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  • Diana's mechanic design was done by Volty, her visual design was done by IronStylus, and RiotRunaan and RiotHarrow both worked on her creative design and lore.[1]
  • Diana's name originates from the Šablóna:W of the moon.
  • Diana is the first champion to have a unique login screen music in which a song with lyrics is played.
  • Diana is the first champion to have specific running animations for whenever she is slowed and chasing a target.


  • Diana's quote "The moon also rises" might be a referance to Hemingway's work, "The sun also rises".

It may also be a reference to Leona's quote "The sun always rises"

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  • Dark Valkyrie Diana skin is a possible reference to Warcraft III Reign of Chaos race, the Šablóna:Wikia , probably focused in the Druids of the Talon or Priestess of the Moon. In Warcraft's lore, most of the Night Elf community believes and worships the Moon Goddess Elune.
  • Dark Valkyrie Diana is reference to the Šablóna:W, a host of female figures from Norse mythology who wander the battle fields retrieving slain warriors who are to be brought to Valhalla after a glorious death in battle.
    • Dark Valkyrie Diana skin is the dark counterpart of Šablóna:Csi skin.
  • Dark Valkyrie Diana could be a possible reference to Šablóna:Wikia, the eldest of the three Valkyries in the Valkyrie Profile series. She is known as the Dark Valkyrie in the Šablóna:Wikia.
  • Dark Valkyrie Diana was originally released with a headress covering the mark on her forehead. The skin was later changed with the removal of the headress and an alternate face because it bared too much of a resembalance to Šablóna:Ci.

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  • Diana and Šablóna:Ci are adversaries, with Diana being the "Chosen of the Moon" and Leona being the "Chosen of the Sun".
    • The "Chosen of the Moon" and the "Chosen of the Sun" depicted in the mural are not Diana and Leona, but their ancient predecessors.

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Diana Art Spotlight

Diana Art Spotlight

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