A smurf is a low-level account belonging to a summoner who also has a high level account, a level 30 or above. The smurf account is matched up with low level players once again because it is a new account. People will make smurf accounts for various different reasons, including:

  • Trying non-standard team compositions or strategies.
  • Getting an easy win or have fun because the stress of being in high level games is lessened.
  • Demoralizing lower-level players or increase feelings of power or importance.
  • Creating a backup account in case their main account were to get banned and/or compromised.
  • Level 30 players that want to play with friends that have just started playing the game, without pulling them into high level matches.
  • Having lower queue times due to very higher elo players taking longer to queue

Riot does not punish summoners who have smurf accounts. Though they might punish those who refer their smurf accounts through the refer a friend program on the basis of fraud.

Another type of smurf is an "elo" or League system smurf.  This type of player makes a secondary account which they proceed to level up to level thirty for the purpose of playing ranked.  These players are often:

  • Low ranking, yet believing they deserve better, so they retry their placement matches.
  • A player who just wants a second ranked account, whether high or low elo.
  • A player who wishes to troll in ranked games without consequences to their main account.
  • Players who refers to themselves as "smurfs" in a ranked queue are claiming they are players of higher skill level and rating playing at a lower level.  Often people will say this just to get the role they want, however, occasionally actual smurfs do play in lower rated games to relax or increase the rating of their secondary account. These players generally do not talk in chat.
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