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This template is used to describe a temporary discount on champions and skins made available by Riot. For every item in sale, the template will display a splash art, the name of the item and its discounted and original price. The template support up to 6 items concurrently on sale.

Sales that have yet to start will get automatically titled as Next sales, in progress sales will be titled Current sales and expired sales will be automatically hidden and placed in the Expired sale category. You can prevent this behavior by specifying hideexpired = 0 as parameter. If you want to manually specify a title, use the title parameter.

Type {{Sale box|<...>}} on an article.
Sample output
{{Caixa promoção
| title     = Example
| startdate = May 13th
| enddate   = May 16th, 2011

| champ1    = Shen
| ip1       = 4800
| price1    = 520

| champ2    = Shen
| skin2     = Yellow Jacket
| price2    = 520

| champ3    = Shen
| skin3     = Surgeon
| price3    = 975

| champ4    = Amumu
| skin4     = Emumu
| price4    = 975
| display4  = <br/>Emumu

| champ5    = Gragas
| skin5     = Scuba
| price5    = 975
| discount5 = 0.75


will result in...

May 13th - May 16th, 2011
Shen OriginalLoading.jpg
RP 520 260
IP 4800
RP 520 260
Yellow Jacket
RP 975 487
Amumu EmumuLoading.jpg
RP 975 487

RP 975 243

  • If the i-th item has no champion name specified, the whole item will be hidden. If the champion name is specified, you must also specify its price.
  • If the i-th item is a skin, be sure to specify the name the same way the splash art was named, otherwise the image will fail to load. If the filename for the skin is Shen FrozenLoading.jpg, use Frozen as skin name. Filenames follow a strict naming guideline, so it's particularly easy to know this parameter.
  • By default the template assume a discount of 50%, or 0.5. You can change this value on a item-by-item case by using the discount parameter.
  • By default the caption displayed is (Skin) Champion. For skins that require a different title, use the display parameter.
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