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  • Talon was designed by Hephastopheles .[1]
  • Talon's title was first "The Blade Rogue", and later "The Shadow's Blade". When he was released his title got changed again to "The Blade's Shadow". It is unknown exactly why his title was changed to "The Blade's Shadow".
    • The title may relate to his service under General Du Couteau. In French "Couteau" means "knife", indicating that General Du Couteau was the "Blade" while Talon was the "Shadow".
  • The bird-like creature perched on the fallen sword in the Sneak Peek bears a striking resemblance to Beatrice, Šablóna:Ci's raven, hinting that Talon's past may be interlaced with Swain's in some way. Similarly, the black roses surrounding the fallen sword in the Sneak Peek likely represent the Black Rose, an organization of which Šablóna:Ci is the leader. Both champions are elements of Noxus's elite.
  • Talon is voiced by Šablóna:W.
  • Talon's dance is inspired by "Billie Jean" and includes Šablóna:W moonwalk and crotch grab.
  • His passive refers to "Šablóna:W", the act killing quickly to end a dying person's agony.

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  • Crimson Elite Talon is part of Noxus's Crimson Elite theme, meant to be the Noxian counterpart to the Demacian Commando skins. So far, the only other Crimson Elite member is Šablóna:Csi.
  • In the Chinese client, his Crimson Elite Talon is renamed "Nemesis Talon" and his Renegade Talon to "Street Talon".
  • Dragonblade Talon appears to be referencing Šablóna:W from the Strider/Marvel vs Capcom series.

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  • Talon is part of the "Crimson Elite" alongside Šablóna:Ci
  • Talon was once spared by General Du Couteau and in turn became his servant alongside Šablóna:Ci.

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Talon Art Spotlight

Talon Art Spotlight

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