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Runes 2018
Starting with Season 2018, Runes and Masteries are being combined into a single, streamlined system, which combines elements of both. Summoners may choose two from a selection of 5 Paths, which are thematically similar to the three Mastery Trees from previous seasons.
  • Precision icon Precision (Improved attacks and sustained damage)
  • Domination icon Domination (Burst damage and target access)
  • Sorcery icon Sorcery (Empowered abilities and resource manipulation)
  • Resolve icon Resolve (Durability and crowd control)
  • Inspiration icon Inspiration (Creative tools and rule bending)

Each Path is structured like a Mastery Tree, with each branch (now Slot) providing a unique selection of runes.

The new system is available to summoners of all levels at no cost and can be customized in champion select, similar to Masteries. However, players may only have a limited number of saved pages but may purchase additional pages for convenience. IP icon and RP icon purchased made prior to September 2017 will be partially compensated.

1 Rune Page

Rune Pages

  • Epic Capsule

    Epic Capsule

    Epic Skin Mystery Epic Skin for every 4 Rune Pages purchased with RP icon Riot Points (rounded up).
  • BE icon 1500 for Rune Pages purchased with IP icon Influence Points.

You still keep your Rune Pages in the new system.

Marks, Seals and Glyphs

Tier 3 Marks, Seals and Glyphs

  • BE icon 100 for purchases before Season 2017.
  • Full Refund for purchases during Season 2017, up to August 31st.

Tier 3 Quints

  • BE icon 300 for purchases before Season 2017.
  • Full Refund for purchases during Season 2017, up to August 31st.
Harrowing QuintSnowdown GlyphSnowdown MarkSnowdown QuintSnowdown SealMore

Limited Edition Runes


File:Leveling 2018.png
The leveling and rewards system is being overhauled to better facilitate unlocking champions, which are now the only item within the store that can be purchased with IP icon Influence Points. Firstly, IP icon Influence Points and BE icon Blue Essence are being combined into a single currency, BE icon Blue Essence.
  • Removed Summoner Level limit.
  • Removed End-of-game currency.
  • New Levelling Capsule each time you level-up.
File:Level-up loot 2018.png
Levelling capsules contain champion shards and BE icon Blue Essence. At special milestones, such as 25, 50, 75 and 100, you will earn additional rewards like Rare Gems Rare Gems and Emotes. The champion shards earned scale with champion level, with newer players more likely to receive beginner-suitable champions.

To accommodate this:

  • A player's current BE icon is multiplied by 6.5.
  • A player's current IP icon is converted 1:1 into BE icon Blue Essence.
  • Disenchanting Champion Shards now gives slightly less BE icon.
  • Removed Rerolling champion shards into champion permanents.
  • Store costs are unchanged - e.g. items that previous cost IP icon 6300 now cost BE icon 6300.
  • Enchantment costs multiplied by 6.5 - e.g. unlocking a RP icon 975 Champion shard now costs BE icon 4,385 (up from BE icon 675).
  • First Win of the Day is now a Mission that grants 575 Experience.

End of Season Event

To give players something on which to spend all that BE icon compensation, Riot hosted the first Essence Emporium, which included the extremely rare Urfwick 2017 Urfwick 2017 [S|L] skin for BE icon 150,000. This sale lasted until from November 8th to November 27th.[1] For more information, see the main article.

Participation Rewards

Exclusive Rune Enthusiast Ward

Awarded to:

Exclusive Veteran Emotes

  • Awarded by accumulating 500, 1500 or 2500 hours of Game Time prior to Season 2018.

The awarded Emote does not evolve based on future game time.



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