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  • Irelia was designed by Ezreal.
  • Irelia's swords stab her as she dies. Whether Irelia does this out of Šablóna:W or due to losing control of her blades is up to debate.
  • The floating object behind her head is the "Mantle of Decorum", which is Ionia's highest decoration.
  • Irelia was one of the champions chosen for the Ionian pool available during the 2010 Ionian Versus Noxus Grudge Match. However, she was not one of the selected champions.
  • It has been hinted that Irelia's brother Zelos is possibly being made into a champion and is currently in development.
  • Irelia, together with Šablóna:Ci, has the highest potential tenacity stat in the game, capped at 64.9% (40% from her Šablóna:Ai, granted at least 3 enemy champions are within her sights, 10% from the Šablóna:Mi mastery and 35% from any tenacity item in the game, i.e. Šablóna:Ii after being calculated with diminishing returns). Thus, the duration of almost all crowd control effects in the game can be cut by more than half against Irelia.
  • Irelia is the focus of a LoL meme "better nerf Irelia", in which Morello determines that a certain champion is currently overpowered, but chooses instead to nerf Irelia, due to his numerous alterations to her skillset.
    • Irelia received nerfs one day before her release because Morello said she was too "annoying to play against."

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  • Her French jokes are references to the character of Šablóna:W from the eponymous French film.
  • Her joke "My blade is not only precise, but totally gnarly" references that she rides her weapon like a surfboard and "gnarly" being a term used by most surfers to tell if something is cool or good.

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  • Aviator Irelia is a reference to Šablóna:W, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Chinese Nightblade Irelia uses the same stance as Ezio on the Šablóna:W cover.
  • Nightblade Irelia also bares similarities to Marvel Comic's character "Blackwidow" due to the black outfit and red belt buckle. 


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