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A healer gifted with the magic of the stars, Soraka holds all living creatures close to her heart. She was once a celestial being, but she sacrificed her immortality and entered the world of mortals. So long as evil threatens life in Valoran, Soraka will not allow herself peace.

Soraka lived for centuries in an enchanted grove. A being of the stars, she healed the wounded and sick that sought her out. One man called Šablóna:Ci came to her grove and begged her to heal his wife, who lay lifeless in his arms. His despair touched Soraka's heart. Though it was too late to save his wife, she offered to help heal the pain of his loss. Unwilling to let go of his grief Warwick ran from the grove, but returned over the following days to hear Soraka's guidance. She began to grow attached to the grieving man. One day Warwick told her he had found the men who killed his wife. He believed revenge would heal his pain – and if he died fighting, he would at least find peace. Though she pleaded with him, Warwick ignored her and left the grove. The voices of the stars warned her not to follow him, but Soraka had to intervene.

She stepped into the mortal world for the first time, and soon found Warwick desperately fighting a group of men. She tried to heal him, but for every wound she closed, the men inflicted two more. Soraka realized that she would have to fight to save her friend. The stars screamed in her mind, telling her not to use her powers for harm. Ignoring their warning, she struck the attackers with a flash of brilliant light. Crying out in terror and shielding their eyes from her divine radiance, they fled. Soraka's celestial form faded and the stars fell silent – for her transgression, she became mortal. She still felt the power of the stars within her, but they no longer offered her guidance. She took comfort in Warwick's safety, gently healing his wounds, but the man she had called her friend slipped a dagger between her ribs. As her blood spilled, Soraka realized he had fooled her, and everything he had done was a complicated ruse. Feeling humiliated and betrayed she called once more on the power of the stars, searing his flesh and cursing his cruelty. He retreated with an agonized howl, leaving Soraka to reflect upon her fate. Though her life had changed, she felt empowered and renewed with a singular purpose. No longer bound to the grove, Soraka set out into the mortal world, vowing to heal the wounded and protect the helpless. Šablóna:Quote

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Upon selection

Time for a true display of skill!


Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill!


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Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill!


Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill!

Using Šablóna:Ai

Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill! Time for a true display of skill!

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Battle Priestess Soraka Edit

Announcement made by IronStylus:[2]

If you're like me, you were really excited when the news rolled out about a new Soraka skin accompanying the long awaited Soraka visual update and then, once the update was released, you were crushed at the lack of a new skin.

Luckily, IronStylus flew by the forums to drop off an explanation of where our Soraka skin is and what the deal was with that leaked image that circulated the web a few weeks ago.

Continue reading to check out IronStylus full statement on the matter.

Here IronStylus giving us the low down on what's going on with the new Soraka skin:

"Yes, a new skin was indeed planned and executed on. You may have seen an image of it floating around. Here's the skinny:
Soraka's visual rework was started a while ago, Grumpy Monkey actually created her new base and did an amazing job I feel. He managed to capture everything we did love abour Soraka (hooves, bananas, horn, <3) and injected a high amount of fidelity while simultaneously simplifying, making her elegant. This set the bar for us for any following skin. While her model was being worked up I concepted what is colloquially known as “Battle Priestess Soraka”. However, as we poured resources into her base rework BP Soraka didn’t evolve too much.
As the base rework progressed BP Soraka strayed further away from where we were aiming the base. There was a bit of divergence. Soraka’s base maintained elegance but the BP concept was done far before her rework was completed, putting the skin in too much of a vacuum. By the time that her base was at completion, we evaluated BP Soraka and found it lacking for the prescient we had set with her base. It felt chunky rather than elegant. It didn’t quite mesh with her animations either. Particles were in good shape, but the skin itself lacked synergy. So, we put off BP Soraka for further iteration.
What we want to do is to release a skin that’s up to expectations which we have set for her new base. This may or may not culminate in the release of BP Soraka. We’re currently evaluating and iterating. In fact I’m most likely going to be the one who’s doing the iteration on the concept!
Hopefully that clarifies some things. We know fans are clamoring for a new Soraka skin and we want to deliver. We want to make sure the skin is up to par with the bar we’ve set with her new base. Right now as she stands BP Soraka is not up to snuff. We’ll see where she ends up!"

Súbor:Soraka Classic and BP.png
For your convience, here is a comparison between the Leaked Battle Priestess Soraka image and the newly updated Soraka model.

But how could this happen? Why would they start producing a new skin without the new model totally completed? IronStylus spoke to this, saying:

"Her base model was for the most part done, but it had a lot of polish passes and tweaks as 3D and animation work progressed. Depending on the state of a model and its subsequent rig work can be done on a skin without the base being completely final. BP Soraka just didn't really evolve into anything as fresh as the base.
I actually really like the idea as she's a bit of a paladin. That's what inspired me to work on the skin. Actually it was one of the first concepts I did when I worked on the Skins team. However, looking at it now I don't feel it's the best execution and doesn't really hold up. I will probably end up tweaking it heavily or maybe redoing it depending on if we decide that it's appropriate.
I'm cool with any skin for her actually, from banana suit to demon. I think they're all great ideas! Whatever we release next for her simply needs to fit with the quality we've established and what is core to Soraka as a character."

Visual Upgrade: Soraka, the Starchild Edit

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[3]

We’re thrilled to announce that the stars have aligned and Soraka will soon be receiving a massive visual upgrade. Her classic look and skins will feature all-new models with revamped animations, visual effects and VO along with stunning splash art to introduce you to her new look.

Old Lore Edit

Soraka's lore was officially updated on September 18th, 2012.[4]

Soraka, the Starchild of Ionia, was the first of her kind. While there are many who tap into the rich magical energies of Valoran, she was the first to tap into the magic of the cosmos itself – the celestial sea in which it is theorized that Runeterra swims among other like bodies. While Runeterran magicians are limited by the finite (though tremendous) powers of runes, there have always been those who have searched to go further. Reaching beyond the terrestrial firmament of Runeterra, Soraka was capable of invoking the power of the stars, evolving beyond her kin. This power has changed her in fantastical ways – it is for this reason that she became known as the Starchild.

Though Soraka was once trans-human, Soraka has fallen since she let the most primal of emotions rule her. Šablóna:Ci, a mercenary chemist in the service of Noxus, had caused untold suffering and death among Soraka's people. An alchemical genius who took no responsibility for the atrocities he'd caused, Warwick became known as "the Deathmaker" by the Ionian people. As Noxian murder and terror pushed ever-forward across her land, unstoppable anger and hatred welled within Soraka. She called down the power of the heavens to curse and forever change the Deathmaker, and she mutated the man into a werewolf – a wild, murderous beast. For this misstep, Soraka lost much of her power, sacrificing her trans-human ascension and sliding several steps down the evolutionary ladder in an instant. Though she is still a champion of the Ionian people, Soraka has joined the League of Legends in hopes of reversing her curse and redeeming herself in the eyes of the stars.

"Though having fallen from grace, Soraka is nonetheless determined to once again be one with the stars."

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