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  • Zed was designed by CertainlyT and Samizul.[1]
  • Zed is the 1st champion whose death animation shows him escaping (via a shadow portal), rather than actually dying. Whether he actually manages to cheat death remains open to debate. A video can be seen here.
  • Zed is the 5th champion to utilize energy as a resource.
  • Zed's Razor Shuriken ability appears to be based off the Fūma Shuriken, a giant shuriken.
    • It is also known as the "Shadow Windmill," "Ninja Star," "Ninja Shuriken," "Magic Shuriken," "Hellwind Shuriken," and "Evil Wind Shuriken."
  • Zed is one of the 8 champions who do not have a single skill that scales off ability power; along with Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci, Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci
  • Zed switches his running animation into Airplane Arms, seen here when moving at a high movement speed (such as using Šablóna:Si)
  • Šablóna:Ci is the third dark-themed Ionian Champion along with Šablóna:Ci and Šablóna:Ci.

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  • Zed bears some resemblance to the Šablóna:W from the Šablóna:W franchise, namely Shredder's later designs where his face cannot be seen and his facemask is a grill-like kenpo.
    • Zed also serves as an antagonistic role to a group of ninjas in his backstory.
  • Zed has similar powers over shadows and looks similar to Šablóna:W from the Šablóna:W series.
  • Zed also bears some resemblance to Šablóna:W from the Šablóna:W franchise, mainly due to the name and similarities in the mask.
  • Zed's Shockblade skin bears some resemblance to Šablóna:W from the Šablóna:W franchise.
  • Zed's dance is inspired by various martial arts. The animator that formed the idea is a black belt.[1]
  • Zed's name is similar to the name of the antagonist organization from the classic Šablóna:W series, where the organization is known as "Zeed" and later "Neo Zeed". Furthermore, in the game "Revenge of Shinobi", Neo Zeed kills the protagonist's master.

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  • Zed and Šablóna:Ci were taught under the same master, Shen's father, and were rivals to one another.
  • Zed would later murder Shen's father and establish a new ninja order, the Order of the Shadow.
  • Zed seeks to abolish the old ways of balance and replace them with the forbidden art of the shadow. Any ninja who refuses to learn will be eliminated.
  • According to Runaan, Šablóna:Ci may have some former connection to Zed. What that connection was has yet to be elaborated on.[2]

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