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{{Заголовок предмета|{{PAGENAME}}}}
|type = [[Advanced item|Advanced]]
{{Анализ стоимости
|effects = +70% [[attack speed]]
|passive = {{tt|Ranged only|Passive and active effects are disabled on melee champions}}<br />
{{Gold value math}}
{{sbc|Unique Passive:}} Your basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets, each dealing 10 {{as|(+ 50% AD)}} [[physical damage]] and applying on-hit effects.
{{Gold efficiency}}
|menu = Attack > Attack Speed
* Выгодность покупки '''Урагана Рунаан''' составляет {{Выгодность|{{PAGENAME}}|2276.5}}
|buy = 2400g (600g)
|sell = 1680g
|code = 3085
[[File:Champ_with_runaans_hurricane.png|right|thumb|260px|Visual appearance]]
== Заметки ==
'''Runaan's Hurricane''' is an [[advanced item|advanced]] [[item]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2798405 The Storm]</ref>
[[Файл:Runaan's Hurricane screenshot.png|thumb|350px|right|Ураган Рунаан в действии]]
== Recipe ==
== Примечания==
|result = {{PAGENAME}}
|cost = 600
|total = 2400
|t1 = {{Recipe/item|Recurve Bow|900}}
|t2 = {{Recipe/item|Dagger|450}}
|t3 = {{Recipe/item|Dagger|450}}
== Cost Analysis ==
{{gold value}}
* 40% [[attack speed]] = 1200
* 30% Critical strike = 1200
* 7% move speed = 400
** '''Total Gold Value''' = 2800g
{{gold efficiency}}
* The passive must have at least a value of 300g for {{ii|Runaan's Hurricane}} to be gold efficient. (87.5%)
== Similar Items ==
{{Recipe/item|Ravenous Hydra}}
== Notes ==
* The secondary bolts hit enemy units within 375 range of your attack's ''primary target''. There is no range limit between your champion and the secondary targets.
** Secondary bolts do '''not''' prioritize champions. <ref>[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31421202#31421202 Priority]</ref>
* While in possession of Runaan's Hurricane, you gain a small floating orb that accompanies you around the battlefield. This orb fires up to two additional missiles, functioning similar to {{cai|Pix, Faerie Companion|Lulu}}.
* The passive will be triggered by the auto-attacks of any champions classified as [[ranged]]. This is an attribute applied to champions that is independent of in-game context, such as proximity to the target or a specific champion's attack animation.
** [[Shapeshifter|Shapeshifting]] champions will trigger the effect while in ranged form only, as they are classified as melee while in melee form and the orb disappears returning when they switch again.
** {{cai|Unseen Predator|Rengar}} will not trigger the effect despite his autoattacks having 600/750 range, as Rengar is classified as melee.
** {{ci|Kayle}} will trigger the effect while {{ai|Righteous Fury|Kayle}} is active despite her attacks having no projectile themselves.
* Runaan's Hurricane can be affected by [[Blind|blind]], as such the secondary bolts will also deal no damage.
* This item's damage scales with your attack damage and not the damage dealt by your attack. As such, it will not scale with {{ii|Sheen}}, {{ai|Spinning Axe|Draven}} or [[Crit|critical strikes]].
* It will apply [[life steal]] and most [[On-hit effects#items|item on-hit effects]]. The effect does not apply on [[On-hit effects#abilities which apply on-hit effects|abilities which apply on-hit effects]]. 'On next attack' effects will only be applied to the primary target.
* The following items also apply to secondary targets:
** {{ii|Blade of the Ruined King}}
** {{ii|Entropy}}
** {{ii|Essence Reaver}}
** {{ii|Executioner's Calling}}
** {{ii|Feral Flare}}
** {{ii|Frost Queen's Claim}}
** {{ii|Frostfang}}
** {{ii|Frozen Mallet}}
** {{ii|Furor}}
** {{ii|Grez's Spectral Lantern}}
** {{iis|Hextech Gunblade}} cooldown reduction
** {{ii|Hunter's Machete}}
** {{ii|Madred's Razors}}
** {{ii|Nashor's Tooth}}
** {{ii|Morellonomicon}} only if other on-hit magic-damage exist
** {{ii|Muramana}} (extra 3% mana will be spent on each additional target)
** {{ii|Phage}}
** {{iis|Sanguine Blade}} stack generation
** {{ii|Spellthief's Edge}}
** {{ii|Spirit of the Elder Lizard}}
** {{iis|Statikk Shiv}}'s stack generation (not the bonus damage)
** {{ii|The Black Cleaver}}
** {{ii|The Bloodthirster}}'s shield generation
** {{iis|Trinity Force}}'s movement speed
** {{ii|Wit's End}}
** {{ii|Wriggle's Lantern}}
* The following abilities also apply to secondary targets: <ref>[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31419932#31419932 Abilities that work]</ref>
** {{cai|Frost Shot|Ashe}} (does not cost additional mana)
** {{cai|Headshot|Caitlyn}} stack generation (not the bonus damage)
** {{cai|Hextech Shrapnel Shells|Corki}}
** {{cai|Hyper|Gnar}}
** {{cai|Quickdraw|Graves}} cooldown reduction
** {{cai|Switcheroo!|Jinx}} (Pow-Pow and Fishbones)
** {{cai|Gathering Fire|Karma}} cooldown reduction
** {{cai|Holy Fervor|Kayle}} (while ranged) and {{ai|Righteous Fury|Kayle}} (only on-hit bonus damage, bolts do not splash)
** {{cai|Electrical Surge|Kennen}} stack generation (not the bonus damage)
** {{cai|Bio-Arcane Barrage|Kog'Maw}}
** {{cai|Lightslinger|Lucian}}
** {{cai|Impure Shots|Miss Fortune}}
** {{cai|Tidecaller's Blessing|Nami}} (lasts after damaging 3 targets)
** {{cai|Clockwork Windup|Orianna}} (stacks will never generate with more than one target)
** {{cai|Fleet of Foot|Sivir}}
** {{cai|Toxic Shot|Teemo}}
** {{cai|Flay|Thresh}} (subsequent autoattack animation will not begin until all projectiles land)
** {{cai|Explosive Shot|Tristana}}
** {{cai|Stacked Deck|Twisted Fate}} stack generation (not the bonus damage)
** {{cai|Deadly Venom|Twitch}}
** {{cai|Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter|Urgot}} and {{ai|Terror Capacitor|Urgot}}
** {{cai|Blighted Quiver|Varus}}
* The following abilities do not apply to secondary targets:
** {{cai|Righteous Fury|Kayle}}'s splash will not trigger as it is not classified as an [[On-hit effect#Abilities — do apply spell vamp|on-hit effect]].
** {{cai|Silver Bolts|Vayne}} will only apply to the primary target. This is to prevent disabling the skill, as bolt stacks can only be applied to a single target at any given time.
** {{cai|Pix, Faerie Companion|Lulu}} and {{cai|Ricochet|Sivir}} can only be applied to a single target at any one time because of the way it is programmed to fire after attacking.
** {{cai|Spinning Axe|Draven}} will only apply to the primary target.
* Miscellaneous effects that also apply to secondary targets:
** {{bi|Blessing of the Lizard Elder}}
** {{mi4|Spell Weaving}}
** {{mi4|Butcher}}
** {{mi4|Arcane Blade}}
** {{mi4|Block}}
** {{mi4|Bandit}}
* {{ci|Twitch}} will still trigger the effect while {{ai|Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat|Twitch}} is active. The two missiles fired are unaffected by the ability, and remain single target, targeted missiles. As such, it is possible for an enemy to be damaged by both Twitch's pass-through attacks and this item.
* Attacking turrets will not trigger the effect. <ref>[http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31421309#31421309 Turret aggro]</ref>
* The following items trigger when damaged by the secondary bolts:
** {{ii|Doran's Shield}}
** {{ii|Ninja Tabi}}
** {{ii|Odyn's Veil}} (magic on-hit damage only)
** {{ii|Thornmail}}
** {{ii|Warden's Mail}}
** {{ii|Randuin's Omen}}
* The following abilities trigger when damaged by the secondary bolts:
** {{cai|Molten Shield|Annie}}
** {{cai|Concussive Blows|Braum}}
** {{cai|Riposte|Fiora}}
** {{cai|Idol of Durand|Galio}}
** {{cai|Counter Strike|Jax}}
** {{cai|Illumination|Lux}}
** {{cai|Aegis Protection|Pantheon}}
** {{cai|Harrier|Quinn}} and {{ai|Heightened Senses|Quinn}}
** {{cai|Defensive Ball Curl|Rammus}}
** {{cai|Feel No Pain|Sion}}
** {{cai|Organic Deconstruction|Vel'Koz}} duration refresh
== Trivia ==
* Because of the name of the thread Riot revealed this item in, it is often referred to as "The Storm".
* Runaan's Hurricane is named after [[RiotRunaan]], an Associate Creative Designer at Riot Games.
* The orb that fires the 2 bolts and floats around the champion it's equipped to is most likely a reference to a similar power up in the Gradius games.
* The item may have been inspired by the alpha/beta item "[[Alpha items|Hurricane]]", which was also a bow, though Hurricane's Alpha effect is unknown.
==Patch history==
{{Scroll box|
* Total cost reduced to 2400g from 2450g.
* Combine cost reduced to 700g from 1000g.
* Total cost reduced to 2450g from 2750g.
* Secondary target radius increased to 375 from 300.
* Fixed a bug where Hurricane could target invisible enemies.
'''[[V1.0.0.152]]:''' Added
* Recipe: {{ii|Dagger}} + {{ii|Dagger}} + {{ii|Recurve Bow}}
* Item cost: 2750g
* Combine cost: 1000g
* +70% Attack Speed
* Unique Passive: Your basic attacks fire minor bolts at 2 nearby targets, each dealing 10 + 50% of your Attack Damage. These apply on-hit effects.
== References ==
[[Category:Attack speed items]]
[[Category:On-hit effect items]]
[[cs:Runaan's Hurricane]]
[[cs:Runaan's Hurricane]]
[[de:Runaans Hurrikan]]
[[de:Runaans Hurrikan]]

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Runaan&#039;s Hurricane item
Ураган Рунаан
Gold 2600 (Gold 600)
Zeal item
Gold 1400 (Gold 300)

Анализ стоимости

Стоимость характеристик

Выгодность покупки*

  • Выгодность покупки Урагана Рунаан составляет 87.56%


Runaan&#039;s Hurricane screenshot

Ураган Рунаан в действии


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