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Summoner's Rift
Summoner's Rift (Jungler)
Twisted Treeline
Twisted Treeline (Jungler)
Howling Abyss


Playing As Skarner Skarner
  • Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Crystal Slash Crystal Slash. Use them as often as possible for maximum damage.
  • Capturing Crystal Spires Crystal Spires before attempting neutral objectives or team fights around them improves Skarner's Skarner's performance in said fights dramatically.
  • Impale Impale is extremely powerful when you use it to position an enemy so your allies can attack them.
Playing Against Skarner Skarner


Ability Usage
  • Skarner Skarner is a durable, speedy bruiser, excelling at chasing and locking down targets and dealing consistent hybrid damage. His kit best serves him in the jungle, offering fast clear times and effective ganks.
  • Crystal Slash Crystal Slash provides a constant source of hybrid damage in an area around him.
  • Crystalline Exoskeleton Crystalline Exoskeleton provides Skarner Skarner with a shield, allowing him to soak up more damage in all situations, and giving him increased mobility while it holds.
    • Activate Crystalline Exoskeleton Crystalline Exoskeleton when ganking to quickly close the gap towards your targets.
      • Be cautious not to cast it too early - if the effect runs out before you reach your target, they may be easily able to escape.
    • Using Crystalline Exoskeleton Crystalline Exoskeleton during fights in melee range will give Skarner Skarner a noticeable advantage over his enemy should they be fighting back.
    • Keep in mind that Skarner's Skarner's movement speed bonus will only persist for as long as the shield remains. If the shield is broken before the duration ends, the bonus will still be lost.
      • For these reasons, use the additional mobility the shield provides to avoid skill shots or spells that may break the shield.
  • Fracture Fracture is Skarner's Skarner's only true ranged ability that strikes in a line, dealing damage to all enemies it hits. It will also apply a debuff on the targets, slowing them by a percentage and causing your next auto-attack to stun them.
  • Skarner's Skarner's Impale Impale is his trademark ability, suppressing an enemy target while allowing Skarner Skarner to freely move them around.
    • Impale Impale has unmatched utility when ganking, engaging, disengaging, or saving targets.
      • Using Impale Impale during a gank will allow you to pull your victim further away from their turret, giving your friendly laner more time to engage them, and yourself more space to slow and damage them over.
      • While having a short cast range, Impale Impale is not blocked by terrain, and this makes Skarner Skarner capable of dragging enemy champions directly through any terrain after it connects. For example, if an enemy champion is standing above the dragon pit and close enough to the ledge (such as if they are attempting a steal), Skarner Skarner can cast Impale Impale on the enemy champion above, then drag them into the pit with him. This tactic can also be done in certain areas of the jungle where the walls are thinnest to accommodate the skill's short range.
      • Casting Flash Flash, Ghost Ghost or using Righteous Glory Righteous Glory into an Impale Impale is a powerful way to grab key enemy targets and pull them into your team for a quick kill during team fights.
      • When falling back, grabbing strong enemy initiators such as Amumu Amumu or Galio Galio early and pulling them further away from your team will put them out of position and make their strong ultimates ineffective, saving them from a hard engagement.
      • Skarner Skarner can easily pull away dangerous targets from a friendly carry using Impale Impale, then slowing them with Fracture Fracture after the link is broken.
      • Using Crystalline Exoskeleton Crystalline Exoskeleton will allow you to pull your victim further back than otherwise.
      • Impale Impale drags the opponent directly behind Skarner Skarner. You can turn around just before its duration ends to flip the enemy to the other side of his character model, further increasing the distance you displace them.
    • Impale Impale is uniquely powerful compared to other suppression spells such as Warwick's Warwick's Infinite Duress Infinite Duress and Malzahar's Malzahar's Nether Grasp Nether Grasp, in that it cannot be canceled by outside sources such as stuns and silences as it has no channel time.
Mastery Usage
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