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Skill usage

Build usage

Rengar Rengar is a burst bruiser off-tank, relying on mobility and disabling the enemies and dealing massive amounts of damage in a short burst. Therefore, he is meant to be built with items that help him achieve this.

  • Item.png Bonetooth Necklace is a very cost efficient item even without the trophy stacks. At level 18 it offers 41 AD (2 per level) for a meager 800 gold and should stay a part of your inventory unless the spot is required for something stronger, later in the game.
    • Item.png Bonetooth Necklace should be bought always, if for whatever reason you decide to get another item later in game, selling it refunds 560 gold - net gold lost is only 240 gold (less than a Item.png Elixir of Fortitude).
  • Item.png Sword of the Divine can be used to assassinate critical targets in a short burst. Remember to use it to finish them rather than over Empowered Savagery Empowered Savagery critical bonus damage will not proc. In conjunction with Item.png Infinity Edge and Item.png Last Whisper can even burst a squish target so fast that can leave no reaction.
  • Item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade Is an exceptionally good item for Rengar, since his skills are limited only by cooldowns. Predefinição:Iis stats and active effect synergize well with his kit. With attack speed obtained from Savagery SavageryEmpowered Savagery Empowered Savagery and the active from Item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade, Rengar can reach well over 2.0 attack speed.
  • The slow from Item.png Phage and Item.png Frozen Mallet allow Rengar Rengar to get in a lot more attacks where the enemy would otherwise escape.
  • Rengar has higher than average base attack speed (0.675). He also has good AS per level scaling, totaling 48% bonus AS at level 18. His double Empowered Savagery Empowered Savagery allows him to gain another 150% bonus AS for nearly 3 seconds. His base attack speed requires exactly 270% bonus AS to hit the hard cap. His kit can grant him up to 198% bonus AS, which in such case leaves only 72% bonus AS to go via masteries, runes and itemization.
    • Build and use bonus attack speed on Rengar wisely - any attack speed that brings him over the 2.5AS cap is wasted.
  • Item.png Zeke's Herald can be a very powerful item for Rengar Rengar, since it offers, health for durability, attack speed for damage output, life steal for sustain and 20% of CDR.
  • Item.png Spirit Visage can be a good choice since it grants you MR, health and cooldown reduction as well as empowering Predefinição:Ais healing.

Recommended items

Recommended builds

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