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:''For the season 2016 [[Mastery tree|mastery]], see {{mi6|Sorcery}}.''
{{Rune path infobox/Sorcery}}
{{Rune path infobox/Sorcery}}
<center>''"Empowered abilities and resource manipulation."''</center>
The '''Sorcery Rune Path''' is one of five [[rune]] paths. It is centered around ability damage, and general utility.
If you pick '''Sorcery''' as your main path, you gain the {{ri|Trait: Sorcery|Sorcery Trait}} and you will be able to pick:
* From the '''Sorcery''' path:
** One rune from a Keystone triplet.
** Three runes from minor triplets<br />(one per triplet).
* From another path:
** Two runes from minor triplets<br />(max one per triplet).
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Sorcery splash art.png|Sorcery splash art
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