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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Thresh was designed by CertainlyT.[1]
  • Thresh's name in English means "to beat as if with a flail".
  • Thresh will be the first champion to be released in 2013.
    • Thresh will also be the first champion to be released with the new champion price structure at Template:IP and Template:RP.[2]
    • In addition, Thresh is the first ranged champion to be classified as a tank.
  • The weapon that Thresh uses is similar to the Template:W - a weapon that consists of a sickle attached to a metal chain with a heavy weight at the end.
    • The weapon was traditionally used by ninjas in Template:W.
  • Thresh has a different auto-attack animation when attacking in melee range. He is also the second ranged champion to not use projectiles for basic attacks, the first being Template:Ci.
  • In the Public Beta Environment, when reaching a certain amount of movement speed, Thresh's movement animation shows him gliding instead of running.
  • When Thresh dances, he swings his scythe and his lantern like a pair poi (or kiwido or bolas) moving them like a juggler, like here.[3]
  • With all his hooks, chains, many of the elements in his background, and the ability names "Keeper of Lost Souls", "Flay", and "The Box" it is possible that Thresh's motif is a reference to Template:W Template:W franchise.
  • Thresh is the first champion with an ability that can affect an allied champions position, namely Template:Ai.
  • Thresh currently has the strongest slowing crowd control effect in the game, with Template:Ai slowing by 99%.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Thresh's quote "Me, mad? Haha, quite likely." is a Template:W - it is a reference to his mental state and the U mad? meme.
  • Thresh's quote "Come out and play!" is shared with Template:Ci.
  • Thresh's quote, "I am the thing under the bed," might be a response to Template:Cis "No, I do not live under a bed... fool!". It could also be in refernece from the intro to The Nightmare Before Christmas that can be seen here.
  • Thresh has a special quote when hitting an enemy Template:Ci with Template:Ai - "Hook, line and sinker!"

Skins[edit | edit source]

  • The Deep Terror skin may be a reference to Template:W from the Template:W franchise, as it has a similar motif to him and his crew.

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