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  • Vladimir was designed by Ezreal (person).
  • Vladimir is voiced by Šablóna:W.
  • Vladimir's name is inspired from Šablóna:W, the 15th century Romanian King that later inspired Bram Stoker's Šablóna:W.
    • It should be noted that Vladimir is a Slavic name, as Vlad comes from "Vláda" meaning "Reign", while "Mir" meaning both "World" and "Peace". So Vladimir's full name means either "reign of peace" or, more likely, "reign over the world".
  • Vladimir was the second champion released in Season One, Šablóna:Ci being the first.
  • Vladimir was one of the champions chosen for the Noxian pool available during the Ionia vs. Noxus match. He was one of the selected champions.
  • According to Vladimir himself in the Journal of Justice, he does not directly drink blood, instead directly draining the life force out of his victims.

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  • Many of his lines are plays on popular lines meant to reflect his vampiric attributes, such as "The clot thickens." instead of "The plot thickens."
  • Vladimir's joke is a pun on his blood type.
  • Blood Lord Vladimir's quote "Kneel before Vlad." is a reference to Šablóna:W, a prominent villain from the Šablóna:W comics.
    • His quote "I am lord and master" is a reference to Foamy The Squirrel from the Neurotically Yours web-series.

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