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  •  Play "Yes! This'll be fun! Right?"
  •  Play "No, that's not nice!"


  •  Play "Ri-dic-u-lous!"
  •  Play "Roaaarr!!" Zoe snorts and laughs.
  •  Play "Hiya!"
  •  Play "Swooshy!"
  •  Play "I've got a magic present for you! Here it comes!"
  •  Play "Here you go!"
  •  Play "Changed your mind about me yet?"
  •  Play "Good attacking! It's my turn, right?"
  •  Play "So this the type of game you like?"
  •  Play "Delightful little world you have... I like it!"
  •  Play "At dusk, a new game begins."
  •  Play "I'm Zoe, what's your name?"
  •  Play "We're having fun, right?"
  •  Play "How's it going?"
  •  Play "I'm over here!"
  •  Play "I don't mean to hurt you. I just do sometimes!"
  •  Play "Your lives are short, but I love sparkles..."
  •  Play "Time to change!"
  •  Play "This is the precipice of a new reality!"
  •  Play "I'm coming over to say "Hi!""
  •  Play "I can't help myself in doing mean things, sorry!"
  •  Play "You're so funny, acting like magic hurts!"
  •  Play "C'mon! Try and catch me!"
  •  Play "Could we play a game pleeease?"
  •  Play "Wanna learn to play bubble stars?"
  •  Play "Ha! Let's get vloopy! ...That's a word, right?"
  •  Play "Fine weather, isn't it?"
  •  Play "Paradigm shift time!"
  •  Play "You won't play? I'll make you!"
  •  Play "Are you smiling yet?"
  •  Play "This should be fun. FUN!"
  •  Play "More sparkles, NOW!"
  •  Play "Hi! My name is Zoe."
  •  Play "I am called Zoe."
  •  Play "Hey, what else is fun?"
  •  Play "Please smile!"
  •  Play "What's your name?"
  •  Play "Want to see something neat?"
  •  Play "Do something fun! The world might be ending... Or not!"
  •  Play "Oh, do you wanna do something, we should do something!
  •  Play "Tag, you're it! Hey, I said you're it!"
  •  Play "Don't be boring!"
  •  Play "I don't want to grow up. You can't make me."
  •  Play "These interactions are pretty weird."
  •  Play "This is the game you wanna play?"
  •  Play "Oh, you silly bean!"
  •  Play "Hey, whatcha doing?"
  •  Play Zoe laughs.
  •  Play Zoe laughs.
  •  Play Zoe laughs.
  •  Play "Boggo!"
  •  Play "Hi!"
  •  Play "Catch!"
  •  Play "Kaboomey!!"
  •  Play "They were like, 'AHHH! Foosh.'"
  •  Play "Go Zoe go!"
  •  Play "Match-a!"
  •  Play "Oh, no..." Zoe laughs.
  •  Play "And more of that!"
  •  Play "Perfect!"
  •  Play Zoe laughs and snorts.
  •  Play "Goal!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  •  Play "I wanna pet you!"
  •  Play "Bad, bad space dragon! Bad!"
  •  Play "You're so full of yourself!"
  •  Play "Um, I'm a space dragon! And I'm the center of the universe!"
  •  Play "Boop this!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy EzrealSquare Ezreal
  •  Play "I wanna steal you!"
  •  Play "I'm not saying Lux isn't a good girlfriend buuuttt... you could do better!"
  •  Play "Do I like you or chocolate mooncake more?! So hard to decide!"
  •  Play "Hey! I might like liiikkeee you!"
  •  Play "I attack you! Because... uh, reasons!"
  •  Play "Hello! Hi! Hey! Or... whatever..."
  •  Play "I did not say I wanna kiss you... yet.."
  •  Play "You just haven't realized how cool I am yet!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy Lux Lux
  •  Play "Tall girls suck!"
  •  Play "You are my rival! Prepare to be destroyed!"
  •  Play "Do you even know he likes you!?"
  •  Play "Ezreal is really dreamy!"
  •  Play "I'm not attacking you! I'm expressing my displeasure!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy Human Female
  •  Play "What's wrong with liking pink?"
  •  Play "I'm girly too. I'm a girl, aren't I?"
  •  Play "Oh! So pretty! I want you to be my friend! Pleeeaaaasee!"
  •  Play "Do you wanna be sisters?"
  •  Play "We are going to be best friends!"
  •  Play "Let's like, do something together.. Oh! Do you like mooncake?!"
  •  Play "You need more stardust, I could give you some!"
  •  Play "This is fun, right?"
  •  Play "You're so cool! I love you!"
  •  Play "Can I tell you a secret? I like you!"
  •  Play "Isn't this cool?"
  •  Play "Like you, I will try my best! Also, chocolate mooncake!"
  •  Play "It's so random, becoming best friends.."
  •  Play "I like your hair and clothes, so pretty!"
  •  Play "I'm just cute.. you're gorgeous!"
  •  Play "I have a gift for you!"
  •  Play "You're so pretty!"
  •  Play "Why won't you hang out with me?!"
  •  Play "Do you have a boyfriend? Tell me! I must know!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy Yordle
  •  Play "Are you made of rainbows? So cute!"
  •  Play "You're. So. Fluffy!"
  •  Play "Oh so cute! So so cute!"
  •  Play "Adorable!"
  •  Play "You're ugly, but in a cute way."
  •  Play "Oh you're precious. I could eat you up!"
  •  Play "What a wittle wovewy thing you are!"
  •  Play "Run you fluffy cutie thing!"
  •  Play "You're supposed to be happy fuzzy."
  •  Play "I just want to hug you til you explode!"
Upon Failing to Land An Ability
  •  Play "Miss!"
  •  Play "Dang!"
  •  Play "Shoot!"
  •  Play "HELP!!"
  •  Play Zoe makes a noise of anger.
  •  Play "Oh, fart it!"
  •  Play "Oh, dung beetles!"
  •  Play "Really?!"
  •  Play Zoe screams in frustration.
  •  Play "How did I?! Uuuughh!"


  •  Play "Things totally change so they can be the same but also totally different!"
  •  Play "Starlight is an expression of something inside bursting to get out!"
  •  Play "Trickster never loses. Because Zoe changes the rules."
  •  Play "Well, this is a pretty chill reality."
  •  Play "Dusk and dawn are the same. So there's actually two of me. Orrr I could be totally lying."
  •  Play "I should figure out a new game. One that mortals can play without dying!"
  •  Play "The wheel turns, day becomes night... time to make colors!"
  •  Play "I wanna have fun and chat with someone besides myself! I am a good listener though."
  •  Play "I like all these things around me! The creatures. And... and the plants!"
  •  Play "Are we done in this reality yet? Hello? Hellooo?"
  •  Play "Nobody has to grow up if they don't want to. Orrrrr maybe they do. I don't, though."
  •  Play "I speak of the changes coming. That is our purpose. ...It's a pretty easy job."
  •  Play "Dusk and dawn; the ending is the beginning." Zoe hums.
  •  Play "I'm not boy-crazy! I just... don't have a boyfriend yet."
  •  Play "I didn't even know boys existed! Now I just want one to hold my hand and look in my eyes! ...A cute one."
  •  Play "Daylight is too bright, the night is too dark, I want more colors!"
  •  Play "I should come here every millennium! I like it!"
  •  Play "Ugh, Targon has rules, but blehh, I'm gonna hang out anyway."
  •  Play "If this wasn't so pretty, I wouldn't care that it's all about to change."
  •  Play "While I wait, I will stay happy!" Zoe laughs and snorts. "Oh..."
  •  Play "Hmmmm... What do boys like?"
  •  Play "Time is a tide. All that it gives, it also takes."
  •  Play "I'm gonna dance in my superpants. Cause otherwise I would be naked!"
  •  Play "Do not look into the eyes of a god, or fly into its ears."
  •  Play "I am supposed to give them a message! But I forgot the sonic pattern for it..."
  •  Play "I hope this world survives... I like it!"
  •  Play "The eye that looks ahead for the safe course is closed forever."
  •  Play "There is mischief in the stars. Also gas clouds. They smell like farts."
  •  Play Zoe scat-sings.
  •  Play "I wanna wanna, go to some place, place place."
  •  Play Zoe sings to herself.
  •  Play "Aaand a skip-skip and a jump-jump!"
  •  Play "Something good is going to happen. With sparkles!"
  •  Play "Y'know, there's not enough unicorns here!"
  •  Play "I wonder who's around."
  •  Play "No one free is afraid of... mischief."
  •  Play "What's fun around here? (gasp) What about over there!"
  •  Play "You know, I wouldn't trust me, but I would totally like me. (inhales) I do like me."
  •  Play "Every day, every season... ends. And begin something new!"

Upon Leaving Base

  •  Play "Hey guys, so, cosmic change time, possible armageddon, twilight of the gods, blah blah blah. You've been heralded."
  •  Play "There are so many weirdos here... It's awesome!"
  •  Play "I bring a message for you all: a warning, a sigil. But first, I wanna see the sparkle flies."
  •  Play "Hello? Hey, I'm over here if you want to aim a high-velocity attack against me! Maybe you'll hit me this time!"
  •  Play "Anyone wanna go into that ankle-deep liquid? Hello? Hellooooo!!"
  •  Play "Here we go on an adventure, through this place! Even though we don't know the name of it! It doesn't matter!"
  •  Play "The sky is billions of explosions burning far away! How could you not wanna see them?? I did. They were pretty cool."
  •  Play "This will be fine! Don't worry about it Zoe, things break all the time. Like reality, planets... y'know, stuff."
  •  Play "The sun and moon rise in time, to ash and mirth. The mountain takes... all. Change comes."
  •  Play "When the beings here look up, do they think we're looking back?! We really aren't."
  •  Play "Heyyyy! I'm gonna have new friends, new friends here, and it's gonna be awesome 'cause they are awesome and we'll have an awesome party with cake and stuff! (gasp) Should I make chocolate mooncake or strawberry mooncake? (gasp) CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY CAKE!!"
  •  Play "There's this illusion of the reality, but it's not really really real, like it's beside and inside and inside and beside, but never on top... Nevermind, just kidding, but not really.."
  •  Play "Ohh! I like how the atmospheric refraction is favoring intense short waves today!"
  •  Play "The sky called to me. So I went! It was pretty cool. I like this too, though."
  •  Play "Psst! Hey! Can you tell me your secrets? I promise not to tell them to... everyone!"
  •  Play "There are holes in reality. And... in donuts."
  •  Play "We don't try to understand the sense it doesn't make, so we're trying to share that with you. You're welcome."
  •  Play "There is a day we must all fulfill our destiny. ...That day is taco day!!"
  •  Play "So, there's these, like, yinger and yangerons, and they spin in this projected pattern which intersects fourth-dimensionally. But it isn't a measurable function. It's got a whoosh, whoom, whoooooooooh!"
Upon First Movement of an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  •  Play "Aww, I can hear my favorite wittle space doggy."
  •  Play "I think we're gonna get to play with the cosmic space dragon. He's funny, but he needs better manners."
  •  Play "Space dragons are so arrogant until you train them. We're gonna train this one."
Upon First Movement of an Enemy EzrealSquare Ezreal
  •  Play "Hi Ezreal! I mean- That is you over there, right? I'm over here. I'm Zoe... Never mind.
  •  Play "Hey, I'm Zoe! You're Ezreal! I know that! I mean- uh, I found it out! I mean... ugh... kill me now."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  •  Play "Sorry! Beauty always has tears. Even when we're happy."
  •  Play "Bye bye! But isn't it better with sparkles and more colors?"
  •  Play "Hehe! More chocolate mooncake for me!"
  •  Play "*gasp* Celebration time! CHOCOLATE MOONCAKE TIIIIIIIME!!"
  •  Play "I am THE besta!"
  •  Play "Goodbye, my new friend!"
  •  Play "We all grow up! Well, you died, but... y'know."
  •  Play "Wait... they aren't coming back?"
  •  Play "Naptime for you!"
  •  Play "You. Were. A poophead!"
  •  Play "Gotcha! Now THAT was more sparkles."
  •  Play "THAT WAS AWESOME AWESOME!!! Right?"
Upon Killing an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  •  Play "Cosmic space dragon? Kinda chatty. So arrogant."
  •  Play "I liked your stars, but you're not the big deal you thought you were."
  •  Play "Aww, space dragon should have gotten back on his leash."
  •  Play "I'm gonna miss that cosmic dragon... Oh look, butterflies!"
  •  Play "Said he made all the stars, and the humans believed him?!"
Upon Killing an Enemy EzrealSquare Ezreal
  •  Play "What? No! Why isn't he moving anymore?"
  •  Play "Oh no, I think I played too rough!"
  •  Play "But now how is he gonna be my first kiss? He's dead!"
  •  Play "He was so cute. I mean, uh, not that I noticed. Hehe."
Upon Killing an Enemy Lux Lux
  •  Play "Oh, I'm Lux. I'm so tall, and all the boys liiiike meeee." How do you like THEM, sparkles?!"
  •  Play "Oops, I might have gotten a little jealous. Sorry, Lux."
  •  Play "I do not like yellow hair. And Demacia. And light magic. And everything about her!"
  •  Play "You probably didn't deserve that, Lux. Sorry, but not really."
  •  Play "Bye bye blondie!"


  •  Play Zoe grabs an ice cream cone from one of her portals, only to lose it shortly after.


  •  Play Zoe scat-sings.
  •  Play Zoe scat-sings.
  •  Play Zoe beatboxes.
  •  Play Zoe beatboxes.
  •  Play Zoe beatboxes. "I should start a band."



  •  Play "What's with all the negative waves?"
  •  Play "There is another reality inside all of us. Maybe not you though."
  •  Play "You might emerge somewhere else in the sky, somewhen else in time. That would be better."
  •  Play "Ahh... I need a nap."
  •  Play "Is this the best physical representation you can manifest? It completely lacks zazz!"
Upon Taunting an Enemy EzrealSquare Ezreal
  •  Play "If you won't pay attention to me, I'll blow up your world! Probably not... but I might!"
  •  Play "I have a question I wanna ask, buuuuut I need you to say yes before I ask it."
  •  Play "I'm just saying, if you wanted to hold hands, that would be okay."
  •  Play "Are you from here? I walk between worlds. Well, hop, actually. You're cuuuute..."
Upon Taunting an Enemy Lux Lux
  •  Play "You don't own rainbows!"
  •  Play "Double rainbows are dumb. You're dumb."
Taunting Responses
  •  Play "Yeah? Well..." Zoe blows a raspberry.
  •  Play "Thanks for asking! I like butterflies, unicorns, and watching the end of finite realities!"
  •  Play "Or WHAT???"
  •  Play "Oh. Wow. That's like, totally off the mandala."
  •  Play "Was that... sharing?"

When Spell Thief Spell Thief drops a Spell Shard

  •  Play "Nice spell!"
  •  Play "Useful?"
  •  Play "Never enough pockets for these spells."
  •  Play "More for me!"
  •  Play "Ooh! Oooooh!"
  •  Play "Guess I'll keep it."
  •  Play "Yes, more magic!"
  •  Play "These beings just leave magic everywhere!"

Picking up a Spell Shard

  •  Play "Should I have picked this one up?"
  •  Play "You left a copy of your spell here. I took it. Kthx."
  •  Play "Aw, this spell is neat!"
  •  Play "Am I the only one who can see these?"

Upon Casting Recall Recall

  •  Play Zoe jumps up, grabs a piece of bubble gum, blows a bubble, and drops through a portal. "Weeoo!"

Upon death

  •  Play "So dizzy..."
  •  Play "Whoa, whoa, whoa..."
  •  Play "I'm dizzy..."
  •  Play "Wooh..."

Sound effect

  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect
  •  Play Sound effect


  •  Play "I like this virtual reality, especially its lack of network security!"
  •  Play "Every apparent vector is actually parallax! Here it's just waaay more so."
  •  Play "This virtual reality is so lifelike! I wonder if anyone's in chat. Hello? Hellooo?"
  •  Play "Alt reality online. Time to berf the gerf."
  •  Play "I thought my VR rig wasn't working, but this is pretty swank!"
  •  Play "Ooh! These VR auto-render foliages are amaze-o!"
  •  Play "I can't believe this whole thing is procedurally generated!"
  •  Play "Breakin' firewalls like they was suckas!" Zoe laughs.
  •  Play "I'm called Zoe, but it's just my smurf handle."
  •  Play "Did I remember to run script? Oh dang!"
  •  Play "This simulation is pretty cool!"
  •  Play "Math is beautiful. All around us is beautiful math we can remake the world with!"
  •  Play "I'm gonna hack the government later. But first, jump-roping!"
  •  Play "Every system has a weakness. We're going to find it!"
  •  Play "Let's de-encrypt this whole reality!"
  •  Play "Man, they totally should've put this place in hybrid encryption, but they didn't!"
Upon First Movement
  •  Play "The sine of 2a times the sine of b minus c times x plus the sine of 2b times the sine of c minus a times y plus the sine of 2c plus the sine of a minus b times x equals 0... yeah, that's pretty!"
  •  Play "Okay, we're in!"
  •  Play "Ooh! Rebooting inside the system!"
  •  Play "Hey everyone! We are Zoe, and we are gonna hack them!"
  •  Play "Time to hack the system!"


Upon Killing an Enemy
  •  Play "We are surrounded by noobs."
  •  Play "Aww, guess they were new to PvP."
  •  Play "Another dead noob..."
  •  Play "Next time, can you be a challenge?"


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