Slow resist (or Slow resistance) is a stat that reduces the strength of Slow icon.png slows and self-Slow icon.png slows. Slow resist can be obtained through champion abilities, items, and runes. Slow resist stacks additively.

Increasing Slow Resist


Champion abilities


Slow Immunity

Slow immunity is different from 100% slow resist as it will remove any Slow icon.png slows or 20px cripples as they are applied.

Champion abilities



These formulas can calculate how much slow resist you have, based on your movement speed and on the slow applied to you.

  • Slow Resist is the amount of slow resist you currently have.
  • Final MS is your movement speed after being slowed, already considering your slow resist.
  • BaseMS is your base movement speed.
  • BonusMS is the sum of all additive flat movement speed bonuses.
  • MS Multiplier is the sum of all additive percent movement speed bonuses.
  • Slow is the strongest slow currently applied on your champion.
  • Slow Resist, MS Multiplier, and Slow are percentages (e.g. 50% is 0.5 in the formula).

Formula one:

Formula two:

Formula three:

Formula four:


  • Example of slow resist effect: A champion with Boots of Swiftness Boots of Swiftness, a movement speed of 400 and who is affected by a 40% slow will have a movement speed of 400 × (1 − (0.4 × 0.75)) = 280, which is equal to a 30% slow without slow resist.

Last updated: December 6, 2017, patch V7.24

40% 40% + 25% 25% + 75% 75% + 15% 15% = 155%
  • With this amount of slow resist, slows will no longer slow you. They will however increase your movement speed by (slow × 55)%.
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