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League of Legends V6.21


Loading Screen Indicator
  • Added a spinning icon in the lower right-hand corner of the loading screen. If it stops moving, that means something went wrong.
Spectator Mode
  • Fixed most instances of enemy ability VFX showing up through fog of war when Spectator Mode is toggled to one team's view. Maybe all of them. League has a lot of abilities.


Ashe Ashe
  • Ranger's Focus Ranger's Focus
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where rapidly pressing Q the instant Focus reaches four stacks could cause Ranger's Focus's mana cost to apply multiple times.
Braum Braum
Ezreal Ezreal
  • General
    • Bug Fix: Pulsefire Ezreal's Recall Recall VO lines no longer stop playing after he dies.
Draven Draven
Fiora Fiora
  • General
    • Bug Fix: When Pool Party Fiora kills an enemy with a basic attack, the universal blue swirly death VFX now properly display.
Graves Graves
  • Quickdraw Quickdraw
    • Stack limit increased to 8 from 4.
    • New Effect: Now grants 2 stacks if you dash toward an enemy champion.
    • Resistances per stack reduced to 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 from 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30.
Ivern Ivern
  • General
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a weird texture on the back of Daisy's Daisy's delicious head with the Candy King Ivern skin.
Janna Janna
  • Howling Gale Howling Gale
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing Forecast Janna's Howling Gale to not play audio if released after reaching max charge.
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw
  • Living Artillery Living Artillery
    • Initial and stacking mana cost reduced to 40 from 50.
      • Maximum mana cost reduced to 400 from 500.
    • Increased cost debuff duration reduced to 8 seconds from 10.
    • Base damage increased to 100 / 140 / 180 from 70 / 110 / 150.
    • New Effect: Deals 0.83% increased damage for every 1% of target's missing health, up to 50% bonus damage (versus targets above 40% of their maximum health).
      • Maximum damage implemented at 150 / 210 / 270 (+ 97.5% bonus AD) (+ 37.5% AP).
    • Threshold to deal double damage changed to below 40% health from below 50% health. Target's below the above threshold take double damage instead of the previous modifier.
      • Base double damage increased to 200 / 280 / 360 from 140 / 220 / 300.
    • Removed: Triple damage below 25% health, previously 240 / 330 / 540 (+ 195% bonus AD) (+ 75% AP).
Lee Sin Lee Sin
Leona Leona
  • General
    • Bug Fix: Pool Party Leona now properly faces the camera during her recall animation when she has the Hand of Baron Hand of Baron buff.
Master Yi Master Yi
  • Double Strike Double Strike
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Master Yi would not critically strike monsters after Double Striking them at certain attack speeds.
  • Alpha Strike Alpha Strike
    • Bug Fix: Dying during Alpha Strike will properly play Master Yi's death animation, placing him where Alpha Strike was portraying him to be.
    • New Effect: Minimum untargetability of 0.25 seconds.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Alpha Strike could sometimes fail to cast but still go on cooldown, and be unable to be reset by basic attacking until Master Yi cast Alpha Strike again.
    • New Effect: Alpha Strike now also grants vision of where Master Yi will strike on his next bounce.
    • Alpha Strike won't place Master Yi on top of Baron Nashor Baron Nashor if it is the primary target.
    • Meditate Meditate is no longer momentarily locked out after a failed Alpha Strike cast.
    • Master Yi now becomes eligible for assists as soon as Alpha Strike visually bounces to a target (even though damage is only applied at the end of the animation).
  • Wuju Style Wuju Style
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Wuju Style's passive attack damage bonus wasn’' counting toward the 25% bonus AD scaling of its active effect if Wuju Style was cast immediately as its cooldown expired.
Nasus Nasus
Nidalee Nidalee
  • Takedown Takedown
    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds at all ranks from 5.
  • Pounce Pounce
    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds at all ranks from 5.
  • Primal Surge Primal Surge
    • Heal reduced to 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 / 105 (+ 27.5% AP) from 45 / 85 / 125 / 165 / 205 (+ 50% AP).
    • New Effect: Increases heal by 1% for 1% of the target's missing health, for a maximum of 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 55% AP).
  • Swipe Swipe
    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds at all ranks from 5.
Nocturne Nocturne
Nunu Nunu
  • Consume Consume
    • Well Fed bonus health per stack reduced to 2% maximum health from 3% maximum health.
      • Well Fed maximum bonus health reduced to 10% maximum health from 15% maximum health.
Poppy Poppy
  • Iron Ambassador Iron Ambassador
    • Bug Fix: When Star Guardian Poppy's Iron Ambassador grants her a shield, sound effects no longer play slightly before visual effects.
Riven Riven
Thresh Thresh
Udyr Udyr
  • General
    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing Spirit Guard Udyr's ability animations (not VFX) to play more than once when form-swapping while running.
Yasuo Yasuo
Yorick Yorick
Zac Zac
  • General
    • Recommended items updated.
  • Elastic Slingshot Elastic Slingshot
    • Warning indicator and shadow particles now show up 0.75 seconds before Zac lands. If his travel duration is shorter than that, they appear immediately.
    • Cast range updated to be more accurate for Zac.
Ziggs Ziggs


Kircheis Shard Kircheis Shard
  • Bug Fix: Audio for the empowered attack proc no longer plays through Fog of War.
Rapid Firecannon Rapid Firecannon
  • Bug Fix: Audio for the empowered attack proc no longer plays through Fog of War.
Statikk Shiv Statikk Shiv
  • Bug Fix: Audio for the empowered attack proc no longer plays through Fog of War.

Summoner spells

Teleport Teleport
  • Bug Fix: Teleporting to a ward nearby a thin wall no longer has a chance of placing you on the other side of it.
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