Spell vamp is a magical stat that converts a percentage of the ability damage dealt to health regained. Activated abilities that do not state they "apply on-hit effects" or modify your "next basic attack" will benefit from spell vamp.[1]

Spell vamp works off of activated item effects, Smite Smite, and abilities, regardless of the type of damage done. It is calculated from the damage dealt to the enemy after reductions such as magic resistance, armor or effects like Unbreakable Will Unbreakable Will.

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Items Править

  • Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade: Unique Passive: Falling below 50% health grants you 20% attack speed, 10% life steal and 10% spell vamp until you exit combat - 30 second cooldown. +40 ability power, +30 attack damage. Passive: Your basic attacks or spellcasts grant you 4% attack speed and 4 ability power for 8 seconds. This bonus stacks up to 8 times. 2600 золота.
  • Hextech Revolver item Hextech Revolver: Unique Passive: +12% spell vamp. +40 ability power. 1200 золота.
  • Hextech Gunblade item Hextech Gunblade: Unique Passive: +20% spell vamp, +45 attack damage, +65 ability power, +12% life steal. Unique Passive: Your basic attacks and single target spells against champions reduce the cooldown of this item by 3 seconds. Unique Active: Deals 150 + 40% of your ability power as magic damage and slows target champion's movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. 60 second cooldown. 3400 золота.
  • Will of the Ancients item Will of the Ancients: Unique Passive: +20% spell vamp. +80 ability power, +10% cooldown reduction. 2500 золота.

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Note: Only the effect regarding the spell vamp of this abilities is shown. For full description and detail visit each champion page

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Runes Править

  • Quintessences of Spell Vamp grant 1.12 / 1.56 / 2% spell vamp.

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Note: These abilities will heal the champion by a percentage of the damage dealt from their ability. These act similar to how spell vamp works, but unlike it, they have no penalty for being AoE abilties.

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  • Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage passive effect will increase spell vamp effectiveness.
  • Abilities with natural spell vamp have their own spell vamp fully stacking with items, runes and masteries that provide spell vamp.
  • Spell vamp applies to all types of damage: magic, physical and true.
    • There is a common misconception it only applies to magic damage, which is not true.
  • Spell vamp applies to nearly everything that isn't classified as an auto-attack. This is most abilities, but also includes activated item effects(e.g. Hextech Gunblade item Hextech Gunblade) and Smite Smite.
    • On-hit damage modifiers (e.g. Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike, aka "bonus" or "additional" damage), on-hit damage over time (e.g. Seastone Trident Seastone Trident and Toxic Shot Toxic Shot) and abilities that apply on-hit effects (e.g. Parrrley Parrrley and Mystic Shot Mystic Shot) are classified as auto-attacks, and will not apply spell vamp. Any physical damage dealt will trigger life steal, while any magic and true damage dealt trigger neither life steal nor spell vamp.
    • A list of champion abilities on-hit effects that trigger spell vamp can be found here.
  • Area of effect (AoE) spells only apply 33% of the listed spell vamp.
    • Fox-Fire Fox-Fire are classified as multiple single-target projectiles, and will apply 100% of your spell vamp.
    • Abilities with both single-target and multi-target effects, such as Mace of Spades Mace of Spades and Lay Waste Lay Waste, will apply spell vamp depending on which effect occurs. In that, full spell vamp against a single target; or 33% against multiple targets.
    • Single target abilities that apply splash damage will apply full spell vamp to the original target, and 33% to the splash damage. For example, Conflagration Conflagration with Blaze Blaze and Desperate Power Desperate Power.
  • Damage over time abilities (DoT) apply full spell vamp. (e.g. Blaze Blaze Brand OriginalSquare Ошибка скрипта and Malefic Visions Malefic Visions Malzahar OriginalSquare Ошибка скрипта).
  • Does not work with the reflected damage of Thornmail item Thornmail. It does, however, work with the reflected damage of Molten Shield Molten Shield and Defensive Ball Curl Defensive Ball Curl.
  • Healing reduction effects like Ignite Ignite, Executioner's Calling item Executioner's Calling and Morellonomicon item Morellonomicon reduce the health restored by spell vamp. See healing reduction for more information.

Calculations Править

Spell vamp is multiplied by total spell damage to determine the amount of health restored. Area of effect spells, however, only heal one-third the normal amount.

Examples: Dealing 300 single-target damage with 10% spell vamp will heal for 30. Dealing 300 area of effect damage with 10% spell vamp will heal for 10 for each enemy affected.

Trivia Править

The highest spell vamp value currently possible is attainable on Akali OriginalSquare Akali using her Twin Disciplines Discipline of Might on Twisted Treeline. This requires:

Total Bonus AD:(
) ×
 = 720.54983226
Conversion: (720.54983226 / 6) + 6 = 120.09163871
Total: 126% (decimal of .09163871 dropped)
Total: 49%
  • Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage increases the given spell vamp, increasing the subtotal of 175% by 20%. Making the maximum spell vamp 210%.

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