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  • Sivir and EkkoSquare Ekko share the quote "Heads up!"
  • "Everyone has a price" might be referencing Ted DiBiase.


SivirSquare Warrior Princess Sivir [S|L]
  • She references Xena.
SivirSquare Spectacular Sivir [S|L]
SivirSquare Bandit Sivir [S|L]
  • Her crossblade might be referencing Krull.
SivirSquare Huntress Sivir [S|L]
SivirSquare Snowstorm Sivir [S|L]
SivirSquare PAX Sivir [S|L]
SivirSquare Warden Sivir [S|L]
SivirSquare Victorious Sivir [S|L]


  • Sivir wants nothing to do with AzirSquare Azir, for even though he saved her life she doesn't want to owe him anything, let alone assume the responsibility of uniting Shurima which, in her eyes, will always be a lawless, ruthless land.
    • XerathSquare Xerath will hunt her down no matter what, for in her he sees the shackles that still bind him as well as the decadent society that brought him nothing but misery.
  • Taliyah Taliyah promised the Great Weaver to nurse Sivir back to health and to protect her.
  • Nasus Nasus sees in Sivir the hope of a reborn Shurima and the key to defeating XerathSquare Xerath.


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