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  • Darius was designed by CertainlyT.
  • Darius' name derives from the Persian word "Dariush", which means "Kingly".
  • Darius is the first champion to have a special animation while using Šablóna:Si or Šablóna:Si in which he lifts his axe upward and looks up.
  • Darius and his brother Šablóna:Ci are the first related champions to be released back to back.

Quotes Edit

  • Both of Darius' jokes have him trying to spin while shouting "Noxus!" as a reference to Šablóna:Ci and the popular "Spin-To-Win" joke. However, Darius has difficulty performing the move and, in one of said jokes, wonders how Garen does it.

Skins Edit

  • In Darius' classic splash art, Beatrice (Šablóna:Ci raven) appears in the battlefield.
  • Darius has an (currently) unreleased skin called Norse King Darius.

Abilities Edit

  • When his Ultimate, Šablóna:Ai, is used, his model will change to be spattered with blood.
  • Darius' old Ultimate ability's name was Sudden death 

Relations Edit

  • Darius has formed an alliance with Šablóna:Ci, seeing him as a leader with the mind and determination to bring Noxus to glory. With Swain, Darius works to unite the nation behind his vision of true Noxian strength. However, it is unknown whether Darius knows about Swain's past with the Black Rose organization.
  • Darius is Šablóna:Ci older brother. The two together are known as "The Blood Brothers".

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