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  • When the champion Recalls Recalls, Aery will also play a recall animation.


Patch History

  • Base damage reduced to 15 - 40 (in base al livello) from 20 - 60 (in base al livello).
  • Bug Fix: Now deals the correct adaptive damage type based on your stats.
V7.22 Added
  • Sorcery icon Sorcery Keystone rune.
    • Passive: Damaging an enemy champion signals Aery to dash to them, dealing 20 - 60 (in base al livello) (+ 10% AP) or (+ 15% bonus AD) (Adaptive) Ability powerAttack damage Adaptive damage. Abilities targeted at allied champions signal Aery to dash to them, shielding them for 30 - 80 (in base al livello) (+ 25% AP) or (+ 40% bonus AD) (Adaptive) for 2 seconds.
    • Aery lingers on the target for 2 second before flying back to you, and cannot be sent out again until she returns to you. Aery is initially very slow, but gradually accelerates, and can be picked up by moving near her.
    • Adaptive: Scales with which ever stat would grant the most bonus damage or shielding. Deals either physical or magic depending on which would deal the least damage.


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