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Ноксус is a powerful empire with a fearsome reputation. To those beyond its borders, Noxus is brutal, expansionist and threatening, yet those who look beyond its warlike exterior see an unusually inclusive society, where the strengths and talents of its people are respected and cultivated. Its people were once a fierce reaver culture until they stormed the ancient city that now lies at the heart of their empire. Under threat from all sides, they aggressively took the fight to their enemies, pushing their borders outward with every passing year. This struggle for survival has made the Noxians a deeply proud people who value strength above all, though that strength can manifest by many different means. Anyone can rise to a position of power and respect within Noxus if they display the necessary aptitude, regardless of social standing, background, homeland, or wealth.

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  • AatroxSquare Aatrox is a Darkin that influenced many bloodsheds in Noxus.
  • AlistarSquare Alistar is a former prisoner of Noxus.
  • AnnieSquare Annie is a daughter of the Gray Order exiles of House Hastur.
  • CaitlynSquare Caitlyn is investigating the Noxian spy network in Piltover.
  • CamilleSquare Camille is investigating the Noxian spy network in Piltover.
  • EliseSquare Elise is a member of the Black Rose that worships the Vilemaw of the Shadow Isles.
  • ГалиоSquare Galio fought against many Noxians in the past.
  • GangplankSquare Gangplank stole SwainSquare Champion flagship, The Leviathan, and raided numerous Noxian ships.
  • GarenSquare Garen fought KatarinaSquare Katarina in a war between Noxus and Demacia.
  • IreliaSquare Irelia cut off Swains left arm during the Noxian Invasion of Ionia.
  • Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV is the nemesis to SwainSquare Grand General Swain.
  • KarmaSquare Karma single-handedly defeated the Noxian army invading her village.
  • KarthusSquare Karthus was a corpse collector in Noxus Prime, but later defected and moved to the Shadow Isles.
  • KayleSquare Kayle seeks to defeat her sister, MorganaSquare Morgana.
  • KaynSquare Kayn is a former soldier during the Noxian invasion of Ionia.
  • Lee SinSquare Lee Sin fought of Noxian invaders during their invasion of Ionia
  • LuxSquare Lux is a Demacian spy that extracted valuable information against Noxus in the Noxus-Ionia conflict.
  • Master YiSquare Master Yi seeks revenge for the destruction of his village.
  • MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser seeks to reclaim the Immortal Bastion; upon which Noxian Capital is unknowingly built upon.
  • QuinnSquare Quinn and ValorSquare Valor, Demacia's Wings captured a Noxian assassin.
  • RivenSquare Riven former Noxian field commander during the Noxian invasion of Ionia.
  • SingedSquare Singed was hired by Noxus for his chemical warfare expertice during the Noxian invasion of Ionia.
  • SivirSquare Sivir was formerly employed by Cassiopeia.
  • TaliyahSquare Taliyah is a former Noxian employed stone mage.
  • UrgotSquare Urgot was tricked by SwainSquare Swain into traveling to Zaun.
  • VeigarSquare Veigar is a Yordle that went mad from imprisonment in Noxus.
  • Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao is a native Ionian that was captured by Noxian forces and forced to participate in the fleshing.

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Noxus Crest icon

The human nation of Noxus is in many ways the moral antithesis of Demacia; it is a country where the physically and mentally strong acquire power through any means.

Bard Mountain
  • When Runeterra's sacred treasures are misused, the Wandering Caretaker intervenes.

Scourge of the Desert
  • Not even Noxian might can beat the Terror from beneath.

  • The wolves of the Freljord are savage predators. But they’ve never encountered a man like this.

Darius Fear League Animation Workshop

Darius Fear League Animation Workshop

In the Mind of Madness
  • War is eternal... as am I.
  • Starring SionSquare Sion and SwainSquare Swain.
Grand General
  • Noxus has endured, because Noxus is strong. But the Grand-General Jericho Swain knows there are many kinds of strength—and the greatest leaders of the next age will be those who can wield them all...

Swain the Noxian Grand General - Champion Teaser

Swain the Noxian Grand General - Champion Teaser

Confessions of a Broken Blade
  • In the wake of war between Noxus and Ionia, Riven is accused of a heinous crime.[1]
  • Riven stands trial for the murder of Yasuo's master.[2]
  • As the trial concludes, Riven must finally face the horrors of her past.[3]
  • Starring RivenSquare Riven and YasuoSquare Yasuo.
Descent into the Tomb
  • Scroll after scroll in Noxian libraries chronicle the power buried within Shurima. Now Cassiopeia thinks she’s found the key. Learn how the saga began.

Shurima Descent into the Tomb Cinematic - League of Legends

Shurima Descent into the Tomb Cinematic - League of Legends

The Shedding of Skin
  • There is no antidote for me.
  • Starring CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia.
  • The spark that set off the Dark Child’s fire.

ANNIE Origins League of Legends

ANNIE Origins League of Legends

Blood of Noxus
  • "When a rebellion pits Darius against the person closest to him, he learns the price of loyalty."
Where the Drakalops Roam
  • A sane man would run... but I ain't the runnin' kind!
  • Starring KledSquare Kled.
The Reunion
  • Another day on the northern plains. Prickly shrubs. Harsh winds. Killin' trespassers.

Progress Day
The Black Powder Plot
  • If you haven't yet lost the ability to ask, you may not yet ask for relief.
  • Starring SwainSquare Swain.
The Principles of Strength
  • It is time for someone who will look to the future of our people, and not obsess about the kings and faded glory of the past.[5]
  • Starring SwainSquare Swain and DariusSquare Darius.
The Blade of Millennia
  • The child is gone. The killer remains.
  • Starring KaynSquare Kayn and RhaastSquare Rhaast.
The Path of Shadows
  • Will he deliver death with a whisper or make the world scream?

Kayn The Path of Shadows New Champion Teaser - League of Legends

Kayn The Path of Shadows New Champion Teaser - League of Legends

The Defiant Blade
  • A decade after the Battle of the Placidium, Ionia honors the young woman who inspired a revolution.

Irelia The Defiant Blade Champion Teaser - League of Legends

Irelia The Defiant Blade Champion Teaser - League of Legends

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Long before the rise of Demacia or Noxus, the revenant known as MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant was once a mortal and brutal warlord-king who ruled the lands of eastern Valoran. He waded into battle bedecked in heavy iron armor and slaughtered all who opposed him, crushing them beneath his ensorcelled mace, Nightfall. After being killed, he managed to gain mastery over the necrotic arts with the help of sorcerers before enslaving them and beginning a reign of terror that would last centuries as time and again, he would be slain, only to return from the grave.

Mordekaiser’s bones were key to his unholy reincarnation, and as the centuries rolled on he became increasingly paranoid about their safety. He constructed a monolithic fortress at the heart of his empire that came to be known as the Immortal Bastion. Locked away at the core of this epic stronghold he hid his remains.

The Immortal Bastion was eventually besieged by a concentrated alliance of tribes and warbands. During the siege, an unknown thief infiltrated the mighty fortress, bypassing its fiendish defenses to steal Mordekaiser’s skull. His skeleton needed to be complete in order for his resurrection to be enacted, yet fearful of their master’s wrath, his enslaved liches kept the theft a secret.

On the walls of the Immortal Bastion, countless enemies fell before Mordekaiser, yet it was not enough to stave off defeat. His fortress was overrun and he was dragged down by sheer weight of numbers. His deadly mace was torn from his grasp and great chains wrapped around his limbs. Confident that he would rise again, he was torn apart and was vanquished for the time being, not aware the his ability to revive had been nullified. While Mordekaiser ceased to exist for the time being, his fortress, the Immortal Bastion, would become the foundation of Noxus' capital.

It would not be until centuries later, that Mordekaiser would rise again.

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Narrated by EzrealSquare Ezreal
Aatrox Promo 4

A Noxian statuette of AatroxSquare a figure.

"This statuette is from Noxus.

Yes, Noxus. You know how EzrealSquare I feel about Noxians, but their city is full of history. It'll take more than dark magic, guards with massive axes, and a creepy SwainSquare bird guy to keep me from exploring the most important places in Valoran.

Noxus is full of these kinds of statuettes. Usually, they're made as tributes to the nation's greatest heroes, but this one doesn't look like any Noxian war hero I've ever heard of. I know of plenty, too, believe me: pick up any Noxian book and it's probably a way-too-lengthy chronicle of some hero's life, conquests, and the size of their weapon. I wouldn't have looked twice at this one if I hadn't recognized the AatroxSquare figure.

Here's the thing that's really nagging me... what's Noxus doing with statues of a figure that shows up in Demacian art, too?

Aatrox Promo 5

A Noxian book of war poems (It has the sword of AatroxSquare a figure on its cover).

When EzrealSquare I noticed the similarities between the Demacian stained glass and the Noxian statue, I had to know more. I pulled as many books as I could out of the library at Piltover's academy. There are some sections there restricted to everyone but academy graduates. I could have gotten in on my own, but I didn't want to burn any bridges, so I had JayceSquare Jayce help me out. Everyone loves that guy.

The smaller one is a book of Noxian war poems. Most of what's inside is standard Noxian military fare, but the Blood Thirst blade on the cover captured my attention.

The big one right here is an old book of fables and stories. Not all of them are entirely true, but one of them caught my eye. The character in the story is an arrogant general leading his warriors into battle and winning with ease. He has the last of his enemies cornered, but… you know what they say about pride before a fall.

Aatrox Promo 6

An old book of fables and stories (Containing a story of AatroxSquare a figure).

A great warrior - that's right, our AatroxSquare dark figure - appears in the battle. The arrogant general's enemies, men on the verge of death, are inspired by his presence. "They rose from their knees as though he'd lit their very blood aflame," it says. "The shamed general watched as his men were cleaved by an army that had begged for mercy just moments before. His enemies had become murderers and butchers. As they closed on him, the general could not be certain whether they were still men at all."

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Demacian army led by their King, Jarvan I, had pushed Noxian army to one of their city walls. SionSquare Sion ordered one of his men to bar the gates while the rest forced the enemy soldiers to fight them for every bit of Noxian soil. He demanded that they pushed forwards striding as a giant through the Demacian rabble with one clear purpose: to cut their army's head from its body.

Jarvan's royal guardsmen believed they could halt his charge. They were wrong. He cut them down, one by one, until only SionSquare he and the king remained. Battered and fatigued, Sion continued the fight the king. He battled Jarvan beyond the point of breaking and was finally bested… but not beaten. With his dying breath, he locked his fingers around the king's throat and broke the will of a nation. The Demacian King, Jarvan I, was dead.

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THORN: "The Grand General puts on a brave face, but he takes this loss harder than he lets on. With his most trusted supporter dead, he feels the treacherous eyes of his generals on his back".

PETAL: "A successor must be chosen. Demacia's shaken. We can't squander this opportunity"!

THORN: "Darkwill sees assassins in every shadow; he is paralyzed by fear".

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "No. He is stalling. Darkwill did not become the Grand General by being a coward. Find out why".

Black Rose

VladimirSquare PETAL: "Darkwill's thralls are searching for something. Snatching up articles of the arcane: rituals of blood and bone, relics of the Shadow Isles, and things darker still".

THORN: "He desires things we can offer. An interesting opportunity".

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "I will bend his ear. If he is receptive, ensure we can provide what we promise".

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Sion promo Proclamation

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DARKWILL: "What did you do"?

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "Provided you with what you desired, nothing more."

DARKWILL: "This is not what I desired!"

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "You sought to raise this corpse to do your bidding once again. In that, we have succeeded."

DARKWILL: "Look at him! This... thing has no place at the head of an army. "

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "Not as a leader, no. But your friend was never so much a leader as a killer. And he has never been more perfectly suited to that role than he is now. He does not fear, he does not question—he does not die!"

DARKWILL: "Damn you. I have no other choice."

Dissent Править

To the office of the Grand General, There is no doubt the revenant is an effective weapon. It almost razed the fortress at Andras singlehandedly. However, it's also responsible for nearly as many casualties among our forces as the Demacians. The thing seems to feast on the very act of slaughter. It took a company of heavy infantry to subdue it this time, and it's only getting stronger, hacked to pieces or no.

The toll on morale has been heavy. The soldiers find it disquieting to see one of their heroes turned into a monstrosity. It causes them to contemplate how they might be rewarded for their own service. I've had to cull three score regiments for refusing to march aside the thing in battle. I fear the situation will only get worse with time.

Respectfully, Grand General, some things are better left buried.

Buried Править


Sion promo Buried

Bridge to the Past Править

Excerpts from the journal of SwainSquare Grand General Swain

A shame Keiran failed to enjoy his father's longevity, not that he'd have been able to enjoy the high office at all had I not designed it. The Grand General's chambers harbor many secrets. My secrets now.

The elder Darkwill was well versed in the art of necromancy. It will take me decades to pore through his library of grimoires, but that will be time I can steal, as he did.

I made a discovery today, one of Boram Darkwill's first dabblings with death magic. It seems he was attempting a resurrection of some sort. But whose return was he seeking?

The previous regime was exacting in its manipulation of the historical record, but there is just as much a story to be told by what's missing from the record as there is by what remains.

I found it. Deep in Old Noxus lies a memorial that speaks of former grandeur and a fall from grace. Therein lies the man Boram Darkwill attempted to rouse from his eternal slumber.

It's still in there, clawing at the walls. I would almost pity it, if I thought it capable of suffering.

The Anchor Править

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "I haven't had the pleasure of your company for some time, Grand General".

SwainSquare SWAIN: "You have my favor. That is enough".

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "And yet, I suspect you're here to seek the Black Rose's assistance once more".

SwainSquare SWAIN: "The blood of the Jarvan IVSquare Demacian prince. How much remains"?

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "After the last charade? Enough that you should be very mindful of how you use it. Whatever you intend had best be brief".

SwainSquare SWAIN: "No chicanery this time; my need for subtlety is nearing its end. I must secure my position with bloodshed, and that requires a blunt instrument".

LeBlancSquare LEBLANC: "It sounds as if you have one in mind".

SwainSquare SWAIN: "Let me show you".

Возвращение Править

Sion promo icon
"We've come full circle: a Grand General in need of a champion, the Black Rose seeking to wind its roots further into High Command, and a fallen warrior starved of battle. This time, it will be different. Boram managed to revive the body successfully, but all he got was a mindless beast with a single instinct: to devour life. I can't fix a thing so broken, but I can rekindle its purpose, and that may be enough for my plans. The ritual is prepared, and the body still hungers. Drink deep of the blood of your killer, son of Noxus, and live again.".
SwainSquare Swain

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Environments of Noxus Править

The Empire of Noxus (commonly referred to as Noxus) is a massive expansionist culture, its constantly moving its borders further outward and currently sits as the biggest empire in Runeterra. But the capital is located on the eastern territory of Valoran, sharing its borders with Demacia, Shurima, and several city-states such as Piltover and Zaun. The currently well known locations within Noxus are:

Basilich Править

Located on the eastern coast of Valoran is the port city Basilich. Which was integrated into the Noxus Empire quarter of a century ago, after its elders submitted to the then Captain Cyrus and his army. Nowadays Basilich is among a few cities that have tried in foolish attempt to rebel from the hold of Noxus. Most recently when the city's steward Quilletta Varn lost her faith in the Empire and sparked a revolution for independence. For acts of defiance the city was besieged by the Trifarian Legion and their leader Darius, who was also raised on the streets of Basilich as an orphan. The ongoing rebellion ended after Quilletta was murdered and replaced by her second in-command, Invetia Varn.

The city is well known for its paintings made out of cobwebs.

Bel'zhun Править

Located at the Northern part of Shurima, it is currently controlled by Noxus. Previous rulers of the city were Hagyos Valif, and Hazir Ima'Sai. Its current rule is a Noxian Steward known as Dorrik. The city has a large rebel insurgance against the Noxian rule. Known as the Suns of Bel'Zhun, they frequently trade weapons with Clan Medarda of Piltover. Its Hwatis wool and plate are prised for felting and insulation.

Bloodcliffs Править

Built into the cliffs near an estuary, Bloodcliff neighbors with the Immortal Bastion and Basilich on the eastern coast of Valoran. The city's current leader is Steward Hovri IV. One of its main sources of trade are rough grades, that is used for turf establishing and the ground foundations of which buildings are constructed upon. 

Delverhold Править

South from the Ironspike Mountains in northern Valoran lies the Delverhold. A dominion prospering from the wealth of gold and iron ore being quarried from the mountains. Originally a kingdom of its own independence, that is until the empire of Noxus encroached upon the Ironspike region. In fear of annihilation the Delverhold king relinquished his authority and swore loyalty to the foreign Emperor. Now its people work endlessly to supply Noxus with armor and weapons from the iron they mine.

Fallgren Править

Located off shore from the eastern coastline of Valoran, the island city of Fallgren has been under control by Noxus ever since the Battle of Fallgren in which KledSquare Kled lead to a decisive victory. The city is governed Steward Jeon. Many tubes used in Zaun have been made here by Hedicila Elastica.

Gereshni Править

Located at the Northern part of Shurima, it is currently controlled by Noxus. Previous Shuriman and current Noxian ruler of the city is Steward Ta'Fik. The cities most well known trade good are Shuriman Azirite (Blood glass), named by the current Shuriman Emperor, AzirSquare Azir.

Glorft Править

Established on the southern coast of Valoran. It is unknown if this city is under control of Noxus but it was the location for the Assault on Glorft, led by KledSquare Kled

Grannit Править

Located on the tip end of a peninsula in the south-east of Valoran, neighboring with Ironwater. Grannit is currently governed by steward Eranolaj Smik. Its most well know trade good are dried Bolbo fish, which can be made into a dish known as Boild Bolbo-head soup.

Ironwater Править

Located on the tip end of a peninsula in the south-east of Valoran, neighboring with Grannit. Ironwater is currently governed by steward Arron. Its most well known trade good is Beet-wine.

Kilgrove Править

Located in the very south of Valoran at the mouth of an estuary, its current leader is Steward Dauvin (previously Thomark). Its most well know trade good is Kilgrovian cloudcedar.

Krexor Править

Located east of the city-state Piltover at the top of a bay, Krexor is an independent settlement surrounded by Noxian aligned neighbors. It is governed by steward Lisabetya (previously Liliann Ema Herrbel). The city is known for its AlistarSquare Minotaur smiths.

Noxus Prime Править

The capital of Noxus. In this city, it was not at all unusual to see armed warbands from all across the empire. The streets and alleys of Noxus are narrow and twisting, designed to stifle and frustrate any attacking force that managed to penetrate the city’s outer defenses. The rooftops were flat and crenellated, like the battlements of a castle, allowing any soldiers above to dominate any enemy below

Audience Chamber Править

The old cavernous throne room large enough to house over a thousand petitioners. The Trifarix sit at a simple marble table at the foot of the throne’s raised platform to discuss the future of Noxus and hear petitions from leaders of its regions.

Ivory Ward District Править

The Ivory Ward itself is one of the oldest and most wealthy districts in the Noxian capital.[6] Its marketplace was the center of a serious riot following the death of Boram Darkwill. 

Старый Ноксус Править

The area of Noxus within the capitals walls with a forbidden character.

The Fleshing Arena Править

Noxus Prime was renowned for a spectacle called The Fleshing. It was a gladiatorial event with a cruel twist: as a fighter wins their matches, the number of opponents they fight simultaneously, generally other prisoners of war, would increase. [7] [8] This meant eventual death for every contender, though also unparalleled glory. Both Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia, and AlistarSquare Alistar, the Minotaur, are survivors of the spectacle, with Xin Zhao holding the record for defeating the most opponents.

The Immortal Bastion Править

Situated in the heartlands of what would later become their empire, the Immortal Bastion was built by a dread MordekaiserSquare sorcerer in a far distant age. Eventually the fortress was besieged and conquered by a confederation of barbarian tribes (proto-Noxians), where they made the captured city their capital and it has remained so to this day. In the centuries to pass the tribes had conquered and assimilated many more territories, remaining largely undefeated Noxus quickly flourished into a formidable empire. While nowhere near clean and pristine in appearance as Demacia's capital, the city is the visual representation of the empire's might, power, and strength.

Many noble houses are located in the capital, such as the KatarinaSquare Du Couteau. The city is also the headquarters of the enigmatic Black Rose cabal.

Shrine of the Wolf Править

A tall, multi-tiered tower with open sides, butting up against the old southern bulwarks of the Immortal Bastion. Each level of the tower is held aloft by three pillars of dark stone. In the center of the tower, looming almost fifty feet high, was a massive obsidian statue of a seated wolf.

Sion's Memorial Править

This memorial and tomb is dedicated to SionSquare Sion, a Noxian war hero celebrated as the killer of the Demacian King Jarvan I. It was later used to contain the resurrected form of Sion before SwainSquare Swain, with the aid of the Black Rose, was successfully able to control him by the use of Jarvan IVSquare Champion blood. The current state of this memorial is unknown, though the former man once housed in it unwillingly serves Noxus, mainly its Grand General, once more.[9]

Slums Править

The sprawl of dwellings built beyond the battle scarred walls of the Noxian capital where many people live in abject poverty and death is commonplace. Tally-men of Kindred often notch their staffs and bare bodies from the almshouses.

Stairs of Triump Править

A long unbroken flight of stairs leading to the Audience Chamber, guarded every twelve steps by a pair of Legionnaires.

Northern Plains Править

Located at the northern edge of the Empire, the plains are currently occupied by KledSquare Kled. With harsh dust-filled windy weather, many travelers have lost their lives in this unforgiving wasteland. From the weather or from a certain Yordle and his mythic SkaarlSquare Drakalops, most Noxians avoid travelling through this landscape.

Qualthala Править

Located further inland from the southern coasts of Valoran. It is unknown if this city is currently under control of Noxus but it had been the location for the Siege of Qualthala, led by KledSquare Kled.

Rokrund Править

Located upon the Rokrund Plain in the southern regions of Valoran, and neighbor to Qualthala. Rokrund is currently governed by steward Katye. Its most well know trade good are the vegetables known as Naaps.

The Drakengate Править

Located on the eastern coast of Valoran, the city's current leader is Steward Algor Nimchi. It was in control of Noxus ever since The Draken campaign, lead by KledSquare Kled. It most well known trade goods are its fine mudpacks, as well as popular adulterants such as: peach slugs, nacre powder, Nirpooti skins, Freljordian grain milk, HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit seeds, and Ionian silver pomace.

Trevale Править

Trevale is one among many regions comprised of rocky hillsides and highlands. Occupied with various villages and farms trying to survive off the harsh landscape.

Vindor Править

Located south from Basilich and west of the Fallgren islands, it is currently governed by steward Amenesce. The city is well known for its Light Vindoran horse breed bred for desert use. The Noxian Dark Riders are said to specificly only ride breeds from this area. Other similar horse breed found here are Destriers and Coursers.

Urzeris Править

Located in the northern coast of Shurima, its currently occupied by the empire. Its current ruler is Steward Vin. Its most well known trade good is the Urzeris Salt.

Wildlife Править

Basilisks Править

Monstrous reptiles from the southern jungles of Kumungu, basilisks are fierce predators that can grow to gargantuan sizes, few can stand against their charge. Young basilisks are prized riding beasts. After they become too large for a rider to control, they are used as beasts of burden, or sometimes as living battering rams to smash down the walls of besieged cities.

Draken-hounds Править

Distant relative of dragons, Draken-hounds species of wingless, wolf-sized carnivores that lair in the mountains to the north of the Noxian capital. They are vicious pack hunters, and much favored in Noxus as war-beasts, guard creatures, herding animals, and expensive (albeit dangerous) pets. To own one or more drake-hounds is a visible symbol of wealth and power.

Drakalops Править

A species of fast, long lived frilled pony sized herbivore standing on two legs with frilled ear-like forelimbs fanning from the side of its head. Its native to the Northern Steppes. It has impenetrable dark scales with hints of gold. One of such creature is rode by KledSquare Kled.

Elmarks Править

Elmarks are a domesticated herd herbivore animal.

Hooked Grouse Править

Hooked Grouse is a bird species native to the Norther Steppes of Noxus.

Culture Править

Life in Noxus Править

Noxus Drake-Hounds

Drake-hounds are a species of wingless, wolf-sized carnivores that lair in the mountains to the north of the Noxian capital. They are vicious pack hunters, and much favored in Noxus as war-beasts, guard creatures, and expensive (albeit dangerous) pets. To own one or more drake-hounds is a visible symbol of wealth and power.

Noxus Noxian Weaponry

The forges of Noxus never cool, churning out swords, axes, and armor in vast quantities for distribution to the warhosts. The empire values function over form, their designs often incorporating additional uses, such as hooked handles to unhorse mounted enemies. In recent years, Noxus has begun to experiment with crude black powder weapons and chem-tech from Zaun, though the results are mixed—often as destructive to friend as they are to the enemy.

Noxus Old Blood, New Blood

Anyone can prosper in Noxus, no matter their background, so long as they have the strength of will, and the drive to succeed. The warlord Darius is a perfect example of this, rising from nothing to become one of the empire’s most powerful leaders. Despite this meritocratic ideal, the old noble families still wield considerable power at the heart of the empire, and some fear that the greatest threat to Noxus comes not from its enemies, but from within.

Noxian Dogma Править

Файл:Noxus Culture.png
Swain OriginalCircle
Swain 075
 "A Noxian knows who he is, and what he must do."

The citizenry of Noxus value "strength above all else", primarily this is martial and physical strength although Noxians will acknowledge strength in all its forms. Successful traders, artisans, physicians, architects even those politically inclined are all valued in equal endorsement. Here attainment is currency, they will hunger for victory and thrive off sovereignty.

Yet as much as any Noxian might be unfaltering, in some cases there is a presence of jealousy and rage among them. Deep down they realize that they’re not as fortunate like the rest of the world is, which is exactly why there is no liberty for anyone who cannot prove their worth.

Assimilation Править

As Noxus expands and defeats neighboring cultures and cities, it offers the conquered people a choice; swear loyalty to Noxus and be judged solely on your worth, or be destroyed. This is not subterfuge or any kind of ruse; the Noxians are as good as their word, and many who have embraced their conquerors' way of life find their prospects greatly improved. But those who refuse to bend the knee are crushed without mercy.

Whether a city is taken by force or willingly swears fealty to Noxus, its warmasons immediately set to work in stamping the empire's authority upon the newly acquired territory. Gateways of dark stone quarried from the mountains surrounding the capital are raised on every road leading to the city. Known throughout Valoran as Noxtoraa (gateway to Noxus in Ur-Nox) these towering structures leave approaching travelers in no doubt as to who holds the reins of power.

Every land conquered has an assigned Steward to govern and uphold Noxian law and authority.

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The Empire boasts a vast number of different languages, due to it conquering diferrent lands. Ur-Noxian is the most common tounge used in Noxus. "Noxian (language) is closer to German, spoken by someone with a mouthful of mashed potatoes" - Interlocutioner (writer)

  • Ur-Nox: is the modern dialect of the Noxian language
    • Noxtoraa - gateway to Noxus
    • Stom Ur Got! Stom Ur Got! - A Noxian chant sung by the Sons of Ur.
  • Va-Nox: is the bygone dialect, no longer in practice except by those few who are ancient enough to remember it.
  • Slangs
    • Butcher's bill - Number of deaths.

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Almhouses are dwellings built originally by the Tallymen for poor people to live in.

Ballista Править

Ballista is a catapult crossbow used to fire large spears.

Berms Править

Berms is a war fortication used by warmasons during war: an artificial earthen ridge, as a defense against artillery fire.

Catacombs Править

Catacombs are underground passageways beneath Noxus. Possible meeting locations for the Black Rose.

Crenellated Roofs Править

Indented battlements of roofs that overhang the lower floors, used for shooting arrows or firing missiles through. They are part of the reason why most native Noxian built homes/building are highly defensible.

Dark steel Править

Dark Steel is made from Ironspike mountain ore, used in the forging of armor. All the best plate in Noxus is made from Dark Steel.

Livery Править

Livery is a uniform, or insignia adorning, denoting a the status/rank of an individual and what group they are associated with.

Noxtoraa Править

Whether a city is taken by force or willingly swears fealty to Noxus, warmasons immediately set to work in stamping the empire’s signature of authority upon the newly acquired territory. Representing the strength of Noxus, they are raised to instill fear and to demand fealty from all who passed beneath them. Gateway arches of dark stone quarried from the mountains surrounding the capital are built on every road leading to the city. Known throughout Valoran as Noxtoraa (gateway to Noxus in Ur-Nox), these towering structures leave approaching travelers in no doubt as to who holds the reins of power.

Noxian Weaponry Править

Swords, axes, heavy axe-headed halberds, spears, daggers, war hammers, gauntlets, bows, glaives crossbows, shields and armor in vast quantities for distribution to the warhosts. The empire values function over form, their designs often incorporating additional uses, such as hooked handles to unhorse mounted enemies.


Large heavily armored animal drawn vehicle for war, usually pulled by a basilisk.

War tentПравить

Temporary set up during a campaign outside the borders for strategy councils.

Lamb and Wolf Править

The KindredSquare Kindred are well known and followed in Noxus. Lamb represents a peaceful and while the Wolf represents a violent end. Since Noxians, specially the military, vow to fight to the death, Wolf is honored with more rigor and panoply than Lamb. The Shrine to the Wolf can be found in Noxus Prime.

The shrine is a tall, multi-tiered tower with open sides, butting up against the old southern bulwarks of the Immortal Bastion. Each level of the tower is held aloft by three pillars of dark stone. In the center of the tower, looming almost fifty feet high, was a massive obsidian statue of a seated wolf.

The Fleshing Править

A public spectacle Noxus is renowned for. A gladiatorial event with a cruel twist: as a fighter won matches, his number of opponents (generally prisoners of war) fought simultaneously would increase. This meant eventual death for every contender.

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Military of Noxus Править

Noxus Basilisks

Monstrous reptiles from the southern jungles, basilisks are fierce predators that can grow to gargantuan sizes. Young basilisks are prized riding beasts, and few can stand against their charge. After they become too large for a rider to control, they are put to use as beasts of burden, or sometimes as living battering rams to smash down the walls of besieged cities.

Noxus The Trifarian Legion

The most elite, respected, and battle-hardened military force within the Noxian empire, “the Legion” is led by Darius himself. They are not only the best soldiers in Noxus, but also the most loyal, utterly devoted to the empire and its leaders. Their armor is heavy and utilitarian, and often features three indentations hammered into their breastplates, representing the Trifarix—the three principles of strength, and the name given to Grand General Swain’s ruling council.

Noxus Warmasons

Warmasons are resourceful scouts, engineers, and warriors who design and oversee the construction of roads, bridges and fortifications. Often the first indication of Noxian expansion is not the sight of troops on the march, but a lone warmason scouting enemy territory for possible invasion routes.

Law of the Empire Править

Noxus meritocracy is exemplified by the Trifarix doctrine, otherwise known as the "Principles of Strength". This is made up of three core aspects. Might, Vision & Guile. Each citizen strives to embody all three as an ideal for prosperity. The idea is that Noxus needs to be strong in all these areas, and if they are weak in one it could bring the empire down.

High Command Править

Noxus was once ruled by the will of fallible emperors, notably the last was Emperor Boram Darkwill. Consequently Noxus is no longer governed by one individual but a triad of equal leaders known as the Council of Three, each representing one of the core Principles of Strength. The Tri-Leadership ruling council was created by SwainSquare Swain. It features three leaders together, each representing one of the core Principles of Strength. Where a single individual could doom Noxus through incompetence, madness or corruption, now there will always be two others to hold any rogue third accountable. Their leadership cannot be deadlocked, when only two of them need agree on anything to get it done, ensuring that no individual can rule unopposed.

Council of Three Trifarix
DariusSquare Darius, the Hand of Noxus. Trifarix of Might
SwainSquare Jericho Swain, the Grand General. Trifarix of Vision
LeBlancSquare the Faceless Trifarix of Guile

  • Council of Three - A meeting of the Trifarix to hear petitions or discuss the future of Noxus
  • Grand General - One of the leaders of the empire and the Visionary of Noxus
  • Hand of Noxus - The leader of the elite Trifarian Legion, commander of the empire’s armies, and one of the leaders of the empire. The representative of the Might of Noxus.
  • The Faceless - A mystery. The Third member of the Trifarix, a co-leader of Noxus. The exemplar of Guile. No one knows who they are. They remain cloaked in secrets and deception. It is rumored that they control the dark underbelly and politics of Noxus through manipulation. It suits the purposes of the Trifarix and the individual representing the Principle of Guile that their identity remains unknown outside the Trifarix. It would likely sow fear/ suspicion/ unease/ paranoia among the enemies/rivals of the Trifarix, which could well suit their purposes, and it allows the figure of Guile to walk more freely among those who might have their guard up if they knew that person was part of the Trifarix.

Файл:Noxus Armies.png

The lifeblood of the empire allowing the expansionist nation to conquer fertile lands to supplement its lack thereof.

As the armies of Noxus appear to be little more than barbarous hosts of individual warbands, but this belies the discipline and sophistication required to make such a formation viable. The largest ground based fighting force on Runeterra/Valoran with hundreds on individual warbands. Noxus employs a loose style of set up within the organization foregoing a strict rigid standardized order, in favor of allowing their forces to specialize in what they do best and directing them to tasks or areas where they're strengths can serve the empire best. Regimentation and uniformity are anathema to the Noxian way of life. Within the Noxiam army there are equal chances for anyone, everyone starts on the same rank. On the front lines, a foreign slave could be the equal of a highborn noble. The break down of the Army is: Legions, Warhosts, Warbands.

The success of Noxian armies is undeniable, and their very diversity is testament to their effectiveness. Conquered peoples that swear loyalty to Noxus become part of its armies and add their unique strengths to the empire's war efforts. Thus, regimentation and uniformity are anathema to the Noxian way of life, and each warband is celebrated for the many and varied methods of war it brings to bear.

While life isn't easy for the men serving among the lowest ranks of the soldier class. To survive in that job they have to learn to love war, hate cowardice, and seize what ever blood soaked glory they can get.

Noxian Military
Navy Noxus' collection of warships and trade ships.
Admiral Leader of a navi.
Legion A large collective of warhosts, usually organized to stage the conquest of a large region.
Commander Leader of a legion.
Warhost An organized group of Warbands to conquer small regions and city-states or combat rival armies. Within a legion, warhosts will be assigned to simultaneously attack different regions in order to take control of a large region more effectively.
General Leader of a warhost.
Warband Individual, localized units of Noxus’ army. Usually organized by citizens of conquered territory these units are led by their own chieftains, marshals, and captains. Each warband is unique, with its own culture, hierarchy and favored way of war. They fulfill specific roles as part of a much larger warhost, perhaps fighting as frontline shock troops, heavy infantry, scouts, assassins or cavalry—whatever best suits their skills.
Captain Leader of a warband. A Captain could be a chieftains, governors, or marshals depending on the region.
Warmasons A Distinct Noxian military branch of resourceful scouts, engineers, and warriors who design and oversee the construction of roads, bridges and fortifications before, during and after a war/battle. The first indication of Noxian expansion, is one or two warmasons scouting enemy territory for possible invasion routes, usually undercover. They scout ahead and are responsible for mapping the detailed layout of enemy territory, gaining enemy trust, identifying enemy strengths and weaknesses.

Notable armies, legions & warhosts
Arcane Fist An elite band of warmages, decimated after an expedition to the Greenfang Mountains near Demacia.
Bloodrunners A special platoon of bloodmages, carrying hooked blades.
Fury Company RivenSquare Riven's special company of soldiers.
Ironsides More of a slang term for soldiers rather than it's own regiment. Still consisting of strong warriors with great power of endurance.
Redblades An elite warband of Shuriman soldiers conscripted into the Noxian military.
The First Legion Among the original armies from Noxus long history.
Trifarian Legion The largest and greatest legion in modern Noxian history.

Notable military dignitaries
Commander DariusSquare Darius Current Hand of Noxus, Trifarix of Might and general of the Trifarian Legion.
Admiral Duqual One of the first naval officers to assail into Ionia. Later victim to the Ionian IreliaSquare Blade-witch. (diseased)
General Du Couteau To be disclosed. (assassinated)
Lord Commander Cyrus Responsible for the assimilation of Basilich. Later assisted in the Invasion of Ionia. Possibly executed for war crimes.
Commander Emystan Employed a SingedSquare Zaunite chemist to help in the Ionian war. Possibly executed for war crimes.
General Granth Member of the Grand General's strategy council, turned traitor and in league with the LeBlancSquare Pale Sorceress. (deceased)
Lord Commander SwainSquare Jericho Swain Noxian Grand General, Trifarix of Vision and master of secretes.
General Jonat Leader of the Redblades (Shuriman heritage) and member of the Grand General's strategy council.
Assassin KatarinaSquare Katarina A Noxian assassin of the highest caliber. She made her talents known with swift kills against unsuspecting enemies.
General Korlak To be disclosed.
General Leto Aging hero of the Seige of Fenrath and member of the Grand General's strategy council.
General Maela Member of the Grand General's strategy council.
Captain RivenSquare Riven Honorary soldier rewarded with a Runic Greatsword. MIA during the conquest in Ionia. (self-imposed exile)
General SionSquare Sion A war hero from a bygone era, Sion was revered in Noxus for choking the life out of a Demacian king with his bare hands. (deceased)
Captain Teraze Assailed onto Ionia, attacking the village Pallas before being hunted down by the VarusSquare Darkin Varus.
Headsman UrgotSquare Urgot The dreaded arbiter of authority within Noxus, maintaining obedience from the various warbands through fear of execution. (banished to Zaun)

Patrician family Править

Noble house families that have existed since the first walls were raised around Noxus. They lead a life of privilege. The noble houses play a key roles in politics. They believed that their proud heritage was the nation’s greatest strength. However, many hungered for greater influence, plotting against Darkwill with a secret cabal united by nothing more than the symbol of a black rose. Old noble families still wield considerable power at the heart of the empire.

The Black Rose Править

For more information, see The Black Rose.

Remnants of secret cabal order that has existed far longer than Noxus itself. Initiates of the Black Rose have schemed from the shadows for centuries, looking to gain power in any way they can, drawing the rich and powerful; mages, nobles, and politicians to their ranks.

They dabble in the darker powers of magic, manipulation, assassination and deception and share hidden knowledge and secrets, in order to grow their areas of influence, and personal power.

Areas within the Black Rose’s domain are discretely marked by a Black Rose sigil, etched onto shadowed archways.

Only an elite few learn the “origins” of their matron, though many have uncovered legends of a pale sorceress who aided the broken barbarian tribes, in their struggle against the infamous Iron Revenant.

The Black Rose exists now to further the clandestine interests of those who can wield magic—with its rank-and-file composed of mundane nobles, drawn to rumors of miracles, kept in thrall and ruthlessly exploited. Even the most powerful military commander could only ever serve the cult’s true masters, as they fight one another for influence in games of intrigue and conquest, both in the Noxian capital and beyond its borders.

Headsman Править

An executioner of the weak. Headsmen are usually chosen by the leader of Noxus, and execute with an ax. To be headsman is great honor as it allows one to physically take part in ridding Noxus of weakness.

Tallymen Править

An order of people dedicated to taking care of the sick and dying. When a member recognizes someone’s suitability for their order they are inducted into their ranks, first as a digger of graves and pyre-builder, before ascending to the rank of corpse collector. The tools they use include iron-rimmed wheel corpse carts, and a knife for cutting death marks on a staff.

Relations Править

Bilgewater Править

Thanks to Gangplank's marauding against Noxian warfleets, Bilgewater and Noxus are on shaky terms with one another. However, Bilgewatian pirates on occasion will assist the Noxian military, should they see the endeavor profitable. Though the Noxian military campaigns were eventually stopped, KatarinaSquare Katarina, the Sinister Blade, is a mainstay down at Bilgewater's Fleet Street. She can often be seen poking her head into the pubs and taverns in search of sailors down on their luck, offering an even share of the plunder to those willing to sail under her command. At some point the Saltwater Scourge managed to steal the Leviathan, SwainSquare Champion personal warship, earning the personal enmity of Noxus's Grand General. After Gangplank's fall from power, it is unknown if relations between Bilgewater and Noxus have improved.

Demacia Править

Noxian hostilities with Demacia and likewise stretches far back in the nations histories. Having fought at least two wars with each other, the two nations are political, military and ideological rivals and see the other as a threat. The death of King Jarvan I Lightshield at the hands of SionSquare Sion, a General of Noxus, is celebrated as a national event in the Empire. Tensions between the two nations has not changed and will likely not change until one of the two factions gives up.

Freljord Править

In more recent times, the Noxians' Barbarian Pacification Campaign was halted when the barbarians allied themselves to Freljord. The Empire puts it's efforts into growing separatist ideas within Freljord, holding it back from ever truly challenging it as a nation.

Ionia Править

Noxus army

Noxian soldiers during the battle of Bard Mountain [10] [11] [12]

Little over a decade ago the powers that be in Noxus set their sight upon the peaceful continent of Ionia. With rumours of abundant magick flowing from the lands infinitely, convinced many Noxians to indulge in the conquest seeking riches beyond their wildest dreams. However for the Emperor (Boram Darkwill) desired immortality above all, tasking legions to search for such things wherever it could possibly be obtained and annihilating anyone who stood in their way. In short time the presence of Noxus would increase and turn violent, finally becoming a full-scale war.

Over the course of the invasion things became a uphill battle likes of which the Noxians had never experienced, as the Ionians fought in defiance so did the land itself. Exhausted and near defeated the war would eventually end and the Noxian armies were withdrawn. However the end of the Noxian invasion was not an end to the conflict in Ionia. Despite the war going cold Noxus still occupy small areas of land there and they intend to keep them.

Piltover Править

As the strongest nation on Runeterra, Noxus heavily relies on the crutial trade rout of Piltover for controling its vast lands in the Northern and Southern parts of Valoran. Due to the importance of the location, many Noxian shadow agents have infiltrated all levels of Piltover's society in order to prepare the Empire for a possible future invasion of the city.

Shurima Править

A favorite location for Noxian plunderers and poachers, Shurima represents a land of opportunity for most Noxian citizens that decide to go there. People like Aelon's uncle and CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia would risk everything to seek out wealth and power in this unforgiving land. Noxians usually hire local guides and mercenaries such as SivirSquare Sivir for their grave plunders. AzirSquare Azir , the last Emperor of Shurima, has resurrected the ancient capital and made it his mission to resurrect the old desert empire as well. Time will only tell as to what political relations Shurima and Noxus will have in this new landscape.

Zaun Править

The empire shares a friendly relationship with the nation of Zaun. Mercenaries from the nation were recruited by Noxus during their invasion of Ionia, the most heinous of them being SingedSquare Singed, the Mad Chemist and his biological weaponry. The brand of mass death and destruction the madman unleashed remains a festering scar on Ionian history.

Trivia Править

Noxus profileicon
  • The name Noxus resembles Pre-Greek toponym Νάξος.
    • There is a real life island called Naxos, which is part of modern-day Greece.
    • Noxus also references Latin noxa "harm, injury" or nox "night > darkness".
  • The Empire's motto is, "Forever strong!"
    • Also there is a common mantra said by some of its citizens: "The lifeblood of the empire is our bureaucracy."
  • Noxus' history & culture share many characteristics with the Mongol Empire: both were founded by nomadic reavers and were known for their internal inclusiveness, diversity, and stability, despite foreigners' perception as belligerent, brutal, and expansionistic.
  • Noxian architecture was inspired by real life medieval Paris and London, and ancient Rome (mainly Western European architecture) and Constantinople, which might have inspired the Immortal Bastion.
  • After the release of Rek'SaiSquare Champion lore, Noxus has been referred to an Empire (with its own capital city and outer territories) which indicates that its previous classification of a city-state has been changed to a country in the post-retconned lore.
  • Noxus has a team called the "Crimson Elite", which is the Noxian counter to the Demacian "Commandos". TalonSquare Talon was the first member revealed to be on the team, the second one being RivenSquare Riven.
    • The skins officiality within the lore is no longer canon.
    • Katarina has an unreleased Crimson Elite skin, meaning she is likely a part of the Crimson Elite.
  • SionSquare Sion was resurrected the second time by help of VladimirSquare Vladimir and several Noxian soldiers that gave their lives for the ritual.
  • Noxus's crest was inspired by the Trifarix doctrine, where the eyes represent vision, the pillars represent might and the blades represent guile.
  • SwainSquare Swain seized control of Noxus seven years prior to the present day setting. Three years earlier to that Swain was caught during the Battle at the Placidium in Navori- Ionia, where he lost his arm to a 14 year old IreliaSquare girl.
    • AnnieSquare Annie's family left Noxus shortly before Swain's coup occurred, proving she is no older than six or seven.
  • Gateways of dark stone known as Noxtoraa are raised over roads in territories conquered by Noxus.
  • Tacos are a traditional Noxian dish.[13]
  • The Thornmail item Thornmail, Executioner's Calling item Executioner's Calling, The Black Cleaver item The Black Cleaver, Long Sword item Long Sword and Vampiric Scepter item Vampiric Scepter are Noxian artifacts.[14]
    • The Executioner's Calling is a Noxian weapon, created to aid in their conquest of Ionia.
  • During the Battle of the Greenfangs, an elite group of warmages known as the "Arcane Fist" were surprisingly decimated after an expedition into the Greenfang mountains near Demacia. It was their magical presence that awoke the Colossus ГалиоSquare Galio for the first time.

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Swain, the Noxian Grand General - Login Screen

Swain, the Noxian Grand General - Login Screen

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