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Greetings, Contributor. We are glad to meet you in our project. Please read the information below to make your pastime in our site more enjoyable.

Interwiki links Править

Plenty of local articles automatically create interwiki links to English version of League of Legends Wiki Project. Here you may see approximate list:

  • All Champions
  • All Items
  • All Runes
  • All Summoner spells

If you noticed, that some of aforementioned articles lacks interwiki link, do not add it directly into a page, but add this code:

|engname = 

followed by english name (e.g. "|engname = Luden Echo") of article into Data-template of given gameplay element.

Any other pages do not have automatic interwiki link addition, however, most of them have this link added during creation stage.

Also take note, that this hack works only with english names. In case you want to add any other language link (e.g. fr/it/de, etc.) you should add it manually.

Other Править

If you have any other question these users can freely communicate with you in English:

P.S. ESUW stands for "English-Speaking User Welcome"

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