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  • Viktor's robotic hand from the Prototype skin can be seen in the video for the Mac Version of League of Legends.
  • Viktor has an accent reminiscent of a stereotypical "Hollywood Russian" accent.
  • Viktor was the last champion released in 2011.
  • Viktor's character concept shares similarities with the Deus Ex series, as the theme of the series deals with Transhumanism and the use of human enhancement technologies.
  • Viktor's dance is a reference to the Melbourne Shuffle, a dance originating from Australia. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Viktor can be compared to Clockwerk from the Sly Cooper games. Like Clockwerk, Viktor converted his body into metal because of an obsession.
  • Viktor was the first champion who had a unique item available only for him (Prototype Hex Core Prototype Hex Core) sharing this feature with KalistaSquare Kalista.
  • Viktor Viktor is the 5th lightning themed Champion, the first being Ryze Ryze (Before his rework), the second being Blitzcrank Blitzcrank, the third being Kennen Kennen, the fourth being XerathSquare Xerath and the 6th being Jayce Jayce.
  • His name means "winner, conqueror" in Latin (original c changes to k), sharing PIE root *weyk-[1] "to overcome" with Veigar Veigar.




  • Viktor shares a quote with Jayce Jayce: "Pave the way."
  • Viktor's quote concerning upgrading is a reference to the Cybermen in the TV show Doctor Who.
  • Viktor's quote "Glorious Evolution" may be a reference to The Glorious Revolution in English History.


Classic Viktor Classic Viktor [S|L]
  • Zaun can be seen in the background of his splash art.
Prototype Viktor Prototype Viktor [S|L]
  • This skin represents Viktor in his early stages of augmentation, when the majority of his cybernetic implants were still prototypes.
  • This skin bears some resemblance to The Doctor from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
Full Machine Viktor Full Machine Viktor [S|L]
  • This skin depicts Viktor as completely robotic rather than having some organic parts like his classic skin.
  • This skin bears some resemblance to the Cybermen from the Doctor Who series. Both share similar goals, as the Cybermen seek to make all beings the same as them, cold and without emotions.
Creator Viktor Creator Viktor [S|L]
Death Sworn Viktor Death Sworn Viktor [S|L]


  • Viktor led the team of doctoral students that constructed Blitzcrank Blitzcrank, the first steam automaton which obtained sentience.
    • Unfortunately Viktor's triumph was usurped by Professor Stanwick Pididly, who stole credit for Blitzcrank's creation. However, most now know the truth.
  • Viktor views Jayce Jayce, the young and charismatic inventor from Piltover, as an obstacle to his "glorious evolution". One that he must overcome.
    • Viktor defeated Jayce and stole a powerful arcane crystal to power his creations. Jayce later created the Mercury Hammer and counter assaulted Viktor's laboratory, destroying the arcane crystal which caused Viktor's machines to erupt in flames.
  • Viktor is the leader of The Evolution, seeking to replace organic life with machine-augmented bodies. The Battlecast line of skins show the results of his victory, warping the League's champions to suit his vision.
  • Despite Viktor's ideals clashing with most of his colleagues, he is respected by some of them, such as HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger.
  • Orianna Orianna is listed as Viktor's rival. This could be due to her unique construction that equals Viktor's technology in power, or because people wrongly identify her as an example of what Viktor is striving for, when in fact Viktor is striving for living technology, which Orianna is not.


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