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Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting 24px 24px3 24px
Early 24px 24px 24px
Essential 24px 24px 24px
Standard 24px 24px 24px
Situational 24px 24px 24px
Consumables 24px 24px 24px
Twisted Treeline
Starting 24px 24px 24px3
Essential 24px 24px 24px
Offensive 24px 24px 24px
Defensive 24px 24px 24px
Consumables 24px 24px
Howling Abyss
Starting 24px 24px 24px5
Essential 24px 24px 24px
Offensive 24px 24px 24px
Defensive 24px 24px 24px
Consumables 24px 24px 24px


Playing As Ryze Ryze
Playing Against Ryze Ryze


Ability Usage
  • Even though Rune Prison Rune Prison is commonly maxed last due to it's root duration not scaling with ranks, it's a decent choice for a level 1 pick, since Overload Overload and Spell Flux Spell Flux do little by themselves and early game mana doesn't allow for very many combos; addittionally Overload Overload can be blocked by enemy minions, making it hard to land on champions during laning. Rune Prison Rune Prison can be used to halt the enemy if they attempt to burst you early.
  • Ryze's Ryze's basic burst combo is Q Q > E E > W W > Q Q.
    • You can cast an extra Overload Overload between the Spell Flux Spell Flux and the Rune Prison Rune Prison for extra damage, but be aware that doing this will not trigger the shield shield as Runes will be consumed every time Overload Overload is cast. Since Rune Prison Rune Prison has a long cooldown and you will be left with just Spell Flux Spell Flux to charge Runes, make sure to make the right decision between gaining the shield or the extra damage.
    • Overload Overload can be used with relative freedom once enough bonus mana has been built, since it's cooldown is refreshed by your other spells should a fight break out. With just a couple of items and a few ranks, it does a decent chunk of damage even without combos to enemies who don't dodge it in time.
  • Ryze's Ryze's full damage combo is Q Q > E E > Q Q > W W > Q Q > E E > Q Q
    • This full combo only works with near max CDR due to your E being cast twice. This is the main combo that you'll be using most of the time.
Runes Usage
Item Usage


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