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Classic Zilean Classic Zilean [S|L]
Old Saint Zilean Old Saint Zilean [S|L]
Groovy Zilean Groovy Zilean [S|L]
Shurima Desert Zilean Shurima Desert Zilean [S|L]
Time Machine Zilean Time Machine Zilean [S|L]
Blood Moon Zilean Blood Moon Zilean [S|L]


  • Zilean is a mage from Urtistan who discovered the way to manipulate time but was unable to save his city and his people. He is now trapped between timelines and left Urtistan to seek a way to cure his condition.
  • Zilean (and maybe even BardSquare Bard) have probably already taken notice of EkkoSquare Ekko's fiddling with the timeline by way of his Zero Drive Zero Drive.
  • Vel'Koz Vel'Koz came across the ruins of Urtistan and discovered the magic within Zilean's former residence. The Eye of the Void is now resolute to find the Chronokeeper and disintegrate disintegrate him to obtain the knowledge he possesses about time manipulation.


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