be found here .
  • Zyra is the only champion who shares her title with a skill name.
  • Zyra bears resemblance to Poison Ivy from DC Universe.


  • Wildfire Zyra is possibly a reference to the Flame Atronach from the Template:W games.
  • Classic Zyra bears a striking resemblance to Template:Csi, from skin color down to how their "clothes" appear like foliage growing from the body.


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