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Opinions differ as to where exactly the land of the Yordles is to be found. Some maintain these fey creatures live far to the southeast, beyond a range of impassable mountains. Others claim the Yordles live under grassy green hills or deep in the hearts of impenetrable forests. Perhaps some of these tales are true or maybe none, for no expedition mounted to find the Yordle homeland has ever located it. Which is not to say that no one has visited the land of Yordles, for many claim to have travelled through unseen portals into a land of fey enchantment populated by diminutive creatures of mischief. In Bandle City every sensation is heightened for non-Yordles; colors are incredibly vivid, the food and drink intoxicates the senses for years and, once tasted, will never be forgotten. The sunlight is eternally golden, the waters crystal clear, and every harvest brings fruitful bounty. It is also a place of unfettered magic, where the incautious can be led astray by its myriad wonders and end up lost in a dream until they drop dead of hunger and thirst. Those who claim to have travelled to Bandle City speak of a timeless quality, which may explain why many such taletellers appear to have aged tremendously or, in fact, never return at all.

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The Yordle Land is the home of the Yordle race and where dwells the vast majority of Yordle society. It is presumed to be located in the South-eastern part of South Valoran, behind the safety of the Sablestone Mountain range. Centuries before, the Yordles were a nomadic race, traveling around the continent for many years. They eventually settled themselves within the Ruddynip Valley where modern day Bandle City is now located. While their society may seem like a simple rural community, the city itself holds a great deal of intrigue and mystery.

Greed and Tears
  • Solitude can be lonelier than death.
  • Starring Amumu OriginalSquare Amumu.
Curse of the Sad Mummy
  • Каждый ребёнок в Валоране слышал историю про проклятого мальчика-мумию, который больше не чувствует своего сердца.

League of Legends Music The Curse of the Sad Mummy

League of Legends Music The Curse of the Sad Mummy

A Hero's Calling

Poppy OriginalCentered

Poppy HC pr01

Poppy HC pr02

Poppy HC pr03

Poppy HC pr04

Poppy HC pr05

Poppy HC pr06

Discovering the Link

Gnar Teaser

Gnar Teaser

The Hunter Hunted
  • I've made a terrible mistake.
  • Starring Gnar OriginalSquare Gnar, and Rengar OriginalSquare Rengar.
From the Journal of Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger
Paint the Town

Yordles live among us.

Oh, they say I’m crazy -- they say that Yordles would be easy to spot in a city such as ours, what with their fuzzy countenances and diminutive stature. But I’ve heard rumors that they have invented some sort of magical charms that make these abominations appear no different from you or I.

But don’t be fooled! No matter how adorable they may seem, these mischievous creatures will bring our city of Piltover to ruin! If I were so moved, I’d say they’re an even bigger threat than those lunatic terrorists from Zaun!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Our story starts in a small pyrotechnics shop in Piltover, run by two unnervingly fuzzy gentlemen...

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 01

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 02

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 03

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 04

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 05

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 06

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 07

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 08

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 09

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 10

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 11

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 12

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 13

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 14

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 15

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 16

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 17

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 18

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 19

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 20

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 21

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 22

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 23

Ziggs and Jinx - Paint the Town 24


The Lost Girl Returns

Lulu OriginalSkin

Lulu playing hide-and-seek

The young, purple, yordle girl, Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu, that was reportedly missing centuries ago, miraculously reappeared, and although she did grow, she was much younger and healthier than anticipated. During her absence, she acquired some new magical talent and a new friend, Pix, Faerie Companion Pix, possibly the large firefly that the yordles had told about.

Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu sought to reconnect to the residents of Bandle City, but her attempt had unfortunate results. She led all the children off to play hide and seek, temporarily changing them into flowers and animals to spice up the game, but their parents didn’t appreciate her efforts. The yordles insisted that she leave their lands immediately and she willingly did so. She currently travels around Valoran, hoping to find her place in it.

The Missing Link Reappears

Gnar OriginalSkin

Gnar observing his surroundings

"Time marches on for most, but not Gnar OriginalSquare Gnar. A yordle born millennia ago, Gnar was captured and trapped in true ice, frozen - quite literally - in time. Civilizations formed and fell as the prehistoric yordle vacantly stared on, but nothing – not even true ice – could confine Gnar forever. After breaking free, he wandered Runeterra until he found himself taken in by his yordle descendants. But, as they would soon discover, there’s a beast behind the boy."


  • "Bandle" comes from Irish, a unit of measurement that is two feet in length, the average height of a Yordle.
  • Original Bandle Cities architecture was inspired by traditional German houses, such as the ones in the town of Eisenach.
    • Current architecture was heavily inspired by Smurf houses.
  • Heimerdinger OriginalSquare Heimerdinger, Rumble OriginalSquare Rumble and Ziggs OriginalSquare Ziggs are credited for the creation of Ошибка скрипта, Ошибка скрипта and Ошибка скрипта.
  • It is said the passage of time is different in Bandle City, giving yordles a timeless nature.
  • Because of their glamour, the true form of a yordle is difficult for normal humans to perceive.


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