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  • Cooldown reduced to <span class="pp-tooltip" style="position:relative; border-bottom:1px dotted; cursor:help; color: Ошибка Lua: bad argument #1 to 'lc' (string expected, got nil).;" data-size="18" data-values="" data-label1="Уровень" data-label2="Значение" data-useformula="" data-displayformula="" data-key1="" data-key2="" data-start="" data-end="" data-values1="☂" data-values2="☂90☂88☂86☂85☂83☂81☂79☂78☂76☂74☂72☂71☂69☂67☂65☂64☂62☂60" data-round1="2" data-round2="2">90 − 60 (зависит от уровня) from 120 / 75.
  • Cast radius increased to 500 − 2000 (зависит от уровня) from 400 / 600.
  • Scan radius changed to 450 − 575 (зависит от уровня) with level from 400 / 600.
  • Fixed a bug where some stealthed traps weren't being revealed and disabled.
  • New Effect: Warns against unseen enemies. Similar to Шаблон:Cis Tremor Sense, except that a full-body silhouette is displayed at their current location rather than tremors on the floor.


  • Cooldown at level 9+ increased to 75 seconds from 60 seconds.


  • Trinkets are now disabled for the first 30 seconds, reduced from 120 seconds.


  • Trinkets are now disabled for the first 120 seconds, increased from 90 seconds.
  • Trinkets are now only disabled for 120 seconds upon being sold, reduced from 180 seconds.



  • Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds from 180.

V3.14: Added

  • Trinket - No Cost
  • Unique Active: Reveals and disables nearby invisible traps and wards for 4 seconds (180 second cooldown).
  • Unique Passive: Transforms into a [[File:-Шаблон-Item data Greater Lens item.png|20xpx|border|link=Greater Lens|Greater Lens]] Greater Lens at level 9.

Ссылки[править | править код]

Переработка в процессе

Начальные предметы
Relic Shield item.png
Doran's Blade item.png
Spellthief's Edge item.png
Moonflair Spellblade item.png
Doran's Ring item.png
Hailblade item.png
Guardian's Hammer item.png
Emberknife item.png
Spectral Sickle item.png
Guardian's Horn item.png
Tear of the Goddess item.png
Steel Shoulderguards item.png
Orb of Winter item.png
Dark Seal item.png
Cull item.png
Doran's Shield item.png
Расходуемые предметы
Corrupting Potion item.png
Health Potion item.png
Refillable Potion item.png
Control Ward item.png
Elixir of Sorcery item.png
Elixir of Wrath item.png
Elixir of Iron item.png
Farsight Alteration item.png
Warding Totem item.png
Oracle Lens item.png
Предоставляемые предметы
Slightly Magical Boots item.png
Eye of the Herald item.png
Minion Dematerializer item.png
Poro-Snax item.png
Stopwatch item.png
Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will item.png
Базовые предметы
Null-Magic Mantle item.png
Long Sword item.png
Rejuvenation Bead item.png
Dagger item.png
Pickaxe item.png
Faerie Charm item.png
Cloak of Agility item.png
Blasting Wand item.png
Ruby Crystal item.png
B. F. Sword item.png
Sapphire Crystal item.png
Stopwatch item.png
Sheen item.png
Needlessly Large Rod item.png
Broken Stopwatch item.png
Cloth Armor item.png
Amplifying Tome item.png
Boots item.png
Mobility Boots item.png
Boots of Swiftness item.png
Plated Steelcaps item.png
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png
Berserker's Greaves item.png
Mercury's Treads item.png
Sorcerer's Shoes item.png
Эпические предметы
Targon's Buckler item.png
Watchful Wardstone item.png
Fiendish Codex item.png
Caulfield's Warhammer item.png
Vampiric Scepter item.png
Kindlegem item.png
Blighting Jewel item.png
Leeching Leer item.png
Warden's Mail item.png
Ironspike Whip item.png
Serrated Dirk item.png
Forbidden Idol item.png
Bandleglass Mirror item.png
Recurve Bow item.png
Verdant Barrier item.png
Spectre's Cowl item.png
Chain Vest item.png
Crystalline Bracer item.png
Winged Moonplate item.png
Quicksilver Sash item.png
Glacial Buckler item.png
Frostfang item.png
Runesteel Spaulders item.png
Seeker's Armguard item.png
Rageknife item.png
Kircheis Shard item.png
Bami's Cinder item.png
Phage item.png
Negatron Cloak item.png
Hexdrinker item.png
Noonquiver item.png
Lost Chapter item.png
Giant's Belt item.png
Last Whisper item.png
Executioner's Calling item.png
Zeal item.png
Harrowing Crescent item.png
Oblivion Orb item.png
Bramble Vest item.png
Tiamat item.png
Hearthbound Axe item.png
Hextech Alternator item.png
Aegis of the Legion item.png
Aether Wisp item.png
Легендарные предметы
Мифические предметы
Eclipse item.png
Locket of the Iron Solari item.png
Divine Sunderer item.png
Duskblade of Draktharr item.png
Trinity Force item.png
Несравненные предметы Орна
Эксклюзивные предметы
Raise Morale item.png
Death's Daughter item.png
Fire at Will item.png
Perfect Hex Core item.png
Hex Core mk-1 item.png
Hex Core mk-2 item.png
Black Spear item.png
Scarecrow Effigy item.png
Prototype Hex Core item.png
Удаленные предметы
Warrior item.png
Mikael's Crucible item.png
Shurelya's Reverie item.png
Twin Shadows item.png
Circlet of the Iron Solari item.png
Stinger item.png
Rod of Ages item.png
Rod of Ages (Crystal Scar) item.png
Frozen Mallet item.png
Statikk Shiv item.png
Watchful Wardstone item.png
Luden's Pulse item.png
Infernal Mask item.png
Juggernaut item.png
Catalyst of Aeons item.png
Stalker's Blade item.png
Blade of the Ruined King item.png
Jaurim's Fist item.png
Glacial Shroud item.png
Frozen Fist item.png
Spellbinder item.png
Manamune (Quick Charge) item.png
Hunter's Machete item.png
Might of the Ruined King item.png
Muramana item.png
Liandry's Torment item.png
Forgefire Cape item.png
Sunfire Cape item.png
Athene's Unholy Grail item.png
Obsidian Cleaver item.png
Seraph's Embrace item.png
Bloodrazor item.png
Zhonya's Paradox item.png
Archangel's Staff (Quick Charge) item.png
Righteous Glory item.png
Haunting Guise item.png
Molten Edge item.png
Magus item.png
Bilgewater Cutlass item.png
Skirmisher's Sabre item.png
Boots of Mobility item.png
Boots of Speed item.png
Tear of the Goddess (Crystal Scar) item.png
Rabadon's Deathcrown item.png
Salvation item.png
Ninja Tabi item.png
Hunter's Talisman item.png
Trinity Fusion item.png
Youmuu's Wraithblade item.png
Hextech GLP-800 item.png
Hextech Protobelt-01 item.png
Hextech Revolver item.png
Hextech Gunblade item.png
Iceborn Gauntlet item.png
Chalice of Harmony item.png
Oracle's Extract item.png
Luden's Echo item.png
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