The Kingdom of Demacia(ディマシア王国)ヴァロラン の西部に位置する国家。一般的にはDemaciaと呼ばれている。国境を共有している隣国にShurimaがある。


Valoran の西海岸に沿って他のすべての居住地の人々の中での道徳の模範としてDemacia の人々の国は輝いている。住民は常に自らの肉体と精神を鋭くするために絶対正義の追求に努めています。


※翻訳お願いします。The largest city in the Kingdom, the capital is the main political, cultural, religious, military, economic and educational center of the country. Demacia is a shining beacon of hope for humanity, and as such the nation and its Capital are the visual representations of this concept. There is a clean and pristine feel and look to its cities. Towering spires litter the skyline of the city. White stone and marble are the materials of choice in the construction of Demacian buildings. Majestic flags fly high along the parapets of the city. The city walls virtually gleam with power and nobility. The noble houses that reside within the city are the Sona Buvelle, Garen Crownguard, Fiora Laurent and Vayne Vayne. The Royal Palace of House Jarvan IV Lightshield is the place from which The King of Demacia reigns from. The city also has a barracks and a penitentiary. The Capital itself sits next to a natural port overlooking the Conqueror's Sea, with the majority of the other towns resting on a plateau. The College of Magic is the main center for magical learning within the Kingdom and produced many skilled mages, such as Lux Luxanna Crownguard, the Lady of Luminosity. The Golden Round is a large and lavish theater where royalty come to watch its numerous plays. Magga, a famous actress, once played on its stages.


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