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Ryan 'Morello' Scott works at Riot Games Inc. as a Lead Designer of League of Legends. He previously worked for Microsoft and ArenaNet.


Skills: Design Sense + X

Ryan “Morello” Scott began his game career at the ground floor of Microsoft Game Studios’ QA, actually delaying the Xbox™ release by catching a dev kit (and then the QA area) on fire, delaying QA operations until the hazmat team could clean out the toxic residue (Washington state has strict OSHA-like laws). After his eyebrows grew back, Ryan moved on to do QA and eventually design at ArenaNet, doing content creation and balance design on the original Guild Wars, and helping create the framework for Guild Wars 2. An incorrigible Seattlite, Ryan brings his near-clinical caffeine addiction, fear of the sun and endless awe about good Mexican food to the office—where he comes from, Mexico is definitely considered a foreign country and exotic. His gaming background spans mostly competitive multiplayer games, including tournament play in Guild Wars, Natural Selection, Battlefield 1942 and Tekken Tag Tournament.

Special Ability

Booming Voice: Whenever Ryan is involved in a discussion, his voice carries through the room, walls, buildings and county lines to ensure everyone everywhere hears him. This ability deafens nearby allies for 2–5 seconds. Scales on blood alcohol content (+10DB per .1% BAC).

Designed champions


File:Morello & Better Nerf Irelia.png

Morello- "Better nerf Irelia"

  • The item Morellonomicon Morellonomicon is named after him.
  • Morello himself became a meme in the League of Legends fanbase, typically due to his love of Irelia Irelia. "Better nerf Irelia" is the quote usually linked with Morello.

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