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Chinese artwork[]


  • Riot's Gameplay Producer's girlfriend is named Annie. She owns a teddy bear named Tibbers.
  • Annie is voiced by Cristina Ulloa who also voices Template:Ci and Template:Ci.
  • Annie was designed by Ezreal and Guinsoo, with some help from Zileas.[1]
  • Annie was one of the first six characters designed, along with Template:Ci, Template:Ci, Template:Ci, Template:Ci, and Template:Ci.[2][3]
  • Annie was the first champion to have eight skins.
    • She is now the first champion with nine skins.
  • Annie's last name, Hastur, is a reference to the Great Old One Hastur of the Template:W.
  • Annie is the second champion to have her skill icons remade together with a Visual Upgrade. The first being Template:Ci.


  • Annie's joke may be based on Template:W and his nonsensical manner of speech from Template:W.


  • Annie's Classic skin shows Template:Ci in his Red Baron skin as a toy hanging in the upper left corner. Also, what looks to be Template:Ci head can be seen on the left of Annie.
  • Annie's Goth skin is one of the four Collector's Edition skins, along with the complementary skins of Template:Ci, Template:Ci, and Template:Ci. The skin can still be obtained by buying the Digital Copy in the Store.
  • Annie's Red Riding skin is a reference to a famous fairy tale, Template:W.
  • Annie's Wonderland skin is a reference to Template:W, with Annie dressed as the titular Alice and Tibbers taking the place of the White Rabbit.
    • Annie in Wonderland was a response to player requests to change Tibbers' skin. It is classified as a Legendary Skin.
      • As of Annie's Visual Upgrade in January 2013, all of Annie's skins feature unique Tibbers' skin.[4][5]
  • Annie has three skins which are paired with another champion's skin:
    • Red Riding Annie & Template:Csi
    • Annie in Wonderland & Template:Csi
    • Prom Queen Annie & Template:Csi


  • Annie is the daughter of Gregori Hastur, the Gray Warlock, and Amoline, the Shadow Witch. The two are the leaders of the Gray Order, political and social outcasts who left Noxus to pursue dark arcane knowledge. The Order has since colonized the Voodoo Lands.
  • Annie and Template:Ci are good friends.