The Black Mist is first of a series of teasers that accompanied Harrowing 2014, foreshadowing Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance.

The Black Mist

File:Xerath Black Mist.png

Xerath's Xerath's champion page being obscured by black mist

Seven of the League's champions have been shrouded with black mist on their official League of Legend's pages, which has been associated with their betrayal due to the same mist appearing in later teasers regarding the Mark of the Betrayer:

Tales of the Black Mist - The Harrowing

Mark of the Betrayer


The Mark of the Betrayer

File:Harrowing 2014 promo.png

The mark can be seen billowing from the crypt on the Harrowing poster. It can be seen more clearly in the animated version.

The three, skull-tipped spears is a recurring symbol within the teasers, revealed to be "The Mark of the Betrayer" with the released of the summoner icon.

OCE Facebook Teaser [7]

League of Legend's NA Facebook later posted the same image, with the caption: "We are vengeance." [8]

Fabulista, the Guardian of the Legends

BR Forum Teaser [9]
The following is a fan-submitted translation.
In the beginning, many called me "Fabulista". I would write tales and histories to entertain people. All I wanted was to set my reader's imagination free, through my words. Around one year ago, all changed drastically...

Now, I write not to forget.

I don't know if what I witness now is my reality, or if it's nothing but a dream. Yes, I believe there's a history behind it all, but... what if it all isn't just a history? What to do about these visions of this place, about haunted islands and clouds of inconsolable souls, that I don't know about?

My restless sleep--that is, when I can sleep--can be cheating my fragile mind. Ah, rest, why run away from me?

From time to time, I feel alone. It's normal; a writer's career has these moments where you have the company of your characters more than, well, real people. Sometimes, I would do anything to know that these voices from the beyond have any motive...
Fabulista, the Guardian of the Legends.

Mysterious Woman

An icon of a face, whose head/hair is a-flame has made several appearance in conjunction with the Shadow Isles. While initially genderless, the symbol has developed a very feminine appearance as it was iterated.


  • Fabulista remained on the forums after posting his message; answering the questions of the "voices in his head" (The players).
    • Fabulista is the first in-universe character to remark on "The League of Legends" and "Summoners" since their removal from canon, stating that he doesn't recognize the names outside of books and fables.
    • After some time, Fabulista started referring to himself in plural-pronouns; "We are the fallen", "We do not recognize those named", and "We will ravage who are against us".


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