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Summoner's Rift
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Twisted Treeline (Jungler)
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Playing As Riven Riven
  • Riven's Broken Wings Broken Wings locks onto the champion your cursor is over at the time of cast. If you want to move past your opponent, make sure that your cursor is past your opponent as well.
  • Riven lacks a source of healing or strong defense and must compensate with burst combos. Lead into fights with Broken Wings Broken Wings and Ki Burst Ki Burst, while using Valor Valor to escape and absorb counter-harass.
Playing Against Riven Riven
  • Riven has a great deal of mobility but she cannot move very far with any one skill. Rooting or silencing her during her combo will greatly reduce her effectiveness.
  • All of Riven's damage is physical, prioritize high armor if an opposing Riven gets out of control.
  • Riven excels at dueling multiple melee attackers at once, as she will be on an almost equal footing damage-wise. If pairing up against Riven, don't go in as double melee until she has expended her full combo.


Ability Usage
  • Autoattacking in between each Broken Wings Broken Wings allows for the most sustained damage as you consume Runic Blade Runic Blade stacks to deal extra damage
    • Since Broken Wings Broken Wings produces three Runic Blade Runic Blade charges, which is exactly the number that it can store, you may wish to complete it to initiate a fight with her Airborne icon knockup, following up with autoattacks and her other skills.
    • It is a good idea to learn how to autoattack cancel with Riven Riven. This can be done by using any of her abilities immediately as the damage is applied during an autoattack. Because Riven's Riven's autoattack animation is longer than the time it takes for the damage to actually register, doing this can cut off more than a second with a combo such as Q Q > AA AA > Q Q >AA AA > Q Q > AA AA.
    • You must apply a new attack command in between each Broken Wings Broken Wings to obtain the quickest damage possible.
      • The best way to go about this is by autoattacking, immediately pressing Q Q when the damage of the autoattack is dealt, while hovering over the target. As the animation of the Q Q is playing, order Riven Riven to move anywhere beside the target and immediately right click the target again. Both of these clicks should happen before the animation of Q Q is finished. This will allow both the animation of the Q Q and of the autoattack to be cancelled and will significantly increase your burst speed once mastered.
  • Some combinations of abilities allow for better speed. For example, any cast of Broken Wings Broken Wings can be used while the animation of Wind Slash Wind Slash is still running. The fastest way to burst down a squishy target, if you can do it without additional autoattacks, is E E > R R > Crescent Crescent > W W > Q Q > R R > Q Q > Q Q. Every ability in this combo will cancel the animation of the ability before it, except for the 2nd R R and the 3rd Q Q.
  • Blade of the Exile Blade of the Exile lasts for 15 seconds so use it at the start of the fight instead of at the end.
  • Using Broken Wings Broken Wings in conjunction with Valor Valor will give you small boosts of mobility as they move you forwards a bit. This is a very efficient way to move around the map, as your moves cost nothing. Broken Wings Broken Wings, however, allows you to click on the mini-map and use it to continue moving, while Valor Valor will cancel your move actions.
    • Beware using abilities right before a skirmish, as your abilities will be on cooldown and thus be unavailable for the fight.
  • Broken Wings Broken Wings can also allow you to chase an enemy so that you can Airborne icon knock them up.
  • Remember that Broken Wings Broken Wings and Valor Valor give you some mobility boosts for fleeing, but only the 3rd strike of Broken Wings Broken Wings can pass map terrain. You can, however, dash with all of them through terrain generated by abilities like Crystallize Crystallize, Cataclysm Cataclysm, or Pillar of Ice Pillar of Ice.
    • Make sure you test what map terrain is jumpable over, an example being: the walls separating the river and the jungle in Summoner's Rift.
  • Be aware that Wind Slash Wind Slash has a cast time and a travel time as well, so you shouldn't waste it on enemies who are just about to leave its range. Try using smartcast to save precious seconds in aiming the ability.
  • Wind Slash Wind Slash deals maximum damage to multiple opponents at or below 25% maximum health, therefore use Wind Slash Wind Slash to finish off enemies who are fleeing or deciding to stay despite low health.
  • Riven Riven is an all-around strong champion in top solo lane due to her ability to avoid ganks with her mobility, her manaless costs, and her instant cast shield shield. Play aggressively and use Valor Valor to shield your way through harass.
  • Broken Wings Broken Wings resets her autoattacks on each cast and it is useful to cut off its animations (tested under attack speed slows).
  • Broken Wings Broken Wings' dash speed is roughly equivalent to 475 movement speed. At 550 movement speed, however, simply moving is faster than using Broken Wings Broken Wings as a method of faster travel.
  • Ki Burst Ki Burst can be used to cancel the animations of both Riven's Riven's autoattacks and Ravenous Hydra's Ravenous Hydra's Crescent active, however Ki Burst's Ki Burst's own animation cannot be cancelled. If you like playing risky though, you can use Ki Burst Ki Burst during your Valor Valor animation, as it removes Ki Burst's Ki Burst's animation. Because of the movement however (and that's the risky part), you may not use your stun in the area you would like. Make sure you don't waste the crowd control just because you wanted to spare out one animation.
  • Riven may cancel the animation of Wind Slash Wind Slash with Broken Wings' Broken Wings' 3rd cast. Use this to speed up your combo. 
  • Don't use Wind Slash Wind Slash right away if the target is no longer Stun icon stunned or Airborne icon knocked up, because you risk missing them if they Flash Flash away or simply dodge it. As the range is quite long and shaped like a cone, it's easiest to hit when the enemy is not right next to you, so it may be wise to hold on to it until they try to escape.
Mastery Usage
  • Taking either the INSPIRATION or DOMINATION as the primary rune path works well for Riven.
    • If one wishes to take DOMINATION as the main rune path, it's recommended to take Electrocute as Riven's Riven's dueling combos will easily proc the passive. Also, SUDDEN IMPACT synergizes with Riven's Riven's kit extremely well as she is a mobile fighter by heart. Finally, RAVENOUS HUNTER provides Riven with much needed sustain for her to survive skirmishes.
    • For the INSPIRATION path, all keystones can work, but KLEPTOMANCY will reap the most benefits as Riven is heavily combo-reliant. KLEPTOMANCY rewards her playstyle with additional gold to help her snowball faster. Players may also opt for INSPIRATION to obtain COSMIC INSIGHT, which not only raises the CDR cap to 45%, but also adds 5% CDR to summoner spells, items, and her abilities. Since Riven has no energy or mana limit, she benefits from the CDR more effectively than most other champions.
Item Usage
  • Riven Riven has a strong early game. Be careful when laning against her. If necessary, call your jungler to gank.
  • Riven Riven excels at trading with her shield shield, crowd control, and fairly high damage output, dishing out her damage and getting away before you even put yours out.
  • In lane, when Riven Riven uses her abilities against your minions rather than yourself, she becomes vulnerable. She'll lack the damage and escape mechanisms that they provide while on cooldown, enabling you to briefly play aggressive. This is usually only advisable when she uses Broken Wings Broken Wings against minions, since it's her main damage source and escape ability. Of course, the more abilities she has on cooldown, the better. Take advantage of these situations as much as possible before she gets any cooldown reduction items, as her abilities have high cooldowns at low ranks.
  • Building armor will mitigate most of Riven's Riven's damage since she deals only physical damage.
  • Riven Riven relies on her abilities and quick combos more than her basic attacks. As such, anything that can disrupt her combo (such as a Silence icon silence, a Stun icon stun, or even a Blind icon blind) can drastically reduce her damage output.
    • Champions with multiple interruptions, such as AlistarSquare Alistar, can work well as effective counters for her in a 1v1 lane.
  • Wait for Riven Riven to use Wind Slash Wind Slash or until after Blade of the Exile Blade of the Exile has worn off before striking her. Riven Riven has no innate sustain and the shield is her only source of damage mitigation.
  • Do not underestimate Riven's Riven's defensive stats, even if she is building straight damage. Valor Valor scales off her bonus attack damage and has a considerably low cooldown late game.
  • Don't forget about her mobility and overextend when chasing Riven Riven. Her Broken Wings Broken Wings allows her to dash up to 3 times, and her Valor Valor allows her to dash and grants her a shield. This can create a very long gap between you and Riven Riven.
  • Save your high-damaging channeled spell (e.g.Nunu's Nunu's Absolute Zero Absolute Zero) as Riven's Riven's 3rd Broken Wings Broken Wings and Ki Burst Ki Burst can interrupt channeled spells.
  • When you are low on health, do not face Riven Riven as her Wind Slash Wind Slash deals more damage the lower your health is. If you're still squishy and you know she has acquired her ultimate, do not linger around with below 25% health even to turret hug, as she can, and will, flank around to kill you with Wind Slash Wind Slash.
  • Avoid towerdiving a Riven Riven, as her kit and mobility excels at countering any attempts to kill her under tower. For example, with Ki Burst Ki Burst, she can Stun icon stun you, making you take even more damage from the tower.
  • Riven Riven tends to snowball out of control after a kill or two. Hence try to avoid dying to her even if it means losing a few CS.
  • Valor Valor has a short cooldown after she has maxed it out or has obtained several cooldown reduction items. This allows her to outplay unsuspecting opponents easily.


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