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  • Vi was designed by gypsylord who considered community ideas from Legend of Riven (abilities and lore) and Farahboom (art concept). More details can be found here.
  • Vi features several easter eggs:
    • When playing with an allied Template:Ci, each gains:
      • The cosmetic buff "On The Case: Piltover's finest".
      • +1 movement speed while near one another.
      • +1 bonus gold if they assisted on the same kill.
      • Three unique shouts in response to an allied Template:Ai.
    • When playing against an enemy Template:Ci:
      • If Vi taunts while near an enemy Caitlyn, she will perform one of two special taunts. Doing so debuffs the Caitlyn with "Agitated: How Agitating", which will remain until Caitlyn damages Vi or Caitlyn dies.
      • Three unique shouts in response to an enemy Template:Ai.
    • She features a unique shout when she uses Template:Ai on an enemy Template:Ci. There may be additional interactions with Jayce. [1]
  • Vi's login theme ("Here Comes Vi") was sung by Nicki Taylor , lead singer of the band "Running the Risk".
    • Vi is the second champion whose login theme contains sung lyrics. The first was Template:Ci and her theme "Daylight's End".
  • Vi is the first champion to be revealed by a feedback thread rather than by a sneak peak or art spotlight.[2]
  • Prior to her PBE release, Vi's character archetype had been in and out of development for two years.[3]
  • Vi has the most jokes in the game, at five, beating out the previous record holders Template:Ci and Template:Ci at four.
  • Vi's last two abilities, "Excessive Force" and "Assault and Battery", are named after real criminal charges.
  • Vi's dance is the Template:W. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
  • Vi's design could be a reference to Template:W.
    • Her head resembles one of the unlockable heads for Template:Wikia from Borderlands 2.
    • Her background resembles that of Template:Wikia - a melee berserker from the original Borderlands, often portrayed with his huge pair of fists.
  • "Vis" is latin for "force". To be exact, "Vi" is ablative singular and means "with force", which can be related to Vi's design
  • VI is the number 6 in Roman Numerals. Because of this, many players are attempting to find some significance between the number 6 and Vi.
    • Vi is not the 6th champion from Piltover. Vi is the 5th champion released who was born in Piltover — along with Template:CiTemplate:CiTemplate:Ci and Template:Ci — and one of eight champions who live in Piltover: Template:CiTemplate:CiTemplate:Ci and the aforementioned 5.
    • VI, being the roman numeral for six, could be a reference to her relationship with Caitlyn. This meaning that she has her partner's back, or in other terms her 'six'.
    • Vi's lore states that she became part of her former gang at the age of six.
    • Of the champions released in 2012, Vi is the 6th champion with 50 Defense Power. She is also the 6th champion a rating of 50 for her Difficulty.
    • Vi has hextech gauntlets, hex meaning 6 sides, or just 6.
  • Vi has the shortest name in League of Legends, at two letters long.
  • Vi's taunt makes her do the "Ali shuffle" which fits well with her punching theme.
  • Vi's ability kit contains all "knock" crowd control effects: knockback on her Template:Ai and both knockup and knock aside on her Template:Ai .
  • Vi has a light on her back that when glowing indicates her passive Template:Ai is ready to use (similar to Template:Cis stun).
  • Neon Strike Vi is the only skin in the game you can interract with. When you use /taunt you can take of or put on your glasses.
  • Vi is the 5th champion who can disable themselves, along with Template:CiTemplate:CiTemplate:Ci, and Template:CiChanneling and cast-animations are not considered forms of crowd control, however frustrating or disruptive they may be.


  • Vi shares quotes with Template:Ci either mocking her if they are on opposite teams or praising her if they are allied.
    • "Oh, look at me... I'm on the case." (as opposed to just "I'm on the case.")
    • "Boom! Headshot."
      • "Boom! Headshot." is a reference to the character Template:W from the web series Template:W.
  • Vi refers to Template:Ci as "Cupcake" in some of her quotes. This is likely due to Template:Cai featuring a cupcake as the bait.
  • Vi's quote when using her ultimate, "Get dunked!" may be a reference to the "Dunkmaster" Yi build and video, which repeats the phrase often. The quote comes from "Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam Gaiden" a non-serious indie RPG game.
    • This quote is often associated with Template:Ci as his ultimate resembles a Template:W.
  • Vi's "Here I come to save the day...or wreck it." is a reference to the once-popular Terrytoons character Mighty Mouse, who would triumphantly proclaim he had come to save the day in the opening theme.
  • Vi's "Nope." seems to be a reference to Nope meme video about the Template:Wikia class from Template:W, as she could be considered an engineer as well.
    • It may also be a reference to the video Nope, Jayce! as he is also from Piltover.
  • Many of Vi's quotes are Template:W / Template:W with a humorous twist.
  • Vi shares a quote with Template:Csi: "Boom, baby!"


  • Neon Strike Vi is partially inspired by the anime movie Template:W[4]
  • Neon Strike Vi's recall animation has her perform a selection of poses from One Piece's Franky, a cyborg with enormous fists.
    • Neon Vi's artwork portrays a Speedo, akin to that of Franky's from One Piece.
  • Neon Strike Vi also shares a resemblance to Jubilee, from X-Men. The only fault one could point to would be Vi's blue hair; Jubilee usually stuck to her natural black.
  • Neon Strike's taunt causes Vi to raise/lower her shades. This has a permanent effect on her model and all her animations accommodate the change
    • When Vi has her shades lowered Leona's passive will deal one less damage to her as with all champions/skins with sunglasses.

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