Sword of the Divine was an advanced item in League of Legends.


Sword of the Divine
Gold 2150 (Gold 800)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold efficiency of active

Gold Efficiency*

  • The base stats are 62.8% gold efficient.
  • For the item to be considered 100% gold efficient, the passive and active would need to have a combined gold value of 800g.
  • During the active, Sword of the Divine becomes 372.1% gold efficient then drops to 0% gold efficiency once the active is done
  • If the Active Is used whenever it is up and assuming that no kills are made, the average gold efficiency ranges from 7.44% (when attack speed is capped) to 18.6% (when the active is in effect for the full 3 seconds).



Patch history

  • Removed from the game.
  • Removed from Summoner's Rift.
V3.8 (undocumented)
  • Total cost reduced to Gold 2150 from Gold 2200.
    • Combine cost unchanged.
V1.0.0.152 Reworked and re-added
  • Recipe: Recurve Bow Recurve Bow + Dagger Dagger + Gold 850 = Gold 2200
  • Stats: +45% attack speed
  • Passive: This item does not grant any attack speed while on cooldown. Champion kills reduce the current cooldown by 50%.
  • Unique Active: Gain 100% attack speed and 100% critical strike chance for 3 seconds or 3 critical strikes (60 second cooldown).
  • Removed from the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the Sword of the Divine active particle.
  • Added a new hit effect and new activation particle.
  • Total cost reduced to Gold 1970 from Gold 2170.
    • Combine cost reduced to Gold 500 from Gold 700.
  • Attack speed increased to 60% from 55%.
  • The duration of its active was increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
V1.0.0.61 Added


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