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  • Professor Stanwick Pididly's quote at the end of Urgot's old background info is a reference to the "The Six Million Dollar Man".
  • Urgot's old taunt "Fear? No... I am the mindkiller." is a reference to Frank Herbert's Dune in which the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear begins with "I must not fear; fear is the mindkiller ..."
  • Urgot's old joke "You can't beat me, so join me. I need a good pair of legs." is a pun on the popular saying "If you can't beat them, join them" with Urgot referring to the literal merging of flesh and bone.
  • Urgot's quote when executing another Zaunite "We will make Zaun great again." is a reference to Donald Trump's election slogan "Make America great again".
  • His quote when executing Azir might be a reference to the snake on the plane meme.
  • His quote when executing Braum references Braum's quote "Stand behind Braum!".
  • His quote when executing Ezreal references Ezreal's quote "You belong in a museum.".
  • His quote when executing Lulu references Lulu's quote "Yup, that tasted purple."


Classic Urgot Classic Urgot [S|L]
  • In his old classic splash art, Urgot had tubes coming out of his body that lead to his skull. They were not visible on his in-game model, though.
Butcher Urgot Butcher Urgot [S|L]
Giant Enemy Crabgot Giant Enemy Crabgot [S|L]
  • This skin refers the eponymous trope.
  • After his visual rework, this skin references Kaiju monsters.
    • His splash art references a somewhat common occurrence in Kaiju films where the monster emerges from the sea depths, near a floating boat or ship.
      • This splash may be specifically referencing the movie Pacific Rim, and the scene in which Knifehead surfaces in front of a fishing boat, only to get locked in combat with Gipsy Danger shortly after.
    • Crabgot's appearance also references Pacific Rim as his body seems to be embedded with energy (shining through his eyes, within the claws, and other small gaps), something that is prominent with Pacific Rim's Kaiju monsters compared to monsters in other Kaiju films.
      • He shares some similarities with the Kaiju known has Onibaba from Pacific Rim.
Battlecast Urgot Battlecast Urgot [S|L]


  • In Urgot's old lore:
    • Before his death, Sion Sion was Urgot's field commander.
    • After years on the battlefield, Urgot was delegated the position of High Executioner of Noxus.
    • Before Urgot could execute the captured Jarvan IV Jarvan IV, the Dauntless Vanguard and their leader Garen Garen interfered at the final moment. Urgot was cut in two by Garen before the Demacian prince could be executed.
    • Professor Stanwick Pididly, using research notes stolen from Viktor Viktor, reconstructed Urgot into a cyborg body of his own design. The experiment was a success largely due to Urgot's sheer thirst for vengeance.
  • In Urgot's new lore:
    • Urgot used to be a headsman, someone responsible for keeping the various Noxian warbands at bay through fear of execution.
    • Unlike his current replacement current replacement who always craves attention through spectacles, Urgot took his job of purging the weak from Noxus very seriously.
    • Both Urgot and Darius Darius believe weakness should be purged from Noxus. However while Darius believes the strong are right to rule, Urgot believes in the war of all against all, where only the strong can truly survive.
    • Before his ascension into the role of High Commander of Noxus, Swain Swain saw Urgot as a threat to his plans and tricked him on a fool's errand into Zaun, in an effort to get rid of him.
      • Swain's plan backfired, however, as the defeated, enthralled, & humiliated Urgot realized humans, including himself, are weak. Thus Urgot adopted, by coincidence, a philosophy similar to Viktor Viktor's, & subsequently mechanized himself to purge his perceived physical weaknesses.
      • When taunting Katarina Katarina, Urgot implies that Swain was involved her father's disappearance.


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