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New Cosmetics in the Store

The follow Champion skins have been added to the store:

The following Summoner icons have been added to the store:

The following Ward skins have been added to the store:


The following in-game event has been added.
  • Your team earns 1 Sync point for each player with Optic Enhancer Wards and 2 points for each PROJECT skins.
    • 2 Sync Points - Your team's Champions and Minions now spawn into the game with a PROJECT animation.
    • 4 Sync Points - Your team's Melee and Caster minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
    • 6 Sync Points - Your team's Siege and Cannon minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
PROJECT First Strike
The PROJECT skins will be enabled in the store on September 8th.
  • Purchasing one of the (new) PROJECT skins during the first week of release will permanently unlock exclusive loading screen cards. (Offer ends September 15 23:59 PDT).
    • Unlike other RP 1350 skins, PROJECT Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed will not go on sale at RP 975 for the first week of their release.
  • The Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed skins will go on sale for RP 975 for the third week of their release: September 17 00:01 to September 24 23:59.

They Are Coming

League of Legends V5.17


Spectator HUD
  • Reskinned to match the in-game HUD.
New Features
  • Toggle to enable ability costs in the Interface menu.
  • Restored health/resource bar animations (toggled from the Interface menu).
  • Restored the custom augment/evolution mechanics for Viktor and Kha'Zix.
  • Surrender box is now smaller and slightly transparent.
  • Ability icons now briefly flash when their cooldown is reduced by another effect.
Bug Fixes
  • Chat box position no longer resets between games.
  • The missing indicator no longer covers the respawn timers.
  • Champion passive icons now grey out while on cooldown.


Azir Azir
  • Stats
    • Movement speed reduced to 325 from 335.
  • Conquering Sands Conquering Sands
    • Additional damage per soldier removed. The slow is still reapplied.
  • Arise! Arise!
    • Removed: Sated Devourer Sated Devourer will no longer cause a phantom attack to occur alongside his soldier attacks.
    • Added: Sated Devourer Sated Devourer will now cause his soldiers to attack twice.
    • Fixed a bug where two soldiers attacking slightly out of sync would each deal full damage, even on a single attack.
  • Shifting Sands Shifting Sands
    • Fixed a bug where Azir would stop dashing upon collision with the soldier even if the soldier was still moving.
  • Emperor's Divide Emperor's Divide
    • Fixed a bug where units would sometimes be knocked back too far.
    • The wall is now more forgiving to units that appear inside the wall when attempting to blink over it.
    • Soldiers not connected to the formation due to terrain causing them to be pushed to the side will now dissolve upon the wall being fully formed.
Bard Bard
Darius Darius
Draven Draven
  • League of Draven League of Draven
    • New Effect: Draven generates 2 bonus Adoration stacks if he kills 6 minions in a row without dropping an axe.
    • Starting at 150 stacks and for every 100 stacks thereafter, an announcement will appear in allied chat stating the fact.
    • If Draven cashes in at least 150 stacks on-kill, an announcement will appear in allied chat stating the fact.
Fizz Fizz
Gangplank Gangplank
  • Powder Keg Powder Keg
    • Delay between casts implemented at 0.25 seconds.
    • Armor penetration reduced to 50% from 60%.
Garen Garen
  • Stats
    • Movement speed reduced to 340 from 345.
  • Decisive Strike Decisive Strike
    • Movement speed reduced to 30% from 35%.
    • Fixed a bug where the attack wasn't triggering against structures
  • Courage Courage
    • On Crystal Scar, Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline, Garen gains twice the resists per kill (0.25).
  • Judgment Judgment
    • Issuing attack commands while spinning will now make Garen path slightly closer to his target.
Gragas Gragas
  • General
    • Updated recommended items.
  • Drunken Rage Drunken Rage
    • Percent health damage reduced to 8% of target's maximum health at all ranks from 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12% of target's maximum health.
Janna Janna
  • Tailwind Tailwind
    • Refresh rate increased. Allies moving into or out of the area will gain/lose the effects more abruptly.
  • Howling Gale Howling Gale
    • Base range reduced to 850 from 1100.
    • Range increase per second increased to 35% from 20%. Maximum range remains roughly the same.
  • Monsoon Monsoon
    • Heal per second Ability power ratio reduced to 50% AP from 60% AP.
      • Total Ability power ratio reduced to 150 % AP from 180 % AP.
Jax Jax
Kalista Kalista
  • Sentinel Sentinel
    • Passive damage reduced to 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20% of target's maximum health from 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20% of target's maximum health.
    • Passive cooldown per target increased to 10 from 6.
  • Fate's Call Fate's Call
    • Cooldown increased to 120 / 90 / 60 from 90 / 75 / 60.
Karma Karma
Lux Lux
  • Light Binding Light Binding
    • Mana cost reduced to 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 from 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90.
    • Secondary target will now receive full damage and snare duration.
Maokai Maokai
Master Yi Master Yi
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune
  • Double Up Double Up
    • Tooltip updated to indicate that the second shot critically strikes on-kill.
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser

Nocturne Nocturne

Olaf Olaf
Pantheon Pantheon
  • Stats
    • Attack speed increased to 0.644 from 0.625. Attack delay reduced to -0.03 from 0.
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
Shen Shen
Skarner Skarner
  • Crystal Spires Crystal Spires
    • Bonus movement speed changed to 70-120 (at levels 1 to 18) from 100 at all levels.
    • Bonus attack speed changed to 43-160% from 「 42% + (6% × Skarner's level 」「 48 - 150 (in base al livello)% 」
    • Maximum mana regen per second reduced to 2% from 3%.
    • Fixed a bug where Skarner would gain the bonuses even if his target resists the stun/suppression.
    • On Twisted Treeline, the position of spires are changed so that their zones no longer overlap.
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
Vi Vi
Zed Zed
  • Razor Shuriken Razor Shuriken
    • Fixed a bug where an additional Shuriken would sometimes not appear if cast too quickly after Living Shadow Living Shadow.
    • Fixed a bug where an additional Shuriken would sometimes be thrown if Living Shadow Living Shadow was cast quickly enough after Razor Shuriken.
  • Death Mark Death Mark
    • Fixed a bug where triggering a revival effect (e.g. Guardian Angel) would prevent Zed from reactivating Death Mark.
    • Fixed a bug where the shadow created by Death Mark would sometimes last indefinitely.


Zeke's Harbinger Zeke's Harbinger
  • Fixed a bug where it was granting 250 health.

Undocumented changes

These changes were not written in official patch notes but active in client:

  • Updated options when pressed on a friend with right click.

Patch Rundown


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