Travis 'Volibar' George is currently working at Riot Games Inc. as a Producer for League of Legends.

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Volibar on the Co-op vs. AI banner.


Travis brings over five years of professional design experience to Riot Games. After finishing a program at one of those New Fangled Game Schools, Travis started out working for Activision on a few games, most notably an X-Men game where he designed Nightcrawler's powers and gameplay from start to finish. He then wandered the great Gaming Abyss before landing at Perpetual Entertainment where he turned his love of playing online games into a love of working on them. Travis has crossed over to the dark side of Production, and now serves as Riot's Gameplay Producer, where he manages the Design Team and works to get the most fun into the game as time allows.

Special Ability

Eye of Discernment: Using his vast stores of Arcane Knowledge, Travis is able to detect and decipher what the most critical and fun elements of the game will be to make sure they get in the game on time.


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